Postage due stamps of Angola

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postage due

1904 unwmk (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 5r paleyelgrn
X 10r
X 20r ltbrn
X 30r ltorgred
X 50r brn
X 60r brnvio
X 100r lil
X 130r bl
- 200r
- 500r vio

1911 ovpted (10 stamps)
X 5r paleyelgrn ovpt
X 10r ovpt
- 20r ltbrn ovpt
- 30r ltorgred ovpt
X 50r brn ovpt
X 60r brnvio ovpt
- 100r lil ovpt
X 130r bl ovpt
- 200r ovpt
- 500r vio ovpt

1921 p. 11.5x12 (10 stamps)
X 1/2c yelgrn
X 1c sl
X 2c orgbrn
X 3c org
X 5c graybrn
X 6c ltbrn
X 10c redvio
X 13c dlbl
X 20c car
X 50c gray

1948 ovpted Ceres wmk. Maltese cross p. 12x11.5 (6 stamps)
X 10c on 20c gray Ceres
X 20c on 30c myrgrn Ceres
- 30c on 50c ltbrn Ceres
X 40c on 1a cl Ceres
X 50c on 2a dlvio Ceres
- 1a on 5a paleyelgrn Ceres

1952 1952 due issue numeral unwmk p. 14 (6 stamps)
X 10c numeral
X 30c numeral
X 50c numeral
- 1a numeral
- 2a numeral
- 5a numeral

1 to 42 of 42