Stamps of Gambia, 1 Jul 1977

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1977, Jul 1 1977 issue - flowers and Shrubs unwmk p. 14.5 (13 stamps)
X 2b multi Clerodendrum splendens
X 4b multi Nymphaea lotus
X 6b multi Fireball Lily Haemanthus multiflorus
X 8b multi Mussaenda elegans
X 10b multi Eulophia guineenis
X 13b multi Clappertonia ficifolia
X 25b multi Bombax costatum
X 38b multi Adansonia digitata
X 50b multi Erythrina senegalensis
X 63b multi Gloriosa superba
X 1.25d multi Dichrostachys cinerea
X 2.50d multi Combretum paniculatum
X 5d multi Spathodea campanulata

1 to 13 of 13