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Stamps of Angola, 1963

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1963, Jun 2 anti-locust 15th issue unwmk (no perf info)
X 2.50e multi Nomadacris septemfasciata

1963, Aug municipal arms p. 13.5 (41 stamps)
X 5c tan & multi arms of Assuncao de Luanda
X 10c ltbl & multi arms of Massangano
X 15c sal & multi arms of Vila de Sanza-Pombo
X 25c ol & multi arms of Vila de Ambriz
X 30c ltbl & multi arms of Vila de Santo Antonio de Zaire
- 30c buff & multi arms of Muxima
- 40c gray & multi arms of Vila de Ambrizete
- 50c ltgrn & multi arms of Carmona
- 60c brtyel & multi arms of Vila de Catete
- 70c dlrose & multi arms of Vila de Quibaxe
X 1e dlyel & multi arms of Vila de Maquela do Zombo
- 1e palelil & multi arms of Salazar
- 1.20e rose & multi arms of Vila de Bembe
X 1.50e ltgrn & multi arms of Vila de Caxito
X 1.50e sal & multi arms of Malanje
X 1.80e yelol & multi arms of Vila do Dondo
X 2e ltyelgrn & multi arms of Henrique de Carvalho
X 2.50e dlbl & multi arms of Vila de Damba
X 2.50e ltgray & multi arms of Mocamedes
X 3e yelol & multi arms of Novo Redondo
X 3.50e gray & multi arms of S Salvador de Congo
- 4e cit & multi arms of Povoavao de Cuimba
X 5e cit & multi arms of Luso
- 6.50e tan & multi arms of Vila de Negage
- 7e roselil & multi arms of Povoação de Quitexe
- 7.50e palelil & multi arms of Benguela
- 8e ltaqua arms of Povoação de Mucaba
- 9e ltorg & multi arms of Povoação de 31 de Janeiro
X 10e sal & multi arms of Lobito
- 11e dlyelgrn & multi arms of Povoação de Nova Caipemba
X 12.50e palebl & multi arms of Gabela
- 14e ltgray & multi arms of Vila de Songo
X 15e ltbl & multi arms of Sa da Bandeira
- 17e palebl & multi arms of Povoação de Quimbele
X 17.50e dlyel & multi arms of Silva Porto
X 20e ltaqua arms of Nova Lisboa
X 22.50e gray & multi arms of Cabinda
X 25e cit & multi arms of Povoação de Noqui
X 30e yel arms of Serpa Pinto
X 35e graybl & multi arms of Povoação de Santa Cruz
X 50e yel & multi arms of Vila General Freire

1963, Sep 16 presidential visit issue
X 2.50e multi Americo Thomaz

1963, Oct 5 Airline Anniversary issue p. 14x14.5
- 1e multi jetliner, Super Constellation, map of Africa

1963, Nov 1 churches (1963) p. 14.5 (6 stamps)
X 10c graybl Cathedral in Sá da Bandeira
X 20c pink Church in Landana
X 30c ltbl Church in Luanda
- 40c tan Church in Gabela
X 50c ltgrn Chapel in Baia dos Tigres
- 1e buff Cathedral in Malange
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