Stamps of Gibraltar, 19 Oct 1953

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1953, Oct 19 Elizabeth II pictorials issue wmk. mult crown & script CA (no perf info) (14 stamps)
X 1/2p olgrn & gray Freight & passenger quay Gibraltar & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1p grn south view from Straits & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1 1/2p gray Tuna industry & Queen Elizabeth II
X 2p dkbrn South Gate & Queen Elizabeth II
X 2 1/2p carlake sailing in the bay & Queen Elizabeth II
X 3p bl West view of the Rock of Gibraltar & Queen Elizabeth II .20
X 4p ultra Coal quay & Queen Elizabeth II
X 5p redpur plane at Gibraltar airport & Queen Elizabeth II
X 6p bl & blk Europa Point & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1sh brn & ltbl The Strait seen of Buena Vista & Queen Elizabeth II
X 2sh dkvio & org Strait of Gibraltar & Rosia Bay & Queen Elizabeth II
- 5sh brn Main entrance of the Government Building & Queen Elizabeth II
- 10sh bl & brn Moorish castle Tower of Homage & Queen Elizabeth II
- 1lb org & red Coat of arms of Gibraltar & Queen Elizabeth II

1 to 14 of 14