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1950, Apr 9 World Chess Championship 1951, candidate's tournament issue photo print wmk. stars p. 12x12½
- 60f dpmagenta chess players
- 1fo dpblue Ironworkers Union building

1950, May 10 1950 Trade Union Federation issue photo print
X 40f olive green Statue, cogwheel & globe
X 60f darkcarmine three workers

1950, Jun 4 Children's Day 1950 issue p. 12x12.5 (5 stamps)
X 20f blgray & brn inspecting baby's bath
X 30f exercise
X 40f bl & dkgrn Education
X 60f yelbrn & redbrn boys camp
X 1.70fo grn & graylil building model plane

1950, Jun 17 working youth congress issue (5 stamps)
X 20f dkgrn March of the labourers
X 30f redorg Foundry labourer .20 .20
X 40f brn Liberation Monument Budapest globes cogwheel .20 .20
X 60f Marching past the liberation monument .20
X 1.70fo blkgrn Worker farmer & student

1950, Aug 20 flowers (1950 Hungary) p. 12.5x12 (5 stamps)
- 30f multi peonies
- 40f multi anemones
- 60f multi Pheasants eye
- 1fo multi Geraniums
- 1.70fo multi bluebells

1950, Oct 7 2nd invention exhibition issue p. 12x12.5
- 40f brn miner
- 60f carrose lathe
- 1fo bl prefab building

1950, Nov 23 peace issue
- 40f ltbl & viobrn Signing petition
- 60f org & blkgrn Peace demonstrator holding dove
- 1fo olgrn & ltbrn Mother & children with soldier

1950, Dec 2 sports (1950 Hungary) (5 stamps)
- 10f swimmers .20 .20
- 20f orgbrn & brn Vaulting .20 .20
X 1fo olgrn & dkgrn mountaineering
X 1.70fo brnrose & dpredbrn basketball
X 2fo redbrn & blkvio motorcycling

1950, Dec 10 Bem death 100th issue
X 40f sep József Bem
X 60f dkcar József Bem
X 1fo dkbl József Bem
- empty sheet (#8408)

1951 5-year-plan (14 stamps)
X 8f gray Coal mining wmk 12, p. 12x12.5 .20
X 10f cl Heavy industry wmk 12, p. 12x12.5
X 12f redorg Power production wmk 12, p. 12x12.5 .20
X 20f blgrn Textile industry wmk 12
X 30f rosevio Cultured workers wmk 12, p. 12x12.5
X 40f sep Mechanized agriculture wmk 12
X 60f red p. 12x12.5
X 1fo graybrn & yel & lil
X 1.70fo
X 2fo
X 3fo
X 4fo brnol & rose p. 12x12.5
X 5fo vio & yel p. 12x12.5
X 10fo dkbrn & yel p. 12x12.5

1951, Feb 24 2nd Workers Party Congress issue
X 10f dkyelgrn people&flag, p. 12x12.5 .20
X 30f brn people&flag
- 60f carrose Party secretary M Rákosi & workers
X 1fo bl Worker & farmer with party flag, p. 12x12.5

1951, Apr 4 Hungarian-USSR friendship issue
X 60f car Soviet flag & Hungarian Flag, p. 12x12.5 .20
X 1fo dlvio Russian technician&Hungarians

1951, Apr 5 1-year plan issue
X 10f olbis & redbrn Mare & foal, p. 12x12.5 .20 .20
X 30f redbrn & olbis sow & shoats
X 40f dkgrn & brn ram & ewe
X 60f brnorg & brn cow & Calf, p. 12x12.5

1951, May 1 May Day 1951 issue
X 40f brn parade, p. 12x12.5
X 60f scar worker .20
X 1fo bl marching, p. 12x12.5

1951, May 20 Paris Commune 80th issue
X 60f dkbrn Leo Frankel, p. 12x12.5 .20
- 1fo bl & red Paris street fighting 1871

1951, Jun buildings 1951 issue - buildings (1951) (5 stamps)
X 20f grn Railroad Workshop
X 30f redorg Buildings in Lehel Street
X 40f brn Central Bus Terminal
X 1fo bl György Kilián Street School
X 3fo plum Central House of Construction Workers

