Stamps of Hungary, cross&wreath&crown watermark

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1941, Nov 1941 issue wmk. cross&wreath&crown (no perf info) (19 stamps)
X 1f roselake crown (1942)
X 3f dkbrn Crown of St Stephen
- 5f viogray Crown of St Stephen (1942)
- 6f ltgrn Crown of St Stephen (1942)
X 8f slgrn Crown of St Stephen
X 10f bisbrn Crown of St Stephen (1942)
X 12f redvio Crown of St Stephen
X 20f rosered St. Stephen (1942)
X 24f brnvio St. Stephen
X 30f lil Coronation Church (1942)
X 30f rosered Cathedral of Kassa (1943)
- 40f blgrn Basilica Esztergom (1942)
X 40f grayblk Reformed Church Debrecen (1943)
X 50f olgrn Deák Square Evangelical Church Budapest (1942)
X 50f brtbl Cathedral Esztergom (1943)
X 70f copred Cathedral of Kassa (1942)
X 70f graygrn Deak Square Evangelical Church Budapest (1943)
X 80f brn Madonna
X 80f bisbrn Coronation Church (1943)

1941, Dec 18
- 1p Horthy
X 2p Horthy
X 5p Horthy

1942, Oct 15 1942 Horthy issue photo print p. 12x12¼
X 20f blk Stephen Horthy and planes

1942, Dec 21 Hungarian Kings 1942 issue - Hungarian Kings (no perf info) (6 stamps)
- 6+6f graybrn King St László 1040-1095
- 8+8f dkblgrn Statue of King St László 1040-1095
- 12+12f brnvio King Béla IV 1206-1270
- 20+20f blgrn King Béla IV 1206-1270
- 24+24f brn King Louis the Great 1326-1382
- 30+30f car King Louis the Great 1326-1382

1943, Jan 1 1943 regulars issue - value tab in centre photo print p. 15 (18 stamps)
X 1f grnblk Arpad
X 2f redorg Ladislaus I
X 3f ultra Miklós Toldi
X 4f brown János Hunyadi
X 5f ver Paul Kiniszi
X 6f slate blue Miklós Zrinyi
X 8f dkolgrn Francis II Rákóczy
X 10f brown Andrew Hadik
X 12f dpblgrn Arthur Görgei
X 18f dkgray Virgin Mary
X 20f chntbrn St. Stephen's crown
X 24f rose violet Virgin Mary
X 30f brtcar St. Stephen's crown
X 50f blue St. Stephen's crown
X 80f yelbrn St. Stephen's crown
X 1p grn St. Stephen's crown
X 2p brn St. Stephen's crown (1944)
X 5p dkredvio St. Stephen's crown (1944)

1943, Dec 1 Christmas 1943 issue photo print p. 12x12½
X 4f dkgrn Shepherds and angels
X 20f dkbl nativity
X 30f brnorg Adoration of the Magi

1944, Jan 19 1944 St. Margaret issue - value tab at right photo print p. 15
X 30f dpcar St. Margaret note

1944, Mar 20 1944 Kossuth issue photo print (5 stamps)
- 4f yelbrn withfamily, p. 12x12½
X 20f dkolgrn drummer, p. 12x12½
X 30f redbrn orating, p. 12x12½
X 50f slbl Lajos Kossuth 1802-1894 politician statesman, p. 12½x12
- 8p+24p on 50f slbl, yel portrait, p. 12½x12 (1945)

1944, Aug 1 women portraits (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 20f ol St. Margaret
X 24f rosevio Elizabeth Szilagyi
X 30f copred Dorothy Kanuizsai
X 50f dkbl Susanna Lorantffy
X 70f orgred Ilona Zrinyi

1945, May 1 1945b issue ovpted photo print p. 12x12½
- 20f dkolgrn, yel ovpt, drummer

1945, Jul 1945d issue ovpted photo print
X 42f on 20f dkolgrn, yel drummer
X 1p on 20f dkolgrn, yel drummer

1945, Sep 11 Trade Union Conference issue (no perf info) (8 stamps)
- 40f grayblk Occupations - Miner
- 1.60p brnol Occupations - Smith
- 2p dkgrn
- 3p dkvio
- 5p dkrd
- 8p dkbrn
- 10p redpur
- 20p graybl

1945, Nov 9 1945 Reconstruction issue blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge p. 12x12½ (15 stamps)
X 12p brnol blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 20p brtgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 24p orgbrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 30p grayblk blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 40p olgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 60p redorg blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 100p orgyel blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 120p brtultra blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 140p brtred blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 200p olbrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 240p brtbl blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 300p dkcar blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 500p dlgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 1000p redvio blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 3000p brtred blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)

1946, Feb 12 1946 Liberation issue photo print p. 12x12¼
X 3ez dkred liberation
X 15ez ultra liberation

1946, Feb 18 1946 postrider issue postrider photo&typo print p. 15 (13 stamps)
X 4ez brnorg postrider
X 10ez brtred postrider
X 15ez ultra postrider
X 20ez brn postrider
X 30ez redvio postrider
X 50ez grayblk postrider
X 80ez brtultra postrider
X 100ez rosecar postrider
X 160ez gray green postrider
X 200ez yelgrn postrider
X 500ez red postrider
X 640ez olbis postrider
X 800ez rose violet postrider

