Airmail stamps of Angola

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1938, Jul 26 Empire issue airplane over globe unwmk p. 13.5x13 (9 stamps)
X 10c scar airplane over globe
- 20c pur airplane over globe
- 50c org airplane over globe
X 1a ultra airplane over globe
X 2a lilbrn airplane over globe
X 3a dkgrn airplane over globe
X 5a redbrn airplane over globe
- 9a rosecar airplane over globe
- 10a mag airplane over globe

1947, Aug 1947 air provisional issue Angola arms 1947 (no perf info) (11 stamps)
- 1a redbrn Angola arms 1947
- 2a yelgrn Angola arms 1947
- 3a org Angola arms 1947
- 3.50a org Angola arms 1947
- 5a olgrn Angola arms 1947
- 6a rose Angola arms 1947
- 9a red Angola arms 1947
- 10a grn Angola arms 1947
- 20a bl Angola arms 1947
- 50a blk Angola arms 1947
- 100a yel Angola arms 1947

1949, May 1 planes circling globe p. 11.75 (5 stamps)
X 1a hennabrn planes circling globe
X 2a redbrn planes circling globe
X 3a plum planes circling globe
X 6a dlgrn planes circling globe
X 9a viobrn planes circling globe

1965, Jun 12 1965 air issue (10 stamps)
X 1.50e multi jetliner over oil refinery, p. 11.5x12
X 2.50e multi jetliner over Cambambe Dam, p. 12x11.5
X 3e multi jetliner over Salazar Dam
X 4e multi jetliner over Capitão Teófilo Duarte Dam
X 4.50e multi jetliner over Craveiro Lopes Dam
X 5e multi jetliner over Cuango Dam
X 6e multi jetliner over Bridge over Rio Quanza
X 7e multi jetliner over Bridge Teofilo Duarte
- 8.50e multi jetliner over Bridge Dr Oliveirs Salazar
- 12.50e multi jetliner over Bridge Silva Carvalho

1 to 35 of 35