Postage stamps of Germany - Berlin

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1948, Sep 1 1948a issue ovpted on stamps of Germany wmk. DEUTSCHE POST p. 14 (20 stamps)
X 2pf blk ovpt, planter
X 6pf pur ovpt, planter
X 8pf red ovpt, sower
X 10pf yelgrn ovpt, sower
X 12pf gray ovpt, laborer
X 15pf brn ovpt, planter
X 16pf blgrn ovpt, reapers
X 20pf bl ovpt, sower
X 24pf brnorg ovpt, reapers
X 25pf orgyel ovpt, planter
X 30pf red ovpt, laborer
X 40pf mag ovpt, sower
X 50pf bl ovpt, reapers
X 60pf redbrn ovpt, laborer
X 80pf dkbl ovpt, laborer
X 84pf emer ovpt, reapers
X 1m olgrn ovpt, hands & dove
X 2m brnvio ovpt, hands & dove
- 3m copred ovpt, hands & dove
- 5m dkultra ovpt, hands & dove

1948, Nov 1948b issue ovpted on stamps of Germany (14 stamps)
X 2pf blk ovpt, planter (1949)
X 6pf pur ovpt, planter (1949)
X 8pf red ovpt, sower (1949)
X 10pf yelgrn ovpt, sower
X 15pf brn ovpt, planter
X 20pf bl ovpt, sower
X 25pf orgyel ovpt, planter (1949)
X 30pf red ovpt, laborer (1949)
X 40pf mag ovpt, sower (1949)
X 50pf bl ovpt, reapers (1949)
X 60pf redbrn ovpt, laborer
X 80pf dkbl ovpt, laborer (1949)
- 1m olgrn ovpt, hands & dove
- 2m brnvio ovpt, hands & dove

1949, Mar 21 1949 issue - Berlin sights (20 stamps)
X 1pf blk Brandenburg Gate
X 4pf brn Schöneberg Town Hall
X 5pf blgrn Tegel Castle
- 6pf vio Reichstag building, w. DEUTSCHE POST
X 8pf redorg Schöneberg Town Hall
X 10pf yelgrn Colonnade at the Kleistpark Schöneberg
- 10pf grn Colonnade at the Kleistpark Schöneberg, w. DEUTSCHE POST
X 15pf brn Airplane Douglas DC-4 over Tempelhof airport
X 20pf red Technical College
- 25pf org Tegel Castle
X 30pf bl Colonnade at the Kleistpark Schöneberg
X 40pf redpur Schöneberg Town Hall
X 50pf ol Reichstag building
X 60pf redbrn National Gallery
X 80pf bl Technical College
X 90pf grn Technical College
X 1m ol Airplane Douglas DC-4 over Tempelhof airport
X 2m vio Gendarmenmarkt
- 3m brnred Brandenburg Gate
- 5m dkbl Tegel Castle

1949, Apr 9 UPU 75th issue von Stephan (7 stamps)
X 12pf gray von Stephan, p. 14
X 16pf blgrn von Stephan, p. 14
X 24pf orgbrn von Stephan, p. 14
- 50pf brnol von Stephan, p. 14
- 60pf brnred von Stephan, p. 14
- 1m olgrn von Stephan
- 2m dkvio von Stephan

1949, Jul 29 Goethe 200th issue
- 10pf grn Iphigenie & Orestes
- 20pf car Chalk drawing by Johann Heinrich Lips 1758-1817
- 30pf ultra Painting by Joseph Stieler 1781-1858

1949, Aug 1 ovpted on stamp of Germany wmk. DEUTSCHE POST p. 14
X 5pf on 45pf red numeral

1949, Aug 1 ovpted on stamp of Germany
X 10pf on 24pf brnorg reapers

1949, Aug 1 ovpted on stamp of Germany
X 20pf on 80pf dkbl laborer

1949, Aug 1 ovpted on stamp of Germany
- 1m on 3m copred hands & dove

1950, Oct 1 (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 20pf dkcar statue Atlas

1950, Oct 29 Reconstruction of the Berlin Philharmonic issue
- 10+5pf dkolgrn harp laurel wreath
- 30+5pf Singing angel from the Ghent altarpiece

1951, Apr 22 Lortzing death 100th issue
- 20pf dpcl Albert Lortzing

1951, May 1 bell clapper left issue Freedom Bell (5 stamps)
X 5pf Freedom Bell
X 10pf Freedom Bell
X 20pf Freedom Bell
X 30pf bl Freedom Bell
- 40pf Freedom Bell

