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Stamps of Gibraltar, 1967

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1967, Apr 3 1967 issue wmk. mult crown & script CA (no perf info) (14 stamps)
X 1/2p multi HMS Victory
X 1p multi S.S. Arab
X 2p multi HMS Carmania 1905
X 2 1/2p multi MV Mons Calpe
X 3p multi SS Canberra .20
X 4p multi HMS Hood .20
X 6p multi Xebec
X 7p multi Amerigo Vespucci ship
X 9p multi T.V. Raffaello
X 1sh multi HMS Royal Katherine 1664
X 2sh multi HMS Ark Royal (91) & Queen Elizabeth II
X 5sh multi HMS Dreadnought 1963
X 10sh multi Neuralia 1912
X 1lb multi Mary Celeste 1861

1967, Jun 15 ITY issue
X 7p multi aerial ropeway
X 9p multi shark fishing
X 1sh multi skin diver with spear gun

1967, Nov 1 Christmas 1967 issue
X 2p multi Holy Family
X 6p multi

1967, Dec 11 Elliott 250th issue
X 4p multi
X 9p multi
X 1sh multi
X 2sh multi

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