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Stamps of Angola, 1970

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1970, Oct 31 fossils & minerals (1970) unwmk p. 13.5 (12 stamps)
X 50c multi Angolasaurus Bocagei Ant
X 1e multi Ferrometeorite
X 1.50e multi Dioptase crystals
X 2e multi Gondwanidium
X 2.50e multi diamonds
X 3e multi Estromatólitos Humpata
X 3.50e multi Procarcharodon Megalodon L
X 4e multi Microceratodus Angolensis Teix
X 4.50e multi muscovite
X 5e multi barite
X 6e multi Nostoceras
X 10e multi Rotula orbicolus

1970, Nov 15 Marshal Carmona 100th issue p. 14.5
X 2.50e multi

1970, Nov 20 Malanje 100th issue p. 13.5
X 2.50e multi arms of Malanje cottonboll & field

1970, Dec 1 stamp 100th issue
X 1.50e multi ships
- 2.50e multi
X 4.50e multi locomotive
- Angola sheet of 3 types

1 to 17 of 17