Stamps of Russia, 13.5 perf

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1902 1902 issue vertically laid paper wmk. Cyrillic EZGB & wavy lines p. 13.5
X 5r multi arms of Russia
- 10r car & yel & gray arms of Russia

1909 1909 issue wove paper unwmk
X 1r brn & dkbrn & org arms of Russia

1913, Jan 2 Romanov 300th issue (17 stamps)
X 1k brnorg Peter I
X 2k yelgrn Alexander II
X 3k rosered Alexander III
X 4k dlred Peter I
X 7k brn Nicholas II
X 10k bl Nicholas II
X 14k blgrn Catherine II
X 15k orgbrn Nicholas I
X 20k olgrn Tsar Alexander I
X 25k pur Alexius Mikhailovich
X 35k dkultra & grn Tsar Paul I
X 50k brn & graybl Elizabeth Petrovina
X 70k grn & brn Michael Romanoff
X 1r dkgrn Kremlin
X 2r brn Winter Palace
- 3r dkbl Romanov castle
- 5r blkbrn Nicholas II

1915 1915 issue
- 5r arms of Russia
X 10r carlake & yel & gray arms of Russia

1915, Oct 1915 cardboard issue thin cardboard paper
X 10k bl Nicholas II
X 15k brn Nicholas I
- 20k olgrn Tsar Alexander I

1916 1916 provisional b issue thin cardboard paper typo print
- 1k brnorg Peter I

1916 1916 provisional a issue ovpted typo print
X 10k on 7k brn Nicholas II
X 20k on 14k blgrn Catherine II

1917 ovpted thin cardboard paper typo print
- 1k brnorg ovpt, Peter I
- 1k brnorg ovpt, Peter I

1917 1917b issue wove paper
X 3.50r carbrn & olgrn arms of Russia
X 7r grn & pnk arms of Russia

X 35k bl severing chain
X 70k brn severing chain

1924, Jan 28 Lenin memorial issue
- 3k red & blk Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924
- 6k red & blk Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924
- 12k red & blk Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924
- 20k red & blk Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924

1925, Dec 28 Decembrists revolt 100th issue wmk. Greek border & rosettes
- 3k olgrn Decembrists in Chita by A Moravov, 1911
- 7k brn Decembrists at the Senate Square by Dmitry Kardovsky
- 14k car five revolutionary leaders

1927, Jan 1 Child Welfare 1926 issue unwmk
- 10k brn
- 20k bl

2002, Apr 25 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg issue (5 stamps)
- 5.00r multi St Isaak Cathedral and two atlantes figures of the New Hermitage portico
- 5.00r multi Kazan Cathederal and the Monument of Marshal Barklay de Tolli
- 25r multi View of St Peter and Paul Fortress and the Neva River
- 25r multi View of the Griboedov Canal guey and the Cathedral of Resurrection
- 25r multi Admiralty and the Admiralty Steeple topped with a gilded ship, a symbol of St Petersburg

2008, Jul 31 World Cultural Heritage in Russia issue
- 15r multi Curonian Spit - Dunes and Forest view
- 15r multi Curonian Spit - Dunes
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