Stamps of Russia, 10 1943

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1943, Oct Mayakovsky 50th issue unwmk p. 12
X 30k Mayakovsky
X 60k Mayakovsky

1943, Oct Red Army & Navy 25th issue
X 20k sailors
X 30k Anti-aircraft gun
X 60k grn Tank and infantry
X 3r sailors

1943, Oct Turgenev 125th issue
- 30k dlgrn Turgenev
- 60k dkblvio Turgenev

1943, Oct 31 Komsomol 25th issue
X 15k dpultra soldier loading gun
X 30k Infantry in attack
X 1r grn infantryman
X 2r dkblgray grenade thrower

1 to 12 of 12