1951, Dec 23 bell clapper right issue Freedom Bell (5 stamps)
- 5pf Freedom Bell (1952) .20
- 10pf Freedom Bell, p. 13.75x14
X 20pf Freedom Bell, p. 13.75x14
X 30pf Freedom Bell, p. 13.75x14 (1952)
- 40pf Freedom Bell (1952)

1952, Mar 26 Beethoven death 125th issue
X 30pf bl Ludwig van Beethoven

1952, Jun 20
X 4pf Torch laurel wreath Olympic rings

1952, Jun 20
X 10pf Olympic symbols
X 20pf Olympic symbols

1952, Oct 12 1952 portraits issue (10 stamps)
X 4pf brn Zelter, p. 13.75x14
X 5pf bl Otto Lilienthal 1848-1896, p. 13.75x14 (1953)
X 6pf choc Walter Rathenau 1867-1922, p. 13.75x14 (1953)
X 8pf hennabrn Theodor Fontane 1819-1898, p. 13.75x14 (1953)
X 10pf dpgrn Adolph von Menzel, p. 13.75x14
X 15pf pur Prof Rudolf Virchow 1821-1902, p. 14.75x14 (1953)
X 20pf brnred Werner von Siemens 1816-1892, p. 13.75x14
X 25pf dpol Karl Friedrich Schinkel 1781-1841, p. 13.75x14 (1953)
X 30pf brnvio Max Planck 1858-1947, p. 13.75x14 (1953)
X 40pf blk Wilhelm Freiherr von Humboldt 1767-1835, p. 13.75x14 (1953)

1953, Jul 28 bell clapper middle issue Freedom Bell (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 5pf brn Freedom Bell
X 10pf grn Freedom Bell
X 20pf red Freedom Bell
X 30pf bl Freedom Bell
X 40pf rosevio Freedom Bell

1953, Aug 17 East German strike issue
X 20pf blk chained arms breaking free
X 30pf car 17.JUNI over Brandenburg Gate

1953, Aug 29 p. 14
- 20pf red Berlin Olympic Stadium East entrance

1954, Jan 18 Ernst Reuter memorial issue (no perf info)
X 20pf Ernst Reuter

1954, Jan 22 p. 14
- 4pf yelbrn Berlin exhibition halls at the radio tower

1954, Jan 25 (no perf info)
X 20pf Allied Council building

1954, May 11 Ottmar Mergenthaler 100th issue
X 10pf Ottmar Mergenthaler

1954, Jul 17 ovpted
X 20pf red ovpt, Freedom Bell

1954, Jul 20 Hitler assassination attempt 10th issue
X 20pf car & gray Man in shackles

1954, Aug 1954 issue p. 14
X 7pf Berlin exhibition halls at the radio tower
X 40pf America Memorial Library at the Hallesches Tor
X 70pf Grunewald hunting lodge

1954, Sep 18 Richard Strauss death 5th issue (no perf info)
X 40pf viobl Richard Strauss

1954, Sep 25 August Borsig death 100th issue
X 20pf redbrn Smiths Group detail of the Beuth-monument

1955, Mar 12 shipping resumption issue
X 10pf MS Berlin
X 25pf MS Berlin

1955, Sep 17
X 40pf ultra Wilhelm Furtwaengler

1955, Oct 17
X 10pf Bundestag meeting
X 20pf Bundestag meeting

1956, Mar 16 Bundesrat meeting issue
X 10pf multi Coat of arms of Berlin on Federal Eagle
X 10pf (1957)
X 20pf multi (1957)
X 25pf multi Coat of arms of Berlin on Federal Eagle

1956, Apr 1956 issue (18 stamps)
X 1pf gray Brandenburg Gate, p. 14 (1957)
X 3pf Brandenburg Gate, p. 14 (1963)
X 5pf Post management buildung of state, p. 14 (1957)
X 7pf blgrn radio tower, p. 14
X 7pf grn radio tower, p. 14
X 8pf gray Neukölln townhall, p. 14
X 8pf redorg Town hall Neukölln, p. 14 (1959)
X 10pf grn Ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, p. 14
X 15pf ultra Air bridge monument Tempelhof, p. 14
X 20pf car Henry Ford building of the free University Dahlem, p. 14
X 25pf brn Lilienthal monument Lichterfelde, p. 14
X 30pf graygrn Pfaueninsel palace, p. 14
X 40pf bl Charlottenburg Palace, p. 14
X 50pf brnol Reuter powerplant, p. 14
X 60pf brn Chamber of industry & commerce with stock exchange, p. 14
X 70pf vio Schiller theatre
X 1m ol Statue of Great Elector
X 3m redpur

