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Stamps of Angola, 1948

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1948, May restoration 300th issue unwmk (10 stamps)
X 5c dkvio Sao Miguel Fort, p. 14
X 10c dkbrn Lady of Nazareth Church, p. 14
X 30c blgrn John IV, p. 14
X 50c viobrn Benevides, p. 14
X 1a car surrender of Luanda, p. 14
X 1.75a slbl Diogo Cao, p. 14
X 2a grn Manuel Cerveira Pereira
X 5a grayblk Rock Cross of Yelala, p. 14
X 10a roselil Paulo Dias de Novais, p. 14
X 20a graybl Fort Massangano, p. 14

1948, Dec Lady of Fatima issue
X 50c red
X 3a dpultra
- 6a redorg
X 9a mar

postage due

1948 ovpted Ceres wmk. Maltese cross p. 12x11.5 (6 stamps)
X 10c on 20c gray Ceres
X 20c on 30c myrgrn Ceres
- 30c on 50c ltbrn Ceres
X 40c on 1a cl Ceres
X 50c on 2a dlvio Ceres
- 1a on 5a paleyelgrn Ceres

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