Stamps of Gibraltar, mult crown & script CA watermark

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1921 1921 issue wmk. mult crown & script CA p. 14 (19 stamps)
X 1/2p grn King George V
X 1p red King George V
X 1 1/2p redbrn King George V
X 2p gray King George V
- 2 1/2p ultra King George V
X 3p ultra King George V
- 6p vio & redvio King George V
- 1sh blk, grn King George V
- 1sh grn & blk King George V (1929)
- 1sh ol & blk King George V (1932)
- 2sh vio & ultra, bl King George V tall
- 2sh redbrn & blk King George V tall (1929)
- 2sh6p grn & blk King George V tall
- 4sh blk & red King George V tall
- 5sh car & blk King George V tall
- 8sh vio & grn King George V tall (1924)
- 10sh ultra & blk King George V tall
- 1lb org & blk King George V tall
- 5lb vio & blk King George V tall

1930, Apr 12
- 3p ultra King George V

1931, Jul 1 1931 issue
X 1p red Rock of Gibraltar, p. 14
X 1 1/2p redbrn Rock of Gibraltar, p. 14
- 2p gray Rock of Gibraltar, p. 14 (1932)
- 3p dkbl Rock of Gibraltar (1933)

1935, May 6 Silver Jubilee issue
- 2p blk & bl Windsor Castle & King George V
- 3p bl & brn Windsor Castle & King George V
- 6p gray & grn Windsor Castle & King George V
- 1sh pur & gray Windsor Castle & King George V

1937, May 12 Coronation issue p. 11x11.5
X 1/2p grn Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI
X 2p grayblk Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI
X 3p ultra Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI

1938 George VI pictorials issue (no perf info) (14 stamps)
X 1/2p graygrn King George VI
X 1p redbrn Rock of Gibraltar & King George VI
- 1 1/2p carrose Rock of Gibraltar & King George VI
X 1 1/2p blkvio Rock of Gibraltar & King George VI (1943)
- 2p dkgray The Rock, north side & King George VI
X 2p carrose The Rock, north side & King George VI (1944)
- 3p bl Europa Point & King George VI (1942)
- 5p redorg Europa Point & King George VI (1947)
X 6p dlvio & carrose Moorish castle & King George VI
- 1sh grn & blk Southport Gate & King George VI
- 2sh orgbrn & blk Elliott Memorial & King George VI
X 5sh car & blk Government House (Gibraltar) & King George VI
X 10sh bl & blk Catalan Bay & King George VI
- 1lb org King George VI

1946, Oct 12 Peace issue p. 13.5x14
X 1/2p grn Houses of Parliament & King George VI
X 3p ultra Houses of Parliament & King George VI

1948, Dec 1 Silver Wedding issue (no perf info)
X 1/2p dkgrn Queen Elizabeth & King George VI
- 1lb brnorg Queen Elizabeth & King George VI

1949, Oct 10 UPU 75th issue
X 2p red p. 13.5
X 3p dkbl airplane & hemispheres & paddle steamer
X 6p vio Mercury scattering letters over globe
X 1sh grn p. 13.5

1950, Aug 1 new constitution issue (no perf info) (8 stamps)
X 1/2p org (1969)
X 2p carrose ovpt, The Rock, north side & King George VI
X 3p bl ovpt, Europa Point & King George VI
X 5p grn & sil (1969)
X 6p dlvio & carrose ovpt, Moorish castle & King George VI
X 7p vio & sil (1969)
X 1sh grn & blk ovpt, Southport Gate & King George VI
X 5sh bl (1969)

1953, Jun 2 Coronation 1953 issue
X 1/2p dkgraygrn & blk Queen Elizabeth II

1953, Oct 19 Elizabeth II pictorials issue (14 stamps)
X 1/2p olgrn & gray Freight & passenger quay Gibraltar & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1p grn south view from Straits & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1 1/2p gray Tuna industry & Queen Elizabeth II
X 2p dkbrn South Gate & Queen Elizabeth II
X 2 1/2p carlake sailing in the bay & Queen Elizabeth II
X 3p bl West view of the Rock of Gibraltar & Queen Elizabeth II .20
X 4p ultra Coal quay & Queen Elizabeth II
X 5p redpur plane at Gibraltar airport & Queen Elizabeth II
X 6p bl & blk Europa Point & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1sh brn & ltbl The Strait seen of Buena Vista & Queen Elizabeth II
X 2sh dkvio & org Strait of Gibraltar & Rosia Bay & Queen Elizabeth II
- 5sh brn Main entrance of the Government Building & Queen Elizabeth II
- 10sh bl & brn Moorish castle Tower of Homage & Queen Elizabeth II
- 1lb org & red Coat of arms of Gibraltar & Queen Elizabeth II

1954, May 10 Royal Visit 1954 issue
X 3p bl West view of the Rock of Gibraltar

1960, Oct 29 1960 issue (14 stamps)
X 1/2p grn & vio Iberis gibraltarica
X 1p grayblk & yelgrn the Moorish castle
- 2p bl & orgbrn Casemate St Georges Hall seahorses
- 2 1/2p bl & blk The Keys
- 3p graybl & red Rock by moonlight & shrimp
- 4p dkbrn & blgrn Catalan Bay & crabs
X 6p grn & sep Map of the Strait of Gibraltar & eagles
- 7p gray & car Airport buildings gulls
X 9p blgrn & graybl the American war memorial
- 1sh brn & grn Barbary ape
- 2sh brncar & ultra Barbary partridge
X 5sh olbrn & grnbl blue rock thrush
- 10sh yel & bl Narcissus niveus & rays
- 1lb orgred & blk Rock & regiment badge