1956, May 12 German civil engineers 100th issue
X 10pf graygrn
X 20pf redbrn

1956, Sep 3 Paul Lincke death 10th issue
X 20pf red Paul Lincke

1956, Sep 15 German Industrial Exhibition 1956 issue p. 14
X 25pf brn Antenna masts of the station Berlin-Nikolassee

1957 1957 portraits issue (9 stamps)
X 7pf Theodor Mommsen, p. 13.75x14 (1958)
X 8pf gray Heinrich Zille 1858-1929, p. 13.75x14 (1958)
X 10pf Prof Dr Ernst Reuter 1889-1953, p. 13.75x14
X 15pf Fritz Haber 1868-1934, p. 13.75x14
X 20pf Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher, p. 13.75x14
X 25pf Prof Max Reinhardt 1873-1943, p. 13.75x14
X 30pf Friedrich Carl von Savigny, p. 13.75x14
X 40pf Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt, p. 13.75x14 (1959)
X 50pf ol Christian Daniel Rauch

1957, Mar 7 Spandau 725th issue
- 20pf grayol & brnred Spandau in 1850

1957, Apr 27 Interbau Berlin issue
X 7pf dklilbrn Model of the Hansa quarter
X 20pf red Model of the Exhibition Grounds
X 40pf dkviobl Model of the Congress Hall

1957, Aug 6 Annual Meeting of the East German Cultural Council, Berlin issue p. 14
X 25pf redbrn Uta Margrave of Meissen

1957, Oct 23 Stamp Day 1957 issue (no perf info)
X 20pf multi postilion

1957, Oct 28 World Veterans Federation assembly issue
X 20pf multi Emblem of the International World Veterans Federation

1958, Aug 13 78th German Catholics Meeting issue
X 10pf
X 20pf

1958, Aug 30 Suhr memorial issue
X 20pf red Otto Suhr

1959 Heuss p. 14 (5 stamps)
X 7pf blgrn Heuss
X 10pf grn Heuss
X 20pf carrose Heuss
X 40pf bl Heuss
X 70pf dlpur Heuss

1959, May 12 Berlin Airlift 10th issue (no perf info)
X 25pf mar & blk Transport aircrafts in the air corridor

1959, Jun 18 municipal congress issue
X 20pf Globe inscription Brandenburg Gate

1959, Nov 10 Schiller 200th issue
X 20pf dlred & brn Friedrich von Schiller

1960, May 27 Robert Koch death 50th issue
X 20pf brn Robert Koch

1960, Jun 30
X 20pf dkrd Walther Schreiber

1961 1961 issue - portraits (1961 Berlin) p. 14 (15 stamps)
X 5pf ol Albertus Magnus
- 7pf dkbis St Elizabeth
X 8pf lil Johann Gutenberg
X 10pf grn Albrecht Dürer 1471-1528
X 15pf ltgraybl Martin Luther 1483-1546
X 20pf Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
X 25pf yelbrn Balthasar Neumann
X 30pf brnblk Immanuel Kant
X 40pf dkbl Gotthold Ephraim Lessing 1729-1781
X 50pf Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
X 60pf dkmag Friedrich von Schiller 1759-1805
X 70pf dkgrn Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827
X 80pf brn Heinrich von Kleist 1777-1811
X 1m viobl Annette Freiin von Droste-Hülshoff 1797-1848
X 2m yelgrn Hauptmann (1962)

1961, Feb 16 Hans Böckler death 10th issue (no perf info)
X 20pf brnred & blk Hans Böckler

1961, Jun 3 Louise Schroeder death 4th issue
X 20pf Louise Schroeder

1961, Jul 19 10th German Protestant Synod issue
X 10pf grn & vio emblem & St Marys Church
X 20pf pur & vio emblem & Kaiser Wilhelm Church

1961, Aug 3 Radio & TV Exhibition 1961 issue p. 14
X 20pf dkredbrn & dkcarred Bear with TV screen & record exhibition poster

1962 Old Berlin views issue (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 7pf dkbrnol & orgbrn Die Linden approx 1650
X 10pf Waisenbrücke 1783
X 15pf Wallstreet approx 1780
X 20pf Berlin Palace 1703
X 25pf Potsdam square approx 1825
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