1951, Jun 3 Children's Day 1951 issue (5 stamps)
X 30f olbrn children
X 40f grn Boy & girl at play
X 50f brnred Street car & girl pioneer
X 60f plum Chemistry students
X 1.70fo bl Pioneer bugler, p. 12.5x12

1951, Jun 17 Gorky death 15th issue
X 60f copred Maxim Gorki .20
- 1fo dpbl Maxim Gorki
X 2fo rosevio Maxim Gorki

1951, Aug 20 plan completion issue p. 12x12.5
X 20f blkbrn farm machinery .20 .20
X 30f dpbl medical care .20
X 40f car apprentices
X 60f brn woman driving tractor

1951, Sep 12 p. 12.5x12
- 60f olgrn stamp 1871

1951, Sep 29 p. 12x12.5
X 1fo brn soldiers

1951, Nov 4 flowers (1951) p. 12 (5 stamps)
- 30f multi cornflower .20
- 40f blkol & ltgrn lily
- 60f multi tulip
- 1fo multi poppy
- 1.70fo multi cowslip

1951, Nov 7 October Revolution 34th issue p. 12x12.5
X 40f graygrn Storming of the Winter Palace St Petersburg .20
X 60f dpbl Lenin urging on the red soldiers
X 1fo roselake Stalin Lenin Kremlin towers & flags

1951, Dec 16 Stalin 72nd issue
X 60f redbrn marchers & Stalin monument
X 1fo dpbl marchers & Stalin monument

1952, Feb 20 Moscow
X 60f grn & cl Grand Theater, Moscow .20
- 1fo pur & ltbrn Lenin Mausoleum, Moscow
- 1.60fo brncar & ol Kremlin, Moscow

1952, Mar 9 Rakosi 60th issue
X 60f plum Rakosi & workers, p. 12x12.5
X 1fo redbrn Rakosi
X 2fo viobl Rakosi & workers, p. 12x12.5

1952, Mar 15 heroes (1848) (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 20f dkgrn Kossuth
X 30f rosevio Petofi
X 50f grnblk Bem
X 60f brncar Tancsis
X 1fo bl Damjanich
X 1.50fo redbrn Nagy

1952, Apr 17 buildings 1952 issue - buildings (1951) p. 15 (8 stamps)
X 8f grn Stalinvaros school .20
X 10f pur Székesfehérvár Railway Station .20
X 12f car Polyclinic in Újpest .20
X 50f graybl Power Plant Inota .20
X 70f yelbrn grain elevator in Hajdúnánás .20
X 80f mar Dam of Tiszalök .20
X 4fo olgrn Headquarters of Miners Trade Union
X 5fo grayblk Workers Blockhouses Újpest

1952, Apr 27 p. 12.5x12
- 60f mag

1952, May 1 May Day 1952 issue p. 12
- 40f grn & red girl drummer
X 60f redbrn & red workers in factory
X 1fo brnblk & red worker&flags&globe&dove

1952, May 26 Olympics 1952 issue p. 11
X 30f redbrn runner .20
X 40f grn swimmer .20
X 60f car fencer .20
X 1fo dkbl gymnast

1952, Aug 10 railroad p. 12x12.5
X 60f redbrn trains
X 1fo dpolgrn laying track

1952, Sep 7 Miners Day 1952 issue
X 60f brn digging machine
X 1fo dkgrn cutting machine

1952, Sep 19 Kossuth 150th issue p. 12.5x12
X 40f olgrn Kossuth Lajos 1802-1894 national hero .20
- 60f blk & bl Kossuth Lajos monument Budapest .20
X 1fo redvio, buff Kossuth Lajos 1802-1894 national hero

1952, Sep 28 portraits (1952 Hungary) (6 stamps)
X 20f pur Hunyadi
X 30f dkgrn Dozsa
X 40f ind Miklos Zrinyi
X 60f dkviobrn Ilona Zrinyi
X 1fo dkblgrn Vak, p. 12.5x12
X 1.50fo dkbrn Stromfeld, p. 12.5x12

1952, Nov 7 October Revolution 35th issue
- 40f redvio & olgrn Lenin
- 60f grayblk & olgrn Stalin&cavalry, p. 12x12.5 .20
- 1fo carred & olgrn Spasskaya Tower & Marx & Engels & Lenin & Stalin, p. 12x12.5

