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Stamps of Russia, 1948

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1948, Jan 10 Leningrad liberation 5th issue unwmk p. 12
X 30k vio Winter Palace 1948
- 50k sl Peter I monument
- 60k brnblk Peter and Paul fortress
X 1r Smolny Institute

1948, Jan 21 Lenin death 24th issue
X 30k vio Lenin Mausoleum
X 60k dkgraybl Lenin Mausoleum
- 60k dkgrn Vladimir Lenin over Lenin Mausoleum

1948, Jan 25 Ukrainian SSR 30th issue
X 30k ultra Government building, Kiev
- 50k blvio Dnieper hydro-electric power station
X 60k orgbrn Wheatfield and granary
X 1r blkbrn Metallurgical works and colliery

1948, Feb 15 Surikov 100th issue
- 30k redbrn Vasily Surikov
X 60k dkgrn Vasily Surikov

1948, Feb 23 heroes (1948)
- 60k brn Chapayev
X 60k ultra Lazho
X 60k dlgrn Schors

1948, Feb 23 Red Army 30th issue
- 30k brn soldier&artillery
- 30k gray
- 30k viobl Airmen at the dive-bomber Pe-2
- 60k redbrn Military school

1948, Feb 25 1948 sports issue - sports (1948) (9 stamps)
X 15k blue skiing, p. 12
X 15k brtvio running, p. 12½
X 20k grnbl motor cyclist, p. 12
X 30k yelbrn football, p. 12½
- 30k yelbrn football, p. 12½
X 45k blkbrn Speedboat, p. 12½
X 50k blgrn diving, v. type I, p. 12 Eclecticology note
- 50k blgrn diving, v. type I, imperf
- 50k blue v. type II, p. 12½ Eclecticology note

1948, Apr 1 Communist Manifesto 100th issue p. 12
X 30k Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and Manifesto
X 50k redbrn Karl Marx Friedrich Engels & The Communist Manifesto

1948, May 15 1948 issue (9 stamps)
- 5k blk miner
- 10k vio sailor
- 15k grnbl airman
- 20k Woman farmer
- 30k arms of USSR
- 45k vio scientist
- 50k grnbl Kremlin
- 60k grn soldier
- 1r Spasskaya Tower

1948, Jun 5
- 30k car parade in Red Square
- 60k bl parade in Red Square

1948, Jun 7 Belinsky 100th issue
X 30k brn Belinsky
X 50k grn Belinsky
X 60k vio Belinsky

1948, Jun 10 Ostrovsky 125th issue
- 30k grn Alexander Ostrovsky
- 60k brn Alexander Ostrovsky
- 1r vio Alexander Ostrovsky

1948, Jun 12 Shishkin death 50th issue
- 30k multi Ivan Shishkin
X 50k multi Rye Field
- 60k multi Morning in a Pine Forest
X 1r multi portrait

1948, Jun 25 early completion of 5-year plan in Leningrad issue
- 15k brnred
X 30k multi celebration
- 60k multi

1948, Jul 5 USSR 25th issue
X 30k multi
X 60k multi

1948, Jul 12 accelerated 5-year plan agriculture issue (7 stamps)
X 30k car tractor drawing Seed-drills
X 30k Harvesting sugar beet
X 45k redbrn Gathering cotton
X 50k blk tractor drawing Seed-drills
X 60k grn Harvesting machine
X 60k dpgrn Gathering cotton
X 1r vio Harvesting sugar beet

1948, Aug 24 Air Force Day 1948 issue
X 30k vio
X 1r ultra

1948, Aug 29 Miner's Day 1948 issue
X 30k bl miners
X 60k vio mine
X 1r grn emblem

1948, Sep 3 Zhdanov death issue
- 40k graybl Andrei Zhdanov

1948, Sep 12 Navy Day issue
- 30k blgrn sailor
- 60k bl sailor

1948, Sep 25 Tank Day 1948 issue
X 30k blk tank & crew
X 1r car parade

1948, Sep 30 accelerated 5-year plan livestock issue
X 30k grayblk horse breeding
X 60k grn dairy cattle
X 1r sep horse breeding

1948, Sep 30 accelerated 5-year plan transportation issue
X 30k yelbrn train
X 50k grn train
X 60k bl automobiles on city street
X 1r viobl ships in harbor

1948, Oct 14 accelerated 5-year plan metallurgy issue
X 30k vio casting
X 50k brn casting
- 60k Iron pipe manufacture
X 1r bl Iron pipe manufacture

1948, Oct 14 accelerated 5-year plan manufacture issue
X 30k vio Heavy Machinery
X 50k Heavy Machinery
X 60k brn pump station turbines

1948, Oct 16 Abovian death 100th issue
- 40k vio Khachatur Abovian
- 50k grn Khachatur Abovian

1948, Oct 24 accelerated 5-year plan coal&oil issue
X 30k blk Miner
- 60k brn Miner
X 60k redbrn Oil wells ad tanker train
X 1r blgrn Oil wells ad tanker train

1948, Oct 24 accelerated 5-year plan electrification issue
- 30k grn Farkhad hydro-electric station
- 60k scar Zuev hydro-electric station
- 1r car Farkhad hydro-electric station

1948, Oct 26 Young Pioneers issue (5 stamps)
X 30k blgrn Pioneers with flying model aircraft
X 45k vio Pioneers saluting
- 45k vio Pioneers marching
- 60k blvio Trumpeter
- 1r dpbl Pioneers round camp fire

1948, Oct 29 Komsomol 30th issue (6 stamps)
X 20k dlpur Athletic parade
X 25k redorg Young peasant
X 40k multi Youth with flag
X 50k grn students
- 1r multi Orders of Komsomol and flag
X 2r vio Young industrial worker

1948, Nov 1 Moscow Art Theatre 50th issue
- 40k bl Interior of theatre
- 1r pur V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, 1858-1943

1948, Nov 7 revolution 31st issue
- 40k scar Banner with greeting & Moscow Kremlin
- 1r grn Banner with greeting & Moscow Kremlin

1948, Nov 19 Artillery Day 1948 issue
X 30k bl Cannon shooting & Spasskaya Tower
X 1r car Cannon shooting & Spasskaya Tower

1948, Nov 20 16th Chess Championship issue
X 30k grnbl Trade Union building in Moscow
X 40k vio Emblem of World Chess Championship 1948
X 50k orgbrn Trade Union building in Moscow

1948, Nov 27 Stasov 100th issue
- 40k brn portrait
- 1r grayblk Stasov and Pavlov's barracks in Leningrad

1948, Dec 15 Sverdlovsk 225th issue
X 30k grnbl Sverdlov monument
X 40k vio Lenin Avenue
X 1r Sverdlov monument

1948, Dec 30 Caucasus&Crimea scenery (8 stamps)
X 40k brn Lastochkino Gnezdo, Crimea
X 40k redvio Mineral spring Hot Water, Pyatigorsk
X 40k dkgrn Sukhumi
X 40k vio Gardens
X 40k dkpur Terraced gardens, Sochi
X 40k dkblgrn Road, Sochi
X 40k brtbl Colonnade, Kislovodsk
X 40k dkblgrn Seascape, Gagry


1948, Dec 10 Air Force Day 1948 b issue p. 12.25x12
- 1r dpbl Yak-9

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