1963, Jun 4 Freedom from Hunger issue p. 14x14.5
- 9p sep sources of protein

1963, Sep 2 Red Cross 100th issue (no perf info)
- 1p blk & red
- 9p bl & red

1964, Apr 23 Shakespeare issue
X 7p brn Royal Shakespeare Theatre & William Shakespeare

1964, Oct 16
X 3p new constitution
X 6p new constitution

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue p. 11x11.5
- 4p grn & yel lightning bolt & globe
- 2sh yelgrn & bl lightning bolt & globe

1965, Oct 25 ICY issue p. 14.5
X 1/2p ltvio & grn
X 4p grnbl & redbrn

1966, Jan 24 Churchill Memorial issue p. 14
X 1/2p multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 1p multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 4p multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II
X 9p multi Churchill & St Paul's & Queen Elizabeth II

1966, Jul 1 World Cup Soccer issue
X 2 1/2p multi
X 6p multi

1966, Aug 27 angling championships 1966 issue (no perf info)
X 4p multi sea bream
X 7p multi Red Scorpionfish Scorpaena scrofa
X 1sh multi Atlantic Wreckfish Polyprion americanum

1966, Sep 20 p. 14
X 6p multi WHO HQ
X 9p multi WHO HQ

1966, Nov 15 (no perf info)
X 2sh ultra & blk Our Lady of Europa

1966, Dec 1 p. 14
X 2p multi UNESCO
X 7p multi UNESCO
X 5sh multi UNESCO

1967, Apr 3 1967 issue (no perf info) (15 stamps)
X 1/2p multi HMS Victory
X 1p multi S.S. Arab
X 2p multi HMS Carmania 1905
X 2 1/2p multi MV Mons Calpe
X 3p multi SS Canberra .20
X 4p multi HMS Hood .20
X 5p CS Mirror (1969)
X 6p multi Xebec
X 7p multi Amerigo Vespucci ship
X 9p multi T.V. Raffaello
X 1sh multi HMS Royal Katherine 1664
X 2sh multi HMS Ark Royal (91) & Queen Elizabeth II
X 5sh multi HMS Dreadnought 1963
X 10sh multi Neuralia 1912
X 1lb multi Mary Celeste 1861

1967, Jun 15 ITY issue
X 7p multi aerial ropeway
X 9p multi shark fishing
X 1sh multi skin diver with spear gun

1967, Nov 1 Christmas 1967 issue
X 2p multi Holy Family
X 6p multi

1967, Dec 11 Elliott 250th issue
X 4p multi
X 9p multi
X 1sh multi
X 2sh multi

1968, Mar 27 Gibraltar Scouts 60th issue p. 14x14.5
X 4p Lord Baden-Powell
X 7p
X 9p
X 1sh

1968, Jul 1 WHO 20th issue (no perf info)
X 2p nurse
X 4p

1968, Aug 26 human rights issue
X 1sh
X 2sh

1968, Nov 1 Christmas 1968 issue p. 14.5x13.5
X 4p shepherd&lamb&star
X 9p Mary & Jesus & lamb

1969, May 26 executive committee meeting issue
X 4p grn & gld Gibraltar Parliament building
X 9p
X 2sh p. 14x14.5

1969, Nov 6 uniforms (1969 Gibraltar) p. 14
X 1p multi Royal Artillery officer, 1758
X 6p multi Royal Anglian Regiment
X 9p multi Royal Engineers
X 2sh multi Royal Marines

1969, Dec 1 Christmas 1969 issue (no perf info)
X 5p multi
X 7p multi
X 1sh multi

1970, Jun 8 p. 13.5
X 2sh Europa Point

1970, Aug 28 uniforms (1970) p. 14
X 2p multi Royal Scots officer, 1839
X 5p multi South Wales Borderers
X 7p multi The Queens Royal Regiment
X 2sh multi Royal Irish Rangers

1970, Sep 18 Philympia issue (no perf info)
X 1sh
X 2sh

1970, Dec 1 Christmas 1970 issue
X 2sh

1971, Feb 15
X 1/2p multi Queen Elizabeth II
X 1p multi Queen Elizabeth II
X 2p multi Queen Elizabeth II

1971, Feb 15 decimal currency issue - views (1971) p. 14 (29 stamps)
X 1/2p multi Battery at Rosia new
X 1/2p multi Battery at Rosia old
X 1p multi new
X 1p multi old
X 1 1/2p multi new
X 1 1/2p multi old
X 2p multi new
X 2p multi old
X 2 1/2p multi new
X 2 1/2p multi old
X 3p multi new
X 3p multi old
X 4p multi new
X 4p multi old
X 5p multi new
X 5p multi old
X 7p multi new
X 7p multi old
X 8p multi new
X 8p multi old
X 9p multi new
X 9p multi old
X 10p multi new
X 10p multi old
X 12 1/2p multi new
X 12 1/2p multi old
X 25p multi new
X 25p multi old
X 50p multi new
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