Postage stamps of German Democratic Republic

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1949, Oct 9 UPU 75th issue (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 50pf bl & dkbl bird carrying letter & globe

1949, Oct 27 wmk. mult flowers
- 12pf bl letter carriers
- 30pf red letter carriers

1950, Mar 2 winter sports tournament,Schierke issue
- 12pf blvio skier
X 24pf grnbl skater

1950, May 1 60th Anniversary of the 1st.of May Celebrations issue (no wmk info)
- 30pf carred 1. MAI & globe & Sun

1950, May 26 1950 issue wmk. mult flowers (5 stamps)
X 12pf dkbl Pieck
X 24pf redbrn Pieck
X 1m olgrn Pieck
X 2m redbrn Pieck
X 5m bl Pieck (1951)

1950, Jul 10 scientists (1950) (10 stamps)
X 1pf gray Leonhard Euler
X 5pf grn Alexander von Humboldt
X 6pf pur Theodor Mommsen
X 8pf redbrn Wilhelm von Humboldt
X 10pf dkgraygrn Helmholtz
X 12pf dkbl Max Planck 1950
X 16pf prusbl Jacob Grimm
X 20pf viobrn Nernst
X 24pf red Leibniz
X 50pf dpultra Harnack

1950, Sep 1 Mansfeld copper mines 700th issue
- 12pf bl miner
- 24pf dkred smelting copper

1950, Sep 28 national elections 1950 issue (no wmk info)
X 24pf brnred vote symbols

1950, Dec 15 fight for peace issue wmk. mult flowers
X 6pf dkbl protecting dove from tank
X 8pf brn protecting dove from bombs
X 12pf bl protecting dove from atomic bombs
X 24pf orgred protecting dove from soldiers graves

1951, Feb 3 2nd Winter Sports Championship issue
X 12pf grnbl two-man bobsled
X 24pf carrose ski jumper

1951, Mar 4 Leipzig Fair 1951 issue
- 24pf rosecar Leipzig Fair 1951
- 50pf viobl Leipzig Fair 1951

1951, Apr 22 Bierut visit issue
- 24pf scar
- 50pf bl

1951, Jun 27 Communist China friendship issue
X 12pf dkgrn Mao Zedong
X 24pf car land redistribution
X 50pf viobl Mao Zedong

1951, Aug 3 3rd World Youth Festival issue
X 12pf brn & och boy raising flag
X 24pf car & grn Folk Dance Group, w. mult flowers
- 30pf dpgrn & och Flag Parade
X 50pf ultra & red Folk Dance Group, w. mult flowers

1951, Sep 2 Five-Year Plan issue
X 24pf multi

1951, Oct 7 Karl Liebknecht 80th issue p. 13.5x13
X 24pf red & graybl Karl Liebknecht & red flag

1951, Oct 28 Stamp Day 1951 issue p. 13x13.5
X 12pf dpultra man & young pioneers looking at stamp album

1951, Dec 1 East German-Soviet friendship month issue (no perf info)
X 12pf bl Pawel Bykow & Erich Wirth
X 24pf red Stalin & Pieck

1952 1952 issue wmk. DDR & posthorn (5 stamps)
X 5pf blgrn Pieck
X 12pf dkbl Pieck
X 24pf redbrn Pieck
X 1m olgrn Pieck
- 2m redbrn Pieck

1952, Jan 12 3rd Winter Sports Championship issue
X 12pf blgrn skier
X 24pf bl ski jumper

1952, Mar 26 Beethoven death 125th issue
X 12pf ltultra & ultra Beethoven face
X 24pf gray & dlpur Beethoven profile

1952, May 1
X 24pf Klement Gottwald

1952, May 5 5th Peace Race issue
X 12pf bl

1952, Jul 5 famous composers (1952)
X 6pf Handel
X 8pf Albert Lortzing
X 50pf Carl Maria von Weber

1952, Aug 11 famous people (1952 German Democratic Republic)
X 12pf brn Victor Hugo
X 20pf dkgrn Leonardo da Vinci
X 24pf carrose Nicolai Gogol
X 35pf dkbl Avicenna

1952, Sep 7 Leipzig Fair 1952 issue
X 24pf carred
X 35pf dpbl

1952, Oct 15 100th Anniversary of the Death of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn issue
- 12pf bl Jahn

1952, Oct 18 Halle University 450th issue
X 24pf grn

1952, Oct 26 Stamp Day 1952 issue
X 24pf redbrn Pieck stamp & dove & hammer & wheat

1952, Dec 8
X 24pf red globe & dove & St Stephen's Cathedral
X 35pf dkbl globe & dove & St Stephen's Cathedral

1953 1953a issue - portraits (1953) (15 stamps)
X 2pf gray Käthe Kollwitz 1948
X 6pf vio
X 8pf redbrn Karl Marx
X 10pf blgrn
X 15pf dpbrn
X 16pf blgrn
X 20pf
- 25pf
X 30pf red
X 40pf
X 50pf
X 60pf
X 80pf dkbl
X 80pf scar
X 84pf

1953, Jan 3 (no wmk info)
X 1m blkol Pieck
X 2m redbrn Pieck

1953, Mar 14 Marx death 70th issue (16 stamps)
X 6pf Ironworks Kombinat
- 6pf Ironworks Kombinat, w. DDR & posthorn, imperf
X 10pf Communist Manifesto
X 12pf multi Kremlin
- 12pf multi Kremlin, w. DDR & posthorn, imperf
X 16pf multi Deployment of workers
X 20pf multi Marx reads from The chapter
- 20pf multi Marx reads from The chapter, w. DDR & posthorn, imperf
X 24pf multi Marx
- 24pf multi Marx, w. DDR & posthorn, imperf
X 35pf multi Marx at the lectern
- 35pf multi Marx at the lectern, w. DDR & posthorn, imperf
X 48pf multi Marx & Engels
- 48pf multi Marx & Engels, w. DDR & posthorn, imperf
X 60pf multi Working men
X 84pf multi Marx medallion & Stalinstrasse, Berlin
- German Democratic Republic sheet of 6 types

1953, Mar 28 Gorky 85th issue
X 35pf brn

1953, May 2 6th Peace Race issue
X 24pf dkgrn
X 35pf ultra
X 60pf brn

1953, Jul 7 Frankfort am Oder 700th issue
X 16pf purbrn Heinrich von Kleist
X 20pf blgrn Marienkirche (Frankfurt a.d. Oder)
X 24pf carred Old Town
X 35pf ultra town hall (Frankfurt a.d. Oder)

1953, Aug 10 1953b issue litho print (18 stamps)
X 1pf blk coal miner
X 5pf emer woman mariner
X 6pf vio German & Soviet workers
X 8pf orgbrn Young people learn
X 10pf blgrn machinists
X 12pf bl 3 workers
X 15pf vio woman on the teletype .20
X 16pf dkvio steelworker .20
X 20pf ol .20
X 24pf dkcar .20
X 25pf dpgrn .20
X 30pf brnred .20
X 35pf ultra .20
X 40pf carred .20
X 48pf vio Dresden Zwinger .20
X 60pf ultra Ocean steamer .20
X 80pf grnbl combines .20
X 84pf choc family .20

1953, Aug 29 Leipzig Fair 1953 issue
X 24pf redbrn power shovel
X 35pf blgrn

1953, Sep 16 Knobelsdorff death 200th issue
X 24pf car Staatsopfer Berlin & Georg von Knobelsdorff
X 35pf dkprusbl Neumann Balthasar

1953, Oct 16 Cranach death 400th issue
X 24pf brn Cranach

1953, Oct 23 Red Cross issue
X 24pf purbrn & red

1953, Oct 25 Stamp Day 1953 issue
X 24pf graybl

1953, Nov German Patriots issue - German patriots (6 stamps)
X 12pf purbrn Müntzer Thomas
X 16pf dpbrn Freiherr von Stein Karl
X 20pf dkredvio Von Schill Major Ferd
X 24pf dkbl Von Blücher Gebhard L
X 35pf grn studentts outside Wartburg
X 48pf dkbrn Barricade fight

1953, Nov 2 Leipzig Zoo 75th issue
X 24pf sep lions

1953, Nov 13 Schubert death 125th issue
- 48pf Franz Schubert 1953

1953, Dec 1953c issue typo print (18 stamps)
X 1pf blk Hauer
X 5pf worker
X 6pf blvio Active
X 8pf dkbrnorg Young people learn
X 10pf blgrn Active advice
X 12pf dkturqbl 3 workers
X 15pf brtvio woman on the teletype (1954)
X 16pf dkblvio Steel Schmelzer
X 20pf dkgrnol (1954)
X 24pf brncar Berlin Stalin-Avenue
X 25pf dkblgrn Lokomotiv Brigade
X 30pf brnred Dance Group
X 35pf viobl Sports hall
X 40pf w. DDR & posthorn (1954)
X 48pf pur Dresden Zwinger
X 60pf dkultra Ocean steamer
X 80pf grnbl combines
X 84pf family

1954 1954 ovpts issue ovpted (9 stamps)
X 5pf on 6pf blvio Active
X 5pf on 8pf dkbrnorg Young people learn
X 10pf on 12pf dkturqbl 3 workers
X 15pf on 16pf dkblvio Steel Schmelzer
X 20pf on issue=1953c-24pf-pr=engr (0)
X 20pf on issue=1953c-24pf-pr=litho (0)
X 40pf on 48pf pur Dresden Zwinger
X 50pf on 60pf dkultra Ocean steamer
X 70pf on 84pf family

1954, Jan 20 Lessing 225th issue
X 20pf G.E. Lessing

1954, Jan 25 Four Power Conference issue
X 12pf bl

1954, Mar 5 Stalin death 1st issue
X 20pf

1954, Apr 30 7th Peace Race issue wmk. DDR & posthorn
X 12pf cyclists
X 24pf

1954, Jun 3 2nd German youth meeting issue (no wmk info)
- 12pf grn dancers
X 24pf carbrn

1954, Jul 12 Fritz Reuter death 80th issue
X 24pf purbrn

1954, Aug 18 Thaelmann death 10th issue
X 24pf multi Ernst Thaelmann

1954, Sep 4 Leipzig Fair 1954 issue wmk. DDR & posthorn
X 24pf Leipzig Fair 1954
X 35pf Leipzig Fair 1954

1954, Oct 6 GDR 5th issue (no wmk info)
X 20pf brn
X 35pf blblk

1954, Oct 23 Stamp Day 1954 issue
X 20pf

1955 1955 issue (6 stamps)
X 10pf dkturqbl
X 15pf vio
X 20pf dkbrnred Berlin Stalin-Avenue
X 40pf redvio Dresden Zwinger
X 50pf bl
X 70pf brn family

1955, Feb 21 Leipzig Spring Fair 1955 issue
X 20pf vio Soviet pavilion
X 35pf dkbl Chinese pavilion

1955, Mar 1 45th International Womens Day issue
X 10pf dkgrn
X 20pf red

1955, Mar 15 Trade Union Conference issue
X 10pf blk & red

1955, Apr 9 victims of fascism issue
X 10pf dpbl
- 10pf imperf .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 20pf dkredvio
- German Democratic Republic 1955 sheet of 2 types
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1 to 200 of 2946