Stamps of Hungary, double cross on pyramid watermark

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1928 1928 issue wmk. double cross on pyramid (no perf info) (14 stamps)
X 1f blk Crown of St Stephen
X 2f bl Crown of St Stephen
X 3f org Crown of St Stephen
X 4f vio Crown of St Stephen
- 6f blgrn Crown of St Stephen
X 8f lilrose Crown of St Stephen
X 10f dpbl Matthias Cathedral (1930)
X 16f vio Matthias Cathedral
X 20f dlred Matthias Cathedral
X 30f emer palace at Budapest 1928 (1931)
- 32f redvio palace at Budapest 1928 (1929)
X 40f dpbl palace at Budapest 1928 (1929)
X 46f apgrn palace at Budapest 1928 (1929)
X 50f och palace at Budapest 1928 (1931)

1928, Aug 1
X 8f yelgrn St. Stephen
X 16f orgred St. Stephen
- 32f ultra St. Stephen

1929, Aug 1
X 8f roselake St. Stephen
X 16f vio St. Stephen
X 32f bis St. Stephen

1930, Mar 1 Horthy regency 10th issue Horthy (5 stamps)
X 8f myrgrn Horthy
X 16f pur Horthy
- 20f car Horthy 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 32f olbrn Horthy 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 40f dlbl Horthy 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1931, Jan 1 ovpted
- 2f on 3f org Crown of St Stephen
- 6f on 8f lilrose Crown of St Stephen

1931, Jan 1 ovpted
- 10f on 16f vio Matthias Cathedral

1932 portraits (1932) (12 stamps)
X 1f slvio Madach
X 2f org Arany
X 4f ultra Semmelweis
X 6f yelgrn Eotvos
X 10f prusgrn Szechenyi
X 16f dlvio Deak
X 20f dprose Franz Liszt
X 30f brn Louis Kossuth
X 32f brnvio Stephen Tisza
X 40f dlbl Mihaly Munkacsy
X 50f dpgrn Alexander Csoma
X 70f cer Farka Bolyai

1932, Apr 21 Elizabeth 700th issue
X 10f ultra St. Elizabeth
X 20f scar St. Elizabeth
- 32f dpvio ministering to children
- 40f dpbl ministering to children

1932, Jun 1
X 1p yelgrn Madonna
- 2p car Madonna
- 5p dpbl Madonna
- 10p olbis Madonna

1932, Jun 14 ovpted
- 2f on 6f lilrose Crown of St Stephen

1933, Jul 10 leaping stag (5 stamps)
- 10f dkgrn leaping stag
- 16f viobrn leaping stag
- 20f carlake leaping stag
- 32f yel leaping stag
- 40f dpbl leaping stag

1934, May 6
- 20f Liszt
- sheet of 1 type

1935, Apr 8 Rakoczy death 200th issue Francis II Rakoczy (5 stamps)
- 10f yelgrn Francis II Rakoczy
- 15f brtvio Francis II Rakoczy
- 20f dkcar Francis II Rakoczy
- 32f brnlake Francis II Rakoczy
- 40f bl Francis II Rakoczy

1935, Sep 25 University of Budapest 300th issue (6 stamps)
- 6f Pazmany
- 10f dkgrn charter signing
- 16f lilgray Pazmany
- 20f Pazmany
- 32f charter signing
- 40f bl charter signing

1936, Sep 2 Buda liberation 250th issue (5 stamps)
- 10f dkgrn Castle of Buda
- 16f vio Guardian Angel over Buda
- 20f car Coat of Arms of Buda Cannon & flags
- 32f brn First Hungarian soldier enters Buda
- 40f bl Castle of Buda

1937, Feb 22
X 6f yelgrn Budapest International Fair
X 10f myrgrn Budapest International Fair
X 20f dpcer Budapest International Fair
X 32f dkvio Budapest International Fair

1937, Feb 22 Budapest International Fair issue
X 2f dporg
X 40f ultra

1937, May 5 portraits (1937)
X 5f redbrn Ferenc Kölcsey
X 25f olgrn Mihály Vörösmarty

1938, Jan 1
X 1p pckgrn Horthy
X 2p brn Horthy
X 5p saphbl Horthy

1938, Jan 1 St Stephen death 900th issue (14 stamps)
X 1f dpvio Archbishop Asztrik receives the crown from the pope
X 2f olbrn Stephen the Church builder
X 4f brtbl St Stephen enthroned
X 5f mag St Gellért St Imre & St Stephen
X 6f dpyelgrn Stephen offering Holy Crown to Vigin Mary
X 10f redorg Archbishop Asztrik receives the crown from the pope
X 16f grayvio Stephen the Church builder
X 20f carlake St Stephen enthroned
X 25f dkgrn St Gellért St Imre & St Stephen
X 30f olbis Stephen offering Holy Crown to Vigin Mary
- 32f dpcl Portrait of St Stephen
X 40f prusgrn Madonna & child
X 50f rosevio Portrait of St Stephen
X 70f olgrn Holy Crown of Hungary

