Postage due stamps of French Guiana

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postage due

1925 1925 due issue ovpted on stamps of France (12 stamps)
X 5c bl ovpt, scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13
X 10c brn ovpt, scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13
X 15c on 20c olgrn scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13
X 20c olgrn ovpt, scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13
X 25c on issue=1893 postage due (17)
X 30c on issue=1893 postage due (17)
X 45c on issue=1893 postage due (17)
X 50c viobrn ovpt, scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13
X 60c on issue=1893 postage due (17)
X 1fr on issue=1893 postage due (17)
X 2fr on issue=1893 postage due (17)
X 3fr mag ovpt, scroll, w. unwmk, p. 13 (1927)

1929, Oct 14 1929 due issue (no perf info) (9 stamps)
X 5c ind & prusbl royal palms
X 10c bisbrn & prusgrn royal palms
X 20c grn & rosered royal palms
X 30c olbrn & rosered royal palms
X 50c vio & olbrn royal palms
X 60c brnred & olbrn royal palms
X 1fr bl & orgbrn Guianan girl
X 2fr brnred & blgrn Guianan girl
X 3fr vio & blk Guianan girl

1947, Jun 2 1947 due issue abstract with figure (10 stamps)
X 10c dkcarrose abstract with figure
X 30c dlgrn abstract with figure
X 50c blk abstract with figure
X 1fr ultra abstract with figure
X 2fr dkbrnred abstract with figure
X 3fr brtvio abstract with figure
X 4fr red abstract with figure
X 5fr brnvio abstract with figure
- 10fr blgrn abstract with figure
- 20fr lilrose abstract with figure

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