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Stamps of Angola, 1957

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1957, Jan 1 costumes (1957) unwmk p. 11.75 (12 stamps)
X 5c multi Quela chief
X 10c multi Andulo flutist
X 15c multi Dembos couple
X 20c multi Dancer from Quibala
X 30c multi Angolans Quibala
X 40c multi Angolans Bocoio
X 50c multi Angolans Quissama
X 80c multi Cuanhama woman
X 1.50e multi
X 2.50e multi Bocoio dancer
X 4e multi
X 10e multi Cabinda man

1957, Apr Antunes 100th issue p. 13
X 1e multi José Maria Antunes

postal tax

1957 ovpted
X 10c on 50c old man
X 30c on 50c old man

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