1938, May 22
- 20f sheet
- sheet of 1 type

1938, Sep 24 Debrecen University 400th issue (6 stamps)
X 6f dpgrn college of Debrecen
X 10f brn view of college 1700s
X 16f brncar students
X 20f crim view of college 1800s
X 32f slgrn George Marothy
X 40f dpbl Stephen Hatvani

1939, Jun 1 religious issue (14 stamps)
X 1f brncar Crown of St Stephen
X 2f prusgrn Crown of St Stephen
X 4f och Crown of St Stephen
X 5f brnvio Crown of St Stephen
X 6f yelgrn Crown of St Stephen
X 10f bisbrn Crown of St Stephen
X 16f rosevio Crown of St Stephen
X 20f rosered St. Stephen
X 25f blgray Madonna
X 30f redvio Coronation Church
X 32f brn Reformed Church
X 40f grnbl Cathedral of Eszertom
X 50f ol Deak Sq Evangelical Church
X 70f hennabrn Cathedral of Kassa

1939, Jul 20 Girl Scout meeting issue
- 2f orgbrn sign
- 6f grn lily on Arms of Hungary
- 10f dkbrn girls
- 20f redlil dove&emblems

1940, Mar 1 Horthy regency 20th issue
- 6f grn Horthy at Szeged
- 10f grnblk & olbrn Horthy
- 20f car Kassa&angel

1940, May 6 Flood Relief Foundation issue
- 20+1f dkgrn Perf: 12

1940, Sep 5
- 10f dkgrn & yel Crown of St Stephen

1941, Apr 21 ovpted
X 10f bisbrn ovpt, Crown of St Stephen

1941, Apr 21 ovpted
X 20f rosered ovpt, St. Stephen

1941, Jun 18
X 1p Horthy
X 2p Horthy
- 5p Horthy

1941, Sep 21 Szechenyi 150th issue (5 stamps)
X 10f dkolgrn István Széchenyi
X 16f olbrn Széchenyi & Hungarian Academy of Science
X 20f carlake Narrows of Kazán
X 32f redorg Chain Bridge Budapest
X 40f dpultra Mercury train & boat

1946, May 1 1946 arms issue arms, horizontal photo&typo print p. 15 (8 stamps)
X 1mil ver arms, horizontal
X 2mil ultra arms, horizontal
X 3mil brown arms, horizontal
X 4mil slate gray arms, horizontal
X 5mil rose violet arms, horizontal
X 10mil green arms, horizontal
X 20mil carmine arms, horizontal
X 50mil olive arms, horizontal

1946, May 24 1946 inflation issue arms & posthorn in frame photo&typo print (11 stamps)
X (undenom) hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 100mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 200mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 500mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 1000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 2000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 3000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 5000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 10000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 20000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 30000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame

1946, Jun 27 1946 arms & posthorn issue arms & posthorn photo&typo print (13 stamps)
X (undenom) ol & car arms & posthorn
X 5ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 10ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X .200bil ol & car arms & posthorn
X 20ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 50ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 80ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 100ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 200ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 500ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 1mil ver & blk arms & posthorn
X 5mil ver & blk arms & posthorn
X 100mld ol & car arms & posthorn

1946, Jul 3 1946 dove & letter issue dove & letter photo&typo print (14 stamps)
X 1bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 2bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 5bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 10bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 20bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 50bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 100bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 200bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 500bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 1000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 10000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 50000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 100000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 500000bil grnblk & car dove & letter


1927, Sep 1 1927 air issue (no perf info)
- 4f turul 1927
- 1p turul & postrider
- 2p turul & postrider
- 5p turul & postrider

1933, Jun 20 1933 air issue (9 stamps)
- 10f airplane over Danube valley
- 16f airplane over Danube valley
- 20f
- 40f
- 48f
- 72f bisbrn
- 1p yelgrn propeller
- 2p viobrn propeller
- 5p dkgray propeller

1936, May 8 1936 air issue (5 stamps)
- 10f brtgrn Fokker F VII over mail coach
- 20f rosered Fokker F VII over mail coach
- 36f brn Fokker F VII over mail coach
- 40f brtbl plane over Parliament
- 52f redorg plane over Parliament
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