1952, Nov 22 3rd Hungarian Peace Congress issue
- 60f scar discussion group, p. 12.5x12 .20
- 1fo brn & grn harvesting wheat

1953, Jan 19 subway extension issue p. 12x12.5
- 60f blkgrn tunnel construction
- 1fo brncar station & map of route

1953, Feb 18 Battle of Stalingrad 10th issue
X 40f rosecar tank & flag & map .20
X 60f brn soldier&map&flags

1953, Mar 5 p. 12
X 60f vioblk Stalin memorial

1953, Apr 4 rest homes p. 12x12.5 (5 stamps)
X 30f redbrn Workers Rest Home Galyatető .20 .20
X 40f dkbl Home at Mecsek .20 .20
- 50f yelbrn Parád Mineral Baths .20
X 60f grn Home at Kékes .20
X 70f scar Balatonfüred Mineral Baths

1953, May 1 Marx death 70th issue (no perf info)
X 1fo blk & rose Karl Marx

1953, May 1 May Day 1953 issue p. 12.5x12
X 60f brn & red youths .20

1953, Jun 14 insurrection 1703 issue p. 11 (5 stamps)
X 20f multi Battle scene of the insurrection
X 30f multi Battle scene of the insurrection
X 40f multi Battle scene of the insurrection
X 60f multi Battle scene of the insurrection
- 1fo multi Ruler Franz Rákóczi 1676-1735

1953, Jul 27 buildings 1953 issue - buildings (1951) p. 15 (12 stamps)
X 8f olgrn Kintergarden in Ózd
X 10f pur Medical School Szombathely .20
X 12f rosecar Apartments Komló
X 20f dkgrn Department store in Újpest
X 30f org Brick factory Mály
X 40f dkbrn Metropolitan hospital
X 50f blvio Sports Hall Sztálinváros .20
X 60f rosered Post Office Csepel
X 70f yelbrn Blast furnace Diósgyőr .20
X 1.20fo red Agricultural school
X 1.70fo bl Iron Works School in Csepel
X 2fo grn Culture house of the Hungarian Optical Works

1953, Aug 20 sports (1953 Hungary) (5 stamps)
X 20f cycling
X 30f grn & brn swimming, p. 11 .20 .20
X 40f dkgrn & brn Calisthenics, p. 11 .20 .20
X 50f graygrn & brn Discus throwing, p. 11 .20
X 60f wrestling, p. 11 .20

1953, Sep 12 local costumes (1953) p. 12.5x12 (8 stamps)
X 20f dkblgrn Kazar
X 30f dkbrn Érsekcsanád
X 40f blvio Kalocsa
X 60f brnred Sióagárd
X 1fo dkgrnbl woman of Sárköz
- 1.70fo grn woman of Boldog
- 2fo car Őrhalom
- 2.50fo Hosszúhetény

1954, Jan 21 Lenin death 30th issue
X 40f grnblk Lenin face
X 60f sep Lenin in the Soviet
X 1fo dkcar Lenin profile

1954, Mar 8 Womens Day 1954 issue p. 12x12.5
X 40f Mother receiving newborn baby .20
X 60f grayvio Medical examination of a baby

1954, Mar 8 International Women's Day 1954 issue
X 30f bl Blood test .20

1954, Mar 21 communist government 1919 35th issue
X 40f Worker reading a book, p. 12x12.5
X 60f Worker with Flag, p. 12.5x12
X 1fo dkgray & brnred Soldier of the Red Guard, p. 12x12.5

1954, May 1 May Day 1954 issue p. 12.5x12
X 40f brnol Maypole .20
X 60f Worker with red flag .20

1954, May 24 Third Congress of Workers Party issue p. 12x12.5
X 60f brnorg & dlyel 3rd Congress Woman with fruits

1954, Aug 20 constitution 5th issue p. 12.5x12
X 40f bl Portico of the National Museum
X 60f redbrn National Coat of Arms
X 1fo brn Dome of the Parliament Building

1954, Sep 11 fruits (1954) (6 stamps)
X 40f multi bell pepper
X 50f multi tomatoes
X 60f multi grapes
X 80f multi Apricots
X 1fo multi apples
X 1.20fo multi plums
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