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1925 1925 issue wmk. Greek border & rosettes p. 12 (20 stamps)
X 1k org worker
X 2k grn peasant
X 3k redbrn soldier
X 4k red worker
X 5k lil worker
- 6k ltbl peasant
X 7k brn soldier
X 8k olbrn worker
X 9k red & org peasant
- 10k dkbl soldier
X 14k ltbl worker
- 15k yel peasant
X 20k ol & grn worker
X 30k vio peasant
X 40k gray soldier
X 50k brn peasant
X 1r scar & brn soldier
- 2r grn & rose worker b
- 3r brnblk & grn Red Army soldier
- 5r dkbl & graybrn worker

1925, Jul
- 5r red & brn Lenin
- 10r blblk Lenin

1925, Sep
- 3k brn Lomonosov
- 15k grn & blk Lomonosov

1925, Oct
- 7k bl Popov
- 14k olgrn Popov

1925, Dec 20 revolution 1905 20th issue
- 3k olgrn The Strike of the Post & Telegraph employees in 1905
- 7k brn Revolutionary Mass Meeting poster by N Nikonov
- 14k car Barricade fighting at Presnya Moscow

1926, Jul 6th International Proletarian Esperanto Congress issue
- 7k blgrn & red Obelisk of Soviet constitution
- 14k blgrn & vio Obelisk of Soviet constitution

1927, May 1 Esperanto 40th issue
- 14k green star & L. Zamenhof, w. Greek border & rosettes
- 14k green star & L. Zamenhof, w. unwmk

1927, Jun ovpted numeral (14 stamps)
- 8k on 1k red numeral, w. unwmk
- 8k on 2k vio numeral, w. unwmk
- 8k on 3k numeral, w. unwmk
- 8k on 7k numeral, w. unwmk
- 8k yelgrn ovpt, numeral, w. unwmk
- 8k on 10k numeral, w. unwmk
- 8k on 14k numeral, w. unwmk
- 8k on 1k red numeral, w. Greek border & rosettes
- 8k on 2k vio numeral, w. Greek border & rosettes
- 8k on 3k numeral, w. Greek border & rosettes
- 8k on 7k numeral, w. Greek border & rosettes
- 8k ovpt, numeral, w. Greek border & rosettes
- 8k on 10k numeral, w. Greek border & rosettes
- 8k on 14k numeral, w. Greek border & rosettes

1927, Nov 7 October Revolution 10th issue unwmk (7 stamps)
- 3k brtrosecar Worker soldier & peasant
- 5k dpbrn Triumphant Procession of the Revolution
- 7k Smolny Institute
- 8k worker & sailor
- 14k dpbl & red map of USSR
X 18k bl men from republics
- 28k olbrn people from east

1927, Dec 1927 issue - heads large (15 stamps)
X 1k org worker
X 2k apgrn peasant
X 4k bl worker
X 5k peasant
X 7k peasant
X 8k grn worker
X 10k ltbrn worker
X 14k dkgrn Lenin (1928)
X 18k olgrn Lenin
- 18k dkbl Lenin (1928)
X 20k peasant
- 40k car worker
X 50k ltbl peasant
X 70k worker
X 80k org peasant

1928 wmk. lozenges (Russia)
- 3r dkgrn Lenin large
- 5r redbrn Lenin large
- 10r ind Lenin large

1928, Feb 6 Red Army 10th issue unwmk
X 8k ltbrn soldier
- 14k sailor
- 18k cavalryman
- 28k pilot

1929, Aug 18 USSR Pioneers issue
- 10k dpbrn pioneer with bugle
X 14k grnbl pioneer with bugle

1929, Oct industrialization issue
- 5k Industrial worker at lathe
- 10k tractors
X 20k grn iron furnace
- 28k blkvio blast furnace

1930 wmk. lozenges (Russia)
- 1r ind telegraph office

1930 unwmk
- 3r grn & dkbrn Lenin hydroelectric station

1930, Feb Red Cavalry 10th issue
X 2k grn Cavalrymen
X 5k chntbrn Cavalry attack
X 10k ol Cavalrymen
X 14k dkbl & red Combat way of the First Cavalry Army

1930, Aug 15
X 10k olgrn students preparing poster newspaper

1937 1937 issue (15 stamps)
X 1k dlorg (1940)
X 2k yelgrn Factory girl (1939)
X 4k cl (1940)
- 5k orgbrn Yakovlev-3 fighter (1946)
X 10k bl (1938)
- 10k ol (1940)
X 10k blk (1952)
X 20k dlgrn farm worker
- 20k grn (1939)
X 30k cl
X 40k ind Lenin
X 50k brn (1940)
X 3r dkgrn Lenin (1939)
- 5r redbrn Lenin (1939)
- 10r ind Lenin (1939)

