Stamps of Germany - Saxony Province

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1945, Dec 1945a issue arms of Saxony (no wmk info) (19 stamps)
- 1pf sl arms of Saxony, p. 13x12.5
- 1pf sl arms of Saxony, imperf
- 3pf arms of Saxony
- 3pf arms of Saxony, imperf
- 5pf arms of Saxony
- 5pf arms of Saxony, imperf
- 6pf arms of Saxony
- 6pf arms of Saxony, imperf
- 8pf org arms of Saxony, p. 13x12.5
- 8pf org arms of Saxony, imperf
- 10pf brn arms of Saxony, p. 13x12.5
- 10pf brn arms of Saxony, imperf
- 12pf red arms of Saxony, p. 13x12.5
- 12pf red arms of Saxony, imperf
- 15pf arms of Saxony
- 20pf arms of Saxony
- 24pf orgbrn arms of Saxony
- 30pf olgrn arms of Saxony
- 40pf lake arms of Saxony

1945, Dec 17 1945b issue
- 6pf grn plowing, p. 13x13.5
- 6pf grn plowing, imperf
- 12pf red plowing, p. 13x13.5
X 12pf red plowing, imperf


1946, Jan 19 reconstruction issue (no perf info)
X 6pf+4pf grn housing
X 12pf+8pf red bridge repair
- 42pf+28pf vio locomotives

1 to 26 of 26