1946, Jul 15 locomotives (1946) (no perf info)
- 10000ap brncar early steam
- 20000ap dkbl new steam
- 30000ap grn electric
- 40000ap car diesel

1946, Aug 1 industry & agriculture issue (13 stamps)
X 8f hennabrn industry 1946
X 10f hennabrn industry 1946
X 12f hennabrn industry 1946
- 20f hennabrn industry 1946
X 30f hennabrn industry 1946
X 40f hennabrn industry 1946
X 60f hennabrn industry 1946
X 1fo grn agriculture 1946
X 1.40fo grn agriculture 1946
X 2fo grn agriculture 1946
X 3fo grn agriculture 1946
X 5fo grn agriculture 1946
- 10fo grn agriculture 1946

1946, Sep 7 1st Agricultural Fair issue
- 30+60f grn Woman with ear of wheat
- 60+120f brnred Woman with ear of wheat
- 1+2ft bl

1947, Mar 15 freedom leaders issue (10 stamps)
X 8f dkrd Dozsa
X 10f dkultra Budai-Nagy
X 12f sep Tamás Esze
X 20f grn Ignác Martinovics
X 30f ol János Batsányi
X 40f brnlil Lajos Kossuth
X 60f car Mihály Táncsics
X 1fo bl Sándor Petőfi
X 2fo pur Endre Ady
X 4fo dkgraygrn Attila József

1947, Sep 22
- 60f ver peace treaty

1947, Oct 31
X 40f rosebrn postal savings
X 60f brtrosecar postal savings

1948, Mar 15 1848 revolution 100th issue (11 stamps)
X 8f red Hungarian Flag
X 10f ultra 1848 Printing Press
X 12f brnlil Barred window & dove
X 20f grn Hat sword & trumpet
X 30f brnol Nemzeti dal
X 40f Hungarian Flag
X 60f carrose Nemzeti dal
X 1fo bl Arms of Hungary
X 2fo carbrn Arms of Hungary
X 3fo grn Arms of Hungary
X 4fo red Arms of Hungary

1948, Jul 27
X 60f dpred Lóránd Eötvös

1948, Oct 17 17th Trade Union Congress Budapest issue
X 30f dkcarrose

1949, Mar 19 1919 govt 30th issue
X 40f brn & red Stamp MiNr 261
X 60f dkol & red Stamp MiNr 262

1949, Jun 6 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Pushkin issue
- 1ft+1ft dkpur & red

1949, Jun 29 world trade union congress 1949 issue
- 30f brn & red Group of Workers
- 40f viobrn & red Group of Workers
- 60f carrose & red Group of Workers
X 1fo bl & red Group of Workers

1949, Jul 31
X 40f cl Petofi
X 60f dkred Petofi
X 1fo dpbl Petofi

1949, Aug 14 World Youth Festival issue (5 stamps)
X 20f dklilbrn Youth of three races
X 30f grn Three fists
X 40f yelol soldier breaking chain
X 60f carred Soviet youths carrying flags
X 1fo ultra Young workers displaying books
- sheet of 5 types

1949, Oct
X 20f grn & multi Arms of Peoples Republic of Hungary
X 60f car & multi Arms of Peoples Republic of Hungary
X 1fo bl & multi Arms of Peoples Republic of Hungary

1949, Nov 1 UPU 75th issue
X 60f red
X 1fo bl
- 2fo brn

1949, Nov 20 chain bridge reopening issue
X 40f blgrn
- 60f
- 1fo bl
- empty sheet (#8406)

1949, Dec 21 Stalin 70th issue
- 60f carred Stalin
- 1fo viobl Stalin
- 2fo dkbrn Stalin

1950 1950 Philatelic Museum issue photo print p. 12x12½
X 60f gray & brn philatelic museum

1950, Jan 1 5-year plan issue p. 12x12.5 (14 stamps)
- 8f dkgray Coal mining wmk 11
- 10f Heavy industry wmk 11
- 12f redorg Power production wmk 11
X 20f blgrn Textile industry wmk 11
X 30f pur Education of labourers wmk 11
X 40f brnol Mechanized agriculture wmk 11
X 60f rosered Agricultural cooperation wmk 11
X 1fo blkvio Transport wmk 11
- 1.70fo multi Holiday wmk 11
- 2fo brnred & yel Army wmk 11
- 3fo Shipping wmk 11
- 4fo brnol & yel Livestock wmk 11
- 5fo redvio & yel Engineering wmk 11
- 10fo dkbrn & yel Sports wmk 11

1950, Feb 5 p. 12.5x12
X 60f dkcar Petofi
X 1fo dkgrn Petofi

1950, Feb 5 100th Death Anniv. of Sándor Petőfi issue
X 40f brn Petofi

1950, Apr 4 liberation 5th issue p. 12x12.5
- 40f gray Soldiers & their families with flags
- 60f brncar
- 1fo bl
- 2fo brn

1950, May 1 May Day issue
X 40f dkbrn workers
X 60f car couple&Maypole
X 1fo workers
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