Official stamps of Honduras

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1890 1890 official issue unwmk (no perf info) (11 stamps)
X 1c yel
X 2c yel
X 5c yel
X 10c yel
X 20c yel
X 25c yel
X 30c yel
X 40c yel
X 50c yel
X 75c yel
X 1p yel

1891 1891 official issue (11 stamps)
X 1c orgyel
X 2c orgyel
- 5c orgyel
X 10c orgyel
X 20c orgyel
X 25c orgyel
- 30c orgyel
- 40c orgyel
- 50c orgyel
X 75c orgyel
X 1p orgyel

1898 1898 official issue (5 stamps)
X 5c viobl
X 10c dkbl
X 20c orgbrn
X 50c orgred
X 1p ltgrn

1911 1911 official issue (no wmk info) (12 stamps)
X 1c vio
X 2c grn
X 5c rose
X 6c ultra Red Overprint
- 6c ultra Black Overprint
- 10c bl Red Overprint
- 10c bl Black Overprint
- 20c yel Red Overprint
- 20c yel Black Overprint
- 50c brn Red Overprint
- 50c brn Black Overprint
- 1p ol

1913 1913 official issue unwmk
- 1c rose ++on=5c
- 2c rose ++on=5c
X 10c vio ++on=1c
- 20c vio ++on=1c

X 1c rose ++on=2c

- 20c brn ++on=50c

1915 1915 official issue (9 stamps)
X 1c brn
X 2c rose
- 5c ltbl Black Overprint
- 5c ltbl Red Overprint
- 6c vio
X 10c lilbrn
- 10c bl
- 20c brn
- 50c rose

1915 Costal Landscape - Honduras Official Stamp of 1913 Surcharged issue
- 10c vio Black Overprint
- 10c vio Yellow Overprint

1915 1915 official b issue (8 stamps)
X 1c brn
- 2c rose
X 5c ltbl
X 6c vio
X 10c dkbl
- 20c brn
- 50c red
- 1p grn

1921 1921 official issue (9 stamps)
- 1c brn
- 2c car
- 5c
- 6c lil
X 10c dkbl
X 15c ltbl
- 20c brn
- 50c ltbrn
- 1p yelgrn

1924 1924 official issue (7 stamps)
- 1c olbrn
X 2c carred
X 6c redpur
X 10c bl
X 20c ltbrn
X 50c
- 1p

1931 1931 official issue view of Tegucigalpa (9 stamps)
X 1c viobl view of Tegucigalpa
- 2c lilbrn view of Tegucigalpa
X 5c dkol view of Tegucigalpa
X 6c redorg view of Tegucigalpa
X 10c blgrn view of Tegucigalpa
X 15c olbrn view of Tegucigalpa
X 20c redbrn view of Tegucigalpa
X 50c dkvio view of Tegucigalpa
X 1p org view of Tegucigalpa

1935 1935 official issue (8 stamps)
X 1c viobl
- 2c lilbrn
- 5c dkol
- 6c redorg
- 10c blgrn
- 15c olbrn
- 20c redbrn
- 50c dkvio

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