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Stamps of Angola, 1967

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1967, Jan 31 Navy Club issue unwmk p. 13
X 1e multi Mendes Barata & Cruiser D Carlos I
X 2.50e multi Capt Augusto de Castilho & corvette Mindelo

1967, May 13 Fatima apparition 50th issue p. 12.75x13
X 50c multi Basilica of Fatima

1967, Aug 15 Benguela 350th issue (no perf info)
X 50c multi map of Benguela

1967, Oct 12 Carmona 50th issue
X 1e multi

1967, Oct 31 medals (1967) p. 14.5 (10 stamps)
X 50c multi Ribbon of the Three Orders
X 1e multi Military Order Of Tower & Sword
X 1.50e multi Military Order Avis
X 2e multi Military Order of Christ
X 2.50e multi Military Order of Santiago of Espada
X 3e multi Military Order
X 4e multi Military Order of Enrique
X 5e multi Military Order of Benefactor
X 10e multi Military Order
X 20e multi

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