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Stamps of Turkey, 1949

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1949, Jun 3 5th European Wrestling Championships, Istanbul issue unwmk p. 11.5
X 15k wrestlers
X 20k bl wrestlers
X 30k brn wrestlers
X 60k olgrn wrestlers

1949, Jul 1 Fleet Day 1949 issue (6 stamps)
X 5k dkvio Turkish Galley Kadırga
X 10k sep Frigate Mahmudiye
X 15k Light Cruiser Hamidiye
X 20k graybl Submarine Sakarya
X 30k slbl TCG Yavuz
- 40k olgray Monument to Khizr Barbarossa

1949, Oct 1 Istanbul Fair 1949 issue p. 10
X 15k redbrn Istanbul Fair Building
X 20k dkbl Istanbul Fair Building
X 30k ol Istanbul Fair Building

1949, Oct 9 UPU 75th issue p. 11.5
X 15k vio
X 20k bl
X 30k red
X 40k grn

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