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Stamps of Mozambique, 1921

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1914 Ceres issue Ceres unwmk (11 stamps)
X 3c org Ceres, p. 12x11.5
X 4c dlrose Ceres, p. 12x11.5
X 4 1/2c gray Ceres, p. 15x14
X 6c lil Ceres, p. 12x11.5
X 7c ultra Ceres, p. 15x14
X 12c olbrn Ceres, p. 12x11.5
X 30c dkgrn Ceres, p. 15x14
X 60c redbrn Ceres, p. 12x11.5
- 80c dkbrn, bl Ceres, p. 12x11.5
X 1e rose Ceres, p. 15x14
- 1e grn, bl Ceres, p. 12x11.5

1921 ovpted p. 11,12
X 6c on 5c red
X 2e on 5c red

1921 1921a issue ovpted on stamps of Lourenco Marques (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 10c on 1/2c blk Ceres
- 30c on 1 1/2c ltbrn Ceres

1921 1921b issue ovpted unwmk p. 15x14
X 10c on 1/2c blk Ceres
X 30c on 1 1/2c lilbrn Ceres
X 60c on 2 1/2c ltvio Ceres

postage due

1921 1921 due a issue ovpted on stamps of Lourenco Marques (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 5c blk on issue=Ceres-1/2c-blk (1)
X 10c brn on issue=Ceres-1 1/2c-brn (0)

1921 1921 due b issue ovpted unwmk
- 6c on 1c blgrn & blk Ceres, p. 15x14
- 20c on 2 1/2c ltvio Ceres, p. 15x14
- 50c on 4c dlrose Ceres, p. 12x11.5

1 to 23 of 23