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Stamps of Guatemala, 1929

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1929, Jan 7 1929 issue unwmk (no perf info) (12 stamps)
X 1/2c yelgrn National Observatory .20
X 1c dkbrn National Palace .20
X 2c dpbl Barrios .20
X 3c dkvio Montufar .20 .20
X 4c org Miguel Garcia Granados 1809-1878 .20
X 5c car General Orellana .20
X 10c choc Temple of Minerva .20
X 15c ultra Columbus monument .20
X 25c brnorg Statue of Justo Rufino Barrios
X 30c grn Aurora Park
X 50c ltrose Lake Amatitlán
X 1q blk

1929, Dec 28 ovpted Waterlow print
- 3c on 3p dkgrn National emblem re-engraved
- 5c on 3p dkgrn National emblem re-engraved


1929, Jan 7 1929 issue ovpted Waterlow print
- 3c on 15p blk La Penitenciaria Bridge re-engraved
- 5c on 15p blk La Penitenciaria Bridge re-engraved
X 15c on 15p blk La Penitenciaria Bridge re-engraved
- 20c on 15p blk La Penitenciaria Bridge re-engraved

1929, May 20 ovpted Waterlow print
- 5c on 15p blk La Penitenciaria Bridge re-engraved

1929, Oct 9 ovpted Waterlow print
X 3c on 2.50p vio Lorenzo Montufar


1929, Jan 1929 official issue quetzal (7 stamps)
X 1c ltgrnbl quetzal
X 2c dkbrn quetzal
- 3c grn quetzal
- 4c dpvio quetzal
X 5c brncar quetzal
- 10c brnorg quetzal
X 25c dkbl quetzal

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