1937, Feb 1 1937 Pushkin issue chalky & ordinary paper typo print (6 stamps)
X 10k chnt Alexander Pushkin
X 20k blgrn Alexander Pushkin
X 40k Alexander Pushkin
X 50k blue statue of Pushkin
X 80k carrose statue of Pushkin
X 1r grn statue of Pushkin
- Russia sheet of 2 types

1937, Jun Architecture of New Moscow issue (8 stamps)
- 3k Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
- 5k Tass
- 10k Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
- 15k Tass
- 20k Theatre of Red Army
- 30k Moscow hotel
- 40k Palace of the Soviets
- 50k Theatre of Red Army
- Russia sheet of 4, 1 type

1937, Jul 27
X 10k yelbrn Dzerzhinski
X 20k Dzerzhinski
X 40k Dzerzhinski
X 80k car Dzerzhinski

1938, Jan 1937 International Exposition issue
X 5k red statue on pavilion
X 20k rose Soviet pavilion
X 50k dkbl statue on pavilion

1938, Feb
X 20k dpgrn Rustaveli

1938, Feb 25 flight to North Pole issue
X 10k blk & gray Route of North pole flight
X 20k blk & graybl Route of North pole flight
X 40k red & graygrn Soviet flag & airplanes
X 80k carred Soviet flag & airplanes

1938, Mar Red Army 20th issue (7 stamps)
X 10k soldier
X 20k soldier b
X 30k blk & bl sailor
X 40k airman
X 50k artilleryman
- 80k blk & red Cavalry parade by M Avilov 1933
X 1r blk & car Chapayev&boy

1938, Apr 10 trans-polar flight to Vancouver WA issue
X 10k dkgray & car Portrait of crew of ANT-25 & route of flight
X 20k dkgray & red Portrait of crew of ANT-25 & route of flight
X 40k red & dpbrn Portrait of crew of ANT-25 & route of flight
X 50k red & purbrn Portrait of crew of ANT-25 & route of flight

1938, Apr 13 trans-polar flight to San Jacinto CA issue
X 10k brn & mve Portrait of crew of ANT-25 & route of flight
X 20k grayblk Portrait of crew of ANT-25 & route of flight
X 50k dlvio Portrait of crew of ANT-25 & route of flight

1938, May arms of republics issue (12 stamps)
X 20k palebl arms of RSFSR
X 20k carred arms of Ukraine SSR
X 20k redbrn arms of Byelorussian SSR
X 20k yelorg arms of Uzbek SSR
X 20k blgrn arms of Kazakh SSR
X 20k car arms of Georgian SSR
X 20k dlvio arms of Azerbaijan SSR
X 20k ltgrn arms of Kirghiz SSR
X 20k mve arms of Tadzhik SSR
X 20k dpbl arms of Armenian SSR
X 20k crimlake arms of Turkmen SSR
X 40k arms of USSR

1938, Jun 21 meteorological expedition rescue issue
X 10k brn & mve arrival of ships
X 20k dpbl arrival of ships
X 30k olbrn survivors aboard ship
X 50k bl survivors aboard ship

1938, Sep 15 child welfare issue (7 stamps)
X 10k
X 15k
- 20k
X 30k
- 40k
- 50k
- 80k

1938, Sep 21 Crimea & Caucasian views (12 stamps)
X 5k blkbrn
X 5k dkbrn view of Yalta
X 10k dkbrn coast
X 10k slgrn highway
X 15k blkbrn
X 15k blkbrn Swallows Nest Castle
X 20k blkbrn sanatorium
X 30k blkbrn Crimean sunset
X 40k dkbrn Cypress forest
X 50k slgrn
X 80k dkbrn
X 1r slgrn Swallows Nest Castle

1938, Oct 7 air sports (9 stamps)
X 5k viobrn children flying model plane
X 10k olgray glider
X 15k pink captive balloon
X 20k bl dirigible over Kremlin
- 30k cl
- 40k bl
- 50k blgrn
- 80k brn
- 1r blgrn four-motor plane

1938, Nov 7 opening 2nd line subway issue (6 stamps)
X 10k lake Mayakovsky station, Moscow subway
X 15k dpbrn
X 20k gray & blk
- 30k dpredvio
- 40k gray & blk
X 50k brn

1938, Dec 7 Komsomol 20th issue (5 stamps)
X 20k bl girl with Parachute
- 30k red & brn
- 40k pur
- 50k red
- 80k dpbl

1938, Dec 28 sports (1938)
X 5k scar diving
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