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Stamps of Germany - Berlin, 1956

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1956, Mar 16 Bundesrat meeting issue (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 10pf multi Coat of arms of Berlin on Federal Eagle
X 25pf multi Coat of arms of Berlin on Federal Eagle

1956, Apr 1956 issue (14 stamps)
X 7pf blgrn radio tower, p. 14
X 7pf grn radio tower, p. 14
X 8pf gray Neuk├Âlln townhall, p. 14
X 10pf grn Ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, p. 14
X 15pf ultra Air bridge monument Tempelhof, p. 14
X 20pf car Henry Ford building of the free University Dahlem, p. 14
X 25pf brn Lilienthal monument Lichterfelde, p. 14
X 30pf graygrn Pfaueninsel palace, p. 14
X 40pf bl Charlottenburg Palace, p. 14
X 50pf brnol Reuter powerplant, p. 14
X 60pf brn Chamber of industry & commerce with stock exchange, p. 14
X 70pf vio Schiller theatre
X 1m ol Statue of Great Elector
X 3m redpur

1956, May 12 German civil engineers 100th issue
X 10pf graygrn
X 20pf redbrn

1956, Sep 3 Paul Lincke death 10th issue
X 20pf red Paul Lincke

1956, Sep 15 German Industrial Exhibition 1956 issue p. 14
X 25pf brn Antenna masts of the station Berlin-Nikolassee


1956, Aug 9 flood relief 1956 issue (no perf info)
- 20+10pf

1956, Oct 26 Stamp Day 1956 issue
- 25+10pf multi postrider of Brandenburg

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