Stamps of Honduras, unwmk watermark

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1865, Dec litho print unwmk imperf
X 2r blk, grn arms of Honduras
X 2r blk, pink arms of Honduras

1877, Apr ovpted litho print
- 1/2r on 2r blk, grn arms of Honduras
- 1r on 2r blk, grn arms of Honduras
- 2r blk, grn ovpt, arms of Honduras 10.–100 10.–100

1877, Jun 1877b issue ovpted litho print
- 1/2r on 2r blk, grn arms of Honduras 10.–100 10.–100

1877, Jun 1877c issue ovpted litho print
- 1r on 2r blk, grn arms of Honduras

1877, Jun 1877d issue ovpted litho print
- 1/2r on 2r blk, grn arms of Honduras

1878, Jun p. 12
X 1c vio Morazan .30–1.00 .30–1.00

1878, Jun
X 2c brn Morazan .30–1.00 .30–1.00

1878, Jun
X 1/2r blk Morazan 1.00–10. .30–1.00

1878, Jun
X 1r grn Morazan 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1878, Jun
X 2r dpbl Morazan 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1878, Jun
X 4r ver Morazan 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1878, Jun
X 1p org Morazan 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1890, Jan 6 arms of Honduras (11 stamps)
X 1c yelgrn arms of Honduras
X 2c red arms of Honduras
X 5c bl arms of Honduras
X 10c org arms of Honduras
X 20c ocher arms of Honduras
X 25c rosered arms of Honduras
X 30c pur arms of Honduras
X 40c dkbl arms of Honduras
X 50c brn arms of Honduras
X 75c blgrn arms of Honduras
X 1p car arms of Honduras

1891, Jul 31 President Luis Bográn (11 stamps)
X 1c dkbl President Luis Bográn
X 2c yelbrn President Luis Bográn
X 5c blgrn President Luis Bográn
X 10c ver President Luis Bográn
X 20c brnred President Luis Bográn
X 25c mag President Luis Bográn
X 30c sl President Luis Bográn
X 40c blgrn President Luis Bográn
X 50c blkbrn President Luis Bográn
X 75c pur President Luis Bográn
X 1p brn President Luis Bográn

1891, Jul 31
X 2p brn & blk President Luis Bográn
X 5p pur & blk President Luis Bográn
X 10p grn & blk President Luis Bográn

1892, Jul 31 Columbus sighting Honduran coast (11 stamps)
X 1c sl Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 2c dpbl Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 5c yelgrn Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 10c blgrn Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 20c ver Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 25c orgbrn Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 30c ultra Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 40c org Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 50c brn Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 75c lake Columbus sighting Honduran coast
X 1p pur Columbus sighting Honduran coast

1893, Aug General Trinidad Cabanas (11 stamps)
X 1c grn General Trinidad Cabanas
X 2c scar General Trinidad Cabanas
X 5c dkbl General Trinidad Cabanas
X 10c orgbrn General Trinidad Cabanas
X 20c brnred General Trinidad Cabanas
X 25c dkbl General Trinidad Cabanas
X 30c redorg General Trinidad Cabanas
X 40c blk General Trinidad Cabanas
X 50c olbrn General Trinidad Cabanas
X 75c pur General Trinidad Cabanas
X 1p mar General Trinidad Cabanas

1895, Feb 15 Justice (8 stamps)
X 1c ver Justice
X 2c bl Justice
X 5c sl Justice
X 10c brnrose Justice
X 20c vio Justice
X 30c dpvio Justice
X 50c olbrn Justice
X 1p dkgrn Justice

1896, Jan 1 President Celio Arias p. 11.5 (8 stamps)
X 1c dkbl President Celio Arias
X 2c yelbrn President Celio Arias
X 5c pur President Celio Arias
X 10c ver President Celio Arias
X 20c emer President Celio Arias
- 30c ultra President Celio Arias
- 50c rose President Celio Arias
- 1p blkbrn President Celio Arias

1898, Aug 1 1898 issue train (10 stamps)
X 1c brn train
X 2c rose train
X 5c dlultra train
- 5c redvio train
X 6c dlrose train
- 6c redvio train
X 10c dkbl train
- 20c dlorg train
- 50c orgred train
- 1p blgrn train

1903, Jan 1 General Santos Guardiola p. 12 (8 stamps)
X 1c yelgrn General Santos Guardiola
X 2c carrose General Santos Guardiola
X 5c bl General Santos Guardiola
X 6c dkvio General Santos Guardiola
X 10c brn General Santos Guardiola
- 20c ultra General Santos Guardiola
- 50c ver General Santos Guardiola
- 1p org General Santos Guardiola

1907, Jan 1 President Jose Medina p. 14 (10 stamps)
X 1c dkgrn President Jose Medina
X 2c car President Jose Medina
X 2c scar President Jose Medina .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 5c bl President Jose Medina
X 6c pur President Jose Medina
X 10c graybrn President Jose Medina
- 20c blvio President Jose Medina
- 20c ultra President Jose Medina .30–1.00 .30–1.00
- 50c lake President Jose Medina .30–1.00 .30–1.00
- 1p orgyel President Jose Medina

1909 typo print imperf
- 1c grn President Jose Medina

1910, Nov ovpted p. 14
X 1c on 20c ultra President Jose Medina
- 5c on 20c ultra President Jose Medina
X 10c on 20c ultra President Jose Medina

1911, Jan Honduran scene (10 stamps)
X 1c vio Honduran scene, p. 14
- 2c grn Honduran scene, p. 12
X 2c grn Honduran scene, p. 14
X 5c car Honduran scene, p. 12
X 5c car Honduran scene, p. 14
X 6c ultra Honduran scene, p. 14
X 10c bl Honduran scene, p. 14
X 20c yel Honduran scene, p. 14
- 50c brn Honduran scene, p. 14
X 1p olgrn Honduran scene, p. 12

1911, Sep 19 ovpted
- 2c grn ovpt, Honduran scene

1912, Feb 1 (no perf info)
- 1c orgred President Manuel Bonilla

1913 1913a issue ovpted Honduran scene p. 14 (7 stamps)
- 2c on 10c bl Honduran scene
X 2c on 1c vio Honduran scene
- 2c on 1c vio Honduran scene
- 2c on 20c yel Honduran scene
- 5c on 10c bl Honduran scene
- 5c on 1c vio Honduran scene
- 6c on 1c vio Honduran scene

1913 1913b issue (no perf info) (11 stamps)
X 1c dkbrn Terencio Sierra
X 2c car Terencio Sierra
X 5c bl Bonilla
X 5c ultra Bonilla (1914)
X 6c grayvio Bonilla
X 6c pur Bonilla (1914)
X 10c bl Terencio Sierra
X 10c brn Terencio Sierra (1914)
- 20c brn Terencio Sierra
- 50c rose Bonilla
- 1p graygrn Bonilla

1914 1914 provisional issue ovpted (7 stamps)
- 1c on 2c car Terencio Sierra
- 5c on 6c grayvio Bonilla
X 5c on 2c car Terencio Sierra
- 10c on 6c grayvio Bonilla
- 10c on 6c grayvio Bonilla
- 10c on 50c rose Bonilla
- 10c on 2c car Terencio Sierra

1915 ovpted
- 5c on 10c brn Terencio Sierra

- 10c rose ++on=5c

1915 1915 issue (8 stamps)
X 1c brn Ulua bridge
X 2c car Ulua bridge
X 5c ltbl Bonilla theater
X 6c pur Bonilla theater
X 10c dkbl Ulua bridge
X 20c redbrn Ulua bridge
- 50c red Bonilla theater
- 1p yelgrn Bonilla theater 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1916, Feb 1
- 1c org Francisco Bertrand

1919 statue of Morazan (11 stamps)
X 1c brn statue of Morazan
X 2c car statue of Morazan
X 5c lilrose statue of Morazan
X 6c brtvio statue of Morazan
- 10c dlbl statue of Morazan
X 15c dkvio statue of Morazan
X 15c ltbl statue of Morazan
X 20c orgbrn statue of Morazan
- 20c yelbrn statue of Morazan
- 50c ltbrn statue of Morazan
- 1p yelgrn statue of Morazan

1920, Feb 1 dawn of peace issue (5 stamps)
- 2c bronze
- 2c gold
- 2c red
- 2c rose
- 2c silver

- 6c dkvio statue of Morazan 1920 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1922 ovpted
- 6c on 2c car statue of Morazan

1923 1923a issue ovpted
- 10c on 1c brn statue of Morazan
- 50c on 2c car statue of Morazan
- 1p on 5c lilrose statue of Morazan
- 1p on 5c lilrose statue of Morazan

1923 1923b issue ovpted
X 6c on 2c car statue of Morazan

1923 1923c issue ovpted
- 10c on 1c brn statue of Morazan
- 50c on 2c car statue of Morazan
- 1p on 5c lilrose statue of Morazan

1923 1923d issue ovpted
- 10c on 1c brn statue of Morazan

1924, Jun Herrera bust (7 stamps)
X 1c olgrn Herrera bust
X 2c dprose Herrera bust
X 6c redvio Herrera bust
X 10c bl Herrera bust
X 20c yelbrn Herrera bust
X 50c ver Herrera bust
X 1p emer Herrera bust

1925, Feb 1
- 1c dkbl Baraona
- 1c olbrn Baraona
- 1c red Baraona
- 1c yelgrn Baraona

1926, Jun ovpted
X 6c brtvio ovpt, statue of Morazan

1926, Aug 1926a issue ovpted
X 6c pur ovpt, Bonilla theater
X 6c pur ovpt, Bonilla theater
X 6c brtvio ovpt, statue of Morazan
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