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Stamps of Guatemala, 1924

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1924, Aug 1924 issue Perkins print unwmk (no perf info) (9 stamps)
X 6c bis Temple of Minerva re-engraved
X 25c National Palace at Antigua re-engraved
X 50c red Columbus Theater .20
X 1p orgbrn Monument to Columbus re-engraved
X 1.25p dkbl Justo Rufino Barrios 1835–1885 9th President
X 2p redorg School for Indians re-engraved .20
X 2.50p vio Lorenzo Montufar .20
X 3p dkgrn National emblem re-engraved
X 15p blk La Penitenciaria Bridge re-engraved

1 to 9 of 9