Postage stamps of France - French offices in China - Canton

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1901, Jun 15 1901 issue ovpted on stamps of IndoChina unwmk (no perf info) (17 stamps)
X 1c blk, lilbl ovpt
X 2c brn, buff ovpt
X 4c cl, lav ovpt
- 5c grn, grn ovpt 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000
X 5c yelgrn ovpt
- 10c blk, lav ovpt
- 10c red ovpt
- 15c bl ovpt
- 15c gray ovpt
- 20c red, grn ovpt
- 25c blk, rose ovpt
- 30c brn, bis ovpt
- 40c red, straw ovpt
- 50c car, rose ovpt
- 75c dpvio, org ovpt
- 1fr brnzgrn, straw ovpt
- 5fr on 5₣ redlil

1903, Jun 1903 issue ovpted on stamps of IndoChina (16 stamps)
- 1c blk, lilbl ovpt, w. unwmk
- 2c brn, buff ovpt, w. unwmk
- 4c cl, lav ovpt, w. unwmk
- 5c yelgrn ovpt, w. unwmk
- 10c red ovpt, w. unwmk
- 15c gray ovpt, w. unwmk
- 20c red, grn ovpt, w. unwmk
- 25c graybl on issue=Navigation & Commerce-25c-graybl (0)
- 25c blk, rose ovpt, w. unwmk (1904)
- 30c brn, bis ovpt, w. unwmk
- 40c red, straw ovpt, w. unwmk
- 50c car, rose ovpt, w. unwmk
- 50c db on issue=Navigation & Commerce-50c-db (0) (1904)
- 75c vio, org on issue=Navigation & Commerce-75c-vio-pc=org (0)
- 1fr brnzgrn, straw ovpt, w. unwmk
- 5fr on 5₣ redlil w. unwmk

1906, Oct 1906 issue ovpted on stamps of IndoChina (17 stamps)
X 1c olgrn ovpt, France, w. unwmk
- 2c viobrn, buff ovpt, France, w. unwmk
X 4c cl ovpt, France, w. unwmk
- 5c grn ovpt, France, w. unwmk
X 10c car on 1904-10c-car (0)
- 15c orgbrn on 1904-15c-orgbrn (0)
- 20c red, grn ovpt, France, w. unwmk
- 25c blk on 1904-25c-blk (0)
- 25c bl ovpt, France, w. unwmk
- 30c ltbrn ovpt, France, w. unwmk
- 40c blk, bl ovpt, France, w. unwmk
- 50c db on 1904-50c-db (0)
- 50c red on 1904-50c-red (0)
- 75c on 75c (2)
- 1fr palegrn ovpt, France, w. unwmk
- 5fr on 5fr (2)
- 10fr orgbrn, grn ovpt, France, w. unwmk

1908, May 1908 issue ovpted on stamps of IndoChina (17 stamps)
X 1c olbrn & blk ovpt, Annamite girl
X 2c yelbrn & blk ovpt, Annamite girl
X 4c bl & blk ovpt, Annamite girl
X 5c grn & blk ovpt, Annamite girl
X 10c red & blk ovpt, Annamite girl
- 15c vio & blk ovpt, Annamite girl
- 20c vio & blk ovpt, Cambodian girl
X 25c bl & blk ovpt, Cambodian girl
- 30c brn & blk ovpt, Cambodian girl
X 35c olgrn & blk ovpt, Cambodian girl
- 40c yelbrn & blk ovpt, Cambodian girl
X 50c car & blk ovpt, Cambodian girl
X 75c ver & blk ovpt, Cambodian woman a
- 1fr car & blk ovpt, Annamite woman
- 2fr grn & blk ovpt, Hmong woman
- 5fr bl & blk ovpt, Laotian woman
- 10fr pur & blk ovpt, Cambodian woman b

1919, Jan 1919 issue ovpted (17 stamps)
X 2/5c on 1c olbrn & blk Annamite girl
X 4/5c on 2c yelbrn & blk Annamite girl
X 1 3/5c on 4c bl & blk Annamite girl
X 2c on 5c grn & blk Annamite girl
X 4c on 10c red & blk Annamite girl
- 6c on 15c vio & blk Annamite girl
X 8c on 20c vio & blk Cambodian girl
X 10c on 25c bl & blk Cambodian girl
X 12c on 30c brn & blk Cambodian girl
X 14c on 35c olgrn & blk Cambodian girl
X 16c on 40c yelbrn & blk Cambodian girl
X 20c on 50c car & blk Cambodian girl
- 30c on 75c ver & blk Cambodian woman a
- 40c on 1fr car & blk Annamite woman
X 80c on 2fr grn & blk Hmong woman
- 2pi on 5fr bl & blk Laotian woman
- 4pi on 10fr pur & blk Cambodian woman b

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