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Stamps of Gibraltar, 1985

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1985, Feb 26 Europa 1985 issue (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 20p
X 29p

1985, May 3 Save the Children Fund issue
X 26p multi
X 26p multi
X 26p multi
X 26p multi

1985, Jul 3 Royal Navy ship's badges (1985)
X 4p multi badge of HMS Duncan
X 9p multi badge of HMS Fury
X 21p multi badge of HMS Firedrake
X 80p multi badge of HMS Malaya

1985, Sep 6 International Youth Year issue
X 4p multi IYY emblem
X 20p multi
X 80p multi

1985, Oct 25 Christmas 1985 issue
X 4p multi centenary seal
X 4p multi St. Joseph's Parish Church
X 80p multi creche

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