Stamps of Armenia, 1921 issue

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1921 1921 issue unwmk (no perf info) (17 stamps)
X 1r graygrn hammer & sickle
X 2r blk monster
X 3r car Soviet symbol
X 5r blkbrn Ruins of ANI
X 25r gray mythological bird
X 50r red
X 100r ltorg ‭Mythological Monster
X 250r dkbl Soviet Symbols Armenian Designs
X 500r brnvio Mount Aragats & Plain of Shirak
X 1000r seagrn Sea Fisherman of AN
X 2000r bis Post Office in Yerevan & Mount Ararat
X 5000r dkbrn Ruins of ANI
X 10000r dlred Erevan street
X 15000r slbl ‭Lake Sevan & Sevan Monastery
X 20000r lake Mythological Subject from old Armenian Monument
X 25000r dlbl Mount Ararat & plowman
- 25000r ol Mount Ararat & plowman

1 to 17 of 17