Stamps of Angola, unwmk watermark

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1913 1913a issue ovpted on stamps of Macao unwmk p. 13.5 - 16 (8 stamps)
X 1/4c on 1/2a blgrn fleet departing
X 1/2c on 1a fleet arriving at Calicut
X 1c on 2a redvio embarking at Rastello
X 2 1/2c on 4a grn Muse of history watching fleet
X 5c on 8a dkbl flagship San Gabriel
X 7 1/2c on 12a viobrn Archangel Gabriel
X 10c on 16a redbrn return of the fleet
X 15c on 24a bis Vasco da Gama

1938, Jul 26 Empire issue (no perf info) (18 stamps)
X 1c graygrn & blk Vasco da Gama on deck .20 .20
X 5c orgbrn & blk Vasco da Gama on deck
X 10c dkcar & blk Vasco da Gama on deck
X 15c dkviobrn & blk Vasco da Gama on deck
X 20c sl & blk Vasco da Gama on deck .20
X 30c rosevio & blk Mousinho de Albuquerque
X 35c brngrn & blk Mousinho de Albuquerque
X 40c brn & blk Mousinho de Albuquerque .20 .20
X 50c redvio & blk Mousinho de Albuquerque .20
X 60c grayblk & blk dam
X 70c brnvio & blk dam .20
X 80c org & blk dam
X 1a red & blk dam .20
X 1.75a bl & blk Prince Henry the Navigator
X 2a brncar & blk Prince Henry the Navigator
X 5a olgrn & blk Prince Henry the Navigator
X 10a blvio & blk Affonso de Albuquerque
X 20a redbrn & blk Affonso de Albuquerque

1938, Jul 29
X 80c blgrn marble column
- 1.75a dpbl marble column
- 20a dkredbrn marble column 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1945 ovpted
X 5c on 80c org & blk dam

1945 ovpted
X 50c on 1.75a bl & blk Prince Henry the Navigator
X 50c on 1.75a bl & blk Prince Henry the Navigator

1945 ovpted
X 50c on 1a red & blk dam

1948, May restoration 300th issue (10 stamps)
X 5c dkvio Sao Miguel Fort .20
X 10c dkbrn Lady of Nazareth Church
X 30c blgrn John IV .20
X 50c viobrn Benevides .20
X 1a car surrender of Luanda .20
X 1.75a slbl Diogo Cao .20
X 2a grn Manuel Cerveira Pereira .20
X 5a grayblk Rock Cross of Yelala
X 10a roselil Paulo Dias de Novais
X 20a graybl Fort Massangano

1948, Dec Lady of Fatima issue
X 50c red
X 3a dpultra
- 6a redorg
X 9a mar

1949 scenic (1949) (7 stamps)
X 20c graybl Chiumbe River-Dala Falls .20
X 40c graybrn Black Rocks .20
X 50c brnred View of Luanda City .20
X 2.50a ultra Sa de Bandeira
X 3.50a Mocamedes
X 15a dkgrn Cubal River
- 50a yelgrn Waterfalls

1949, Aug Mocamedes 100th issue
X 1a choc sailing ship
X 4a dkprusgrn sailing ship

1949, Oct UPU 75th issue
X 4a dkgrn & ltgrn

1950, Apr 2 1st philatelic exhibition of Angola issue
X 50c yelgrn
X 1a fawn
X 4a blk
- sheet of 3 types

1950, May Holy Year issue
X 1a dlrosevio
X 4a blk

1951, Jan 23 birds 1951 issue - birds (1951 Angola) (24 stamps)
X 5c ltbl dark chanting goshawk .20
X 10c aqua Coracias spatulatus .20
X 15c salpink Terathopius ecaudatus .20
X 20c paleyel Merops apiaster
X 50c graybl Ceryle maxima .20
X 1a lil Gymnobucco anchietae .20
X 1.50a graybuff Anastomus lamelligerus .20
X 2a cream Bucorvus cafer .20
X 2.50a multi Rhynchops flavirostris .20
X 3a multi Astur polyzonoides .20
X 3.50a multi Neotis cafra .20
X 4a multi Oriolus auratus notatus .20
X 4.50a multi Corvinella melanoleuca .20
X 5a multi Lamprocolius phoenicopterus
X 6a multi Lamprotornis acuticaudus
X 7a multi Euplectes axillaris
X 10a multi Alcedo semitorquata
X 12.50a multi Eurocephalus anguitimens
X 15a multi Neocichia gutturalis
X 20a multi Tockus flavirostris
X 25a multi Cinnyricincius leucogaster
X 30a multi Chlorophoneus sulfureopectus modestus
- 40a multi Sagittarius serpentarius
X 50a multi Agapornis roseicollis

1951, Oct Holy Year Conclusion issue
X 4a org

1952, Jun Medical Congress issue
X 1a viobl & brnblk

1952, Oct
X 10c head of Christ
X 50c head of Christ .20
X 2a head of Christ

1953, Aug 15 animals (1953 Angola) (20 stamps)
X 5c multi leopard .20 .20
X 10c multi sable antelope .20 .20
X 20c multi elephant .20 .20
X 30c multi eland .20 .20
X 40c multi African crocodile .20 .20
X 50c multi impala .20 .20
X 1a multi mountain zebra .20
X 1.50a multi sitatunga .20
X 2a multi black rhinoceros .20
X 2.30a multi oryx .20
X 2.50a multi lion .20
X 3a multi buffalo .20
X 3.50a multi Antidorcas marsupialis .20
X 4a multi gnu .20
X 5a multi Alcelaphus buselaphus caama .20
X 7a multi warthog .20
X 10a multi waterbuck .20
X 12.50a multi hippopotamus
X 15a multi kudu
X 20a multi giraffe

1953, Nov Portugal stamp 100th issue
X 50c multi 25r stamp of 1853 & arms of colonies

1954 Sao Paulo 400th issue
X 1e bis & gray

1954, May 27
X 35c multi map of Portuguese colonies .20 .20
X 4.50e multi map of Portuguese colonies

1955, Aug map of Angola (8 stamps)
X 5c multi map of Angola .20 .20
X 20c multi map of Angola .20 .20
X 50c multi map of Angola .20 .20
X 1e multi map of Angola .20 .20
X 2.30e multi map of Angola
X 4e multi map of Angola .20 .20
X 10e multi map of Angola .20
X 20e multi map of Angola

1956, Oct 9 Artur de Palva 100th issue
X 1e blk & dkbl & och

1957, Jan 1 costumes (1957) (12 stamps)
X 5c multi Quela chief .20 .20
X 10c multi Andulo flutist .20 .20
X 15c multi Dembos couple .20 .20
X 20c multi Dancer from Quibala .20 .20
X 30c multi Angolans Quibala .20 .20
X 40c multi Angolans Bocoio .20 .20
X 50c multi Angolans Quissama .20 .20
X 80c multi Cuanhama woman
X 1.50e multi
X 2.50e multi Bocoio dancer .20
X 4e multi .20
X 10e multi Cabinda man

1957, Apr Antunes 100th issue
X 1e multi José Maria Antunes

1958, Jul Brussels Exposition issue
X 1.50e multi

1958, Dec 15 Tropical Medicine Congress issue
X 2.50e multi

1958, Dec 18 Hospital Maria Pia 75th issue
X 1e multi native doctor
X 1.50e multi doctor 17th century
X 2.50e multi modern doctor

1959, Oct 1 Welwitschia mirabilis discovery 100th issue
X 1.50e multi Welwitschia mirabilis
X 2.50e multi Welwitschia mirabilis
X 5e multi Welwitschia mirabilis
X 10e multi Welwitschia mirabilis

1960, Jun 25 Prince Henry death 500th issue
X 2.50e multi .20

1960, Oct 25 CCTA 10th issue
X 2.50e multi

1961, Nov 30 Angolan girls (16 stamps)
X 10c multi .20 .20
X 15c multi .20 .20
X 30c multi .20 .20
X 40c multi .20 .20
X 60c multi .20 .20
X 1.50e multi .20 .20
X 2e multi .20 .20
X 2.50e multi .20 .20
X 3e multi
X 4e multi
X 5e multi
X 7.50e multi
- 10e multi
- 15e multi
X 25e multi
X 50e multi

1962, Jan 18 sports (1962 Angola) (6 stamps)
X 50c multi sport plane .20 .20
- 1e multi rowing .20
X 1.50e multi water polo .20
X 2.50e multi hammer throwing .20
- 4.50e multi Highjump
- 15e multi weightlifting

1962, Apr anti-malaria issue
X 2.50e multi mosquito

1962, Aug 8 Nova Lisboa 50th issue
X 2.50e multi General Norton de Matos, Statue .20

1963, