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Stamps of Turkey, 1952

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1952, Jan 3 UN Mediterranean study commission issue unwmk p. 14
X 15k grn grain elevators
X 20k blvio Dam the Symbolic Work of the International Bank for Reconst
X 30k bl UN Main Building in New York
X 60k red University Ankara

1952, Feb 5 Tarhan 100th issue p. 13.5
X 15k blkvio Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan
X 20k dkbl Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan
X 30k redbrn Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan
X 60k olgrn Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan

1952, Mar 15 1952 issue (16 stamps)
X 1k dkorg Bergama ruins
X 2k olgrn Milas ruins
X 3k redbrn p. 13.75
X 4k emer p. 13.75
X 5k brn p. 13.75
X 10k dpbrn Kemal Ataturk, p. 13.75
X 12k car
X 15k vio
X 20k dkbl
X 30k blkgrn
X 40k steelbl
X 50k blkol
X 75k blblk
X 1l dpredvio
X 2l ultra
X 5l sep Istanbul museum interior

1952, Jun 1 ovpted
- 0.50k on 1k dkorg Bergama ruins

1952, Aug 20 8th International Mechanics Congress issue p. 12.25
X 15k vio
X 20k bl
X 60k brn

1952, Sep 25 Korean war issue p. 13.5
X 15k slbl soldier
X 20k dkbl
X 30k blkol
X 60k blkgrn & red

1952, Oct 29 Red Crescent 75th issue p. 12
- 15k dkgrngray & red
- 20k ltbl & red

1952, Nov 9 Aziziya battle 75th issue p. 11
X 15k blvio soldiers
X 20k bl Aziziye Monument
X 40k olgray View of Erzerum


1952 p. 12.25x13
X 0.50k grngray dove&citadel

1 to 38 of 38