Airmail stamps of Honduras

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1925 1925 air issue ovpted unwmk (no perf info) (9 stamps)
- 5c ltbl ovpt, Bonilla theater 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000
- 5c ltbl ovpt, Bonilla theater 10.–100 10.–100 ScC1
- 5c ltbl ovpt, Bonilla theater
- 10c dkbl ovpt, Ulua bridge
- 10c dkbl ovpt, Ulua bridge
- 20c redbrn ovpt, Ulua bridge
- 20c redbrn ovpt, Ulua bridge
- 50c red ovpt, Bonilla theater
- 1p yelgrn ovpt, Bonilla theater

1925 1925 air b issue ovpted
- 25c on 5c ltbl Bonilla theater
- 25c on 1c brn Ulua bridge
- 25c on 10c dkbl Ulua bridge
- 25c on 20c redbrn Ulua bridge

1929 ovpted
X 25c on 50c ver Herrera bust

1929, Jun 5
X 50c car plane & Lisandro Garay

1929, Oct ovpted
- 5c on 20c yelbrn Herrera bust
- 10c on 50c ver Herrera bust
- 15c on 1p emer Herrera bust

1929, Dec 10 ovpted
X 5c on 10c bl Herrera bust
X 20c on 50c ver Herrera bust

1930 wmk. mult ovals
- 20c red Bonilla theatre

- 50c multi Surcharged

1930 1930 air a issue
- 5c bl
- 10c multi
- 15c ltbrn

1930, Feb 21 1930 air b issue
X 5c multi
X 10c multi
X 25c multi Surcharged

1930, May 19
- 5c multi Surcharged

1930, May 23 1930 air c issue
X 20c multi
X 50c multi
- 50c multi

1930, Oct 1 1930 air d issue (5 stamps)
X 5c yelorg
X 10c
X 15c grn
X 20c vio
- 1p brn

1932, Jul 21 1932 air issue unwmk
X 15c multi
X 15c car
- 15c bl

1935, Jan 10 1935 air issue (7 stamps)
X 8c ltbl Post Office & National Palace of Tegucigalpa
X 10c gray view of Tegucigalpa
X 15c olgray map of Honduras
X 20c dkgrn Mayol bridge & Presidential Palace plane
X 40c
X 50c Airmail - Otus flammeolus
X 1l

1937, Sep 17 US Constitution 150th issue
X 46c

1937, Dec 7 1937 issue
X 2c copred Comayagua Cathedral
X 8c dkbl
X 15c slblk Alonso de Caceres & Tiburcio Carias
X 50c dkbrn

1939, Mar 1 1939 issue (10 stamps)
X 10c orgbrn Mayan Stele at Copán
X 15c ltbl President Carías
X 21c dkgray Mayan Temple in Concordia Park Copan
X 30c dkblgrn Airmail - Jose Cecillo del Valle
X 40c grayvio Presidential House
X 46c olbrn
X 55c grn Church of Our Lady of Suyapa
X 66c blk Airmail - Bishop Jose Trinidad Reyes
X 1l ol
X 2l carbrn Ramón Rosa author

1940, Apr 13 50th Anniversary of Pan-american Union issue
- 14c multi
- 16c multi
- 30c multi
- 40c multi
- Honduras sheet of 4 types

1940, Nov 19 Dedication of Columbus Memorial Lighthouse issue (8 stamps)
X 2c dkbl & grn
X 5c dkbl & org
X 8c dkbl & olbrn
X 15c dkbl & car
X 46c dkbl & olgrn
X 50c dkbl & vio
X 1l dkbl & redbrn
X 2l dkbl & redorg

1941, Aug 2 1941 surcharges a issue
X 5c dkbl & org
X 8c dkbl & olbrn

1941, Oct 28 1941 surcharges b issue (7 stamps)
X 3c dkbl & grn ++on=2c
X 8c dkbl & grn ++on=2c
X 8c dkbl & car ++on=15c
X 8c dkbl & olgrn ++on=46c
X 8c dkbl & vio ++on=50c
X 8c dkbl & redbrn ++on=1c
- 8c dkbl & redorg ++on=2l

1942, Jul 14 1942 surcharges issue
X 8c ltbl ++on=15c
X 16c olbrn ++on=46c

1942, Sep 15 100th Anniversary of the Death of General Francisco Morazan issue (8 stamps)
X 2c redorg
X 5c blgrn
X 8c sep
X 14c blk
X 16c grayol
X 21c ltbl
X 1l ultra
- 2l olbrn

1943, Sep 14 1943 air issue (15 stamps)
X 1c ltgrn
X 2c bl
X 5c grn
X 6c blgrn
X 8c pur
X 10c brn
X 15c
X 16c red
X 21c bl Cattleya gigas
X 30c brnorg
X 40c redorg
X 55c blk
X 1l ol
X 2l brnred
- 5l org

1944, Oct 12
X 21c dkblgrn Pan-American School of Agriculture

1945, Mar 13 1945 air issue ovpted (9 stamps)
X 1c on 50c dkbrn
X 2c copred ovpt, Comayagua Cathedral
X 8c on 15c slblk Alonso de Caceres & Tiburcio Carias
X 10c orgbrn ovpt, Mayan Stele at Copán
X 15c ltbl ovpt, President Carías
X 30c on 21c dkgray Mayan Temple in Concordia Park Copan
X 40c grayvio ovpt, Presidential House
X 1l on 46c olbrn
X 2l on 66c blk Airmail - Bishop Jose Trinidad Reyes

1945, Oct 1 victory issue
- 1l

1946, Oct 15 victory&FDR memorial issue (8 stamps)
X 1c
X 2c
X 5c
X 8c
X 15c
X 21c
X 1l
- 2l

1947, Oct
X 8c dlbrn FDR redrawn

1947, Oct 20 1st Caribbean Archaeological Conference issue (6 stamps)
X 16c grn
X 22c orgyel
X 40c
X 1l
X 2l
X 5l

1949, Sep 17 succession issue (11 stamps)
X 1c bl Recinto Hall
X 2c car Juan Manuel Galvez
X 5c bl Julio Lozano
X 9c sep Juan Manuel Galvez
X 15c redbrn Julio Lozano
X 21c blk J M Galvez General Tiburcio Carias A Julio Lozano
X 30c grayol National Stadium
X 40c slbl Customs House
X 1l palace
X 2l vio General Tiburcio Carias
- 5l Juan Manuel Galvez and Julio Lozano

1951, Feb 26 UPU 75th issue (6 stamps)
X 16c
X 22c
X 40c
X 1l
X 2l
X 5l

1951, Feb 26 UPU 75th b issue
- 30c
- Honduras empty sheet (#46664)

1951, Feb 27 Central Bank of Honduras founding issue (10 stamps)
X 1c
X 2c
X 5c
X 9c
X 15c
- 21c
- 30c
X 40c
X 1l
- 2l

1952, Oct 11 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Isabella I issue (8 stamps)
X 1c org & grngray
X 2c bl & redbrn
X 8c grn & brn
X 16c bl & blk
X 30c vio & grn
X 1l orgred & blk
X 2l blvio & brn
X 5l

1953, May 13 1953 surcharges a issue ovpted (no wmk info)
X 5c on 21C (8)
X 8c on 21C (8)
X 16c on 21C (8)

1953, Dec 8 1953 surcharges b issue (13 stamps)
- 10c on 1c (62)
- 12c on 1c (62)
- 15c on 2c (71)
- 20c ++on=2c, w. unwmk
- 24c ++on=2c, w. unwmk
- 25c ++on=2c, w. unwmk
- 30c ++on=8c, w. unwmk
- 35c w. unwmk
- 50c car & blk ++on=8c, w. unwmk
- 60c car & blk ++on=8c, w. unwmk
- 1l dkgrn & dkbrn w. unwmk
- 2l bl & redbrn w. unwmk
- 5l redorg & blk w. unwmk

1953, Dec 18 United Nations issue (9 stamps)
X 1c multi
X 2c blk & bl
X 3c blk & blvio
X 5c blk & grn
X 15c blk & redbrn President Juan Manuel Galvez
X 30c blk & brn
- 1l blk & car
- 2l blk & org
- 5l blk & blgrn

1955, Feb 23 50th Anniversary of Rotary International issue (5 stamps)
X 1c blk & ultra
X 2c
X 3c blk & org
X 5c blk & car
X 0.08l blk & ultra ++on=1c
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1 to 200 of 1549