Stamps of Inhambane, unwmk watermark

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1895, Jul 1 St Anthony issue ovpted on stamps of Mozambique unwmk (no perf info) (14 stamps)
- 5r blk ovpt, King Luís I
- 10r grn ovpt, King Luís I
- 20r rose ovpt, King Luís I
- 25r dllil ovpt, King Luís I
- 40r choc ovpt, King Luís I
- 50r ltultra ovpt, King Carlos
- 50r bl ovpt, King Luís I
- 75r rose ovpt, King Carlos
- 80r yelgrn ovpt, King Carlos
- 100r brn ovpt, King Carlos
- 100r yelbrn ovpt, King Luís I
- 150r car ovpt, King Carlos
- 200r grayvio ovpt, King Luís I
- 300r org ovpt, King Luís I

1913 1913a issue ovpted on stamps of Macao p. 13.5 - 16 (8 stamps)
- 1/4c on 1/2a blgrn fleet departing
- 1/2c on 1a fleet arriving at Calicut
- 1c on 2a redvio embarking at Rastello
- 2 1/2c on 4a grn Muse of history watching fleet
- 5c on 8a dkbl flagship San Gabriel
- 7 1/2c on 12a viobrn Archangel Gabriel
X 10c on 16a redbrn return of the fleet
- 15c on 24a bis Vasco da Gama

1 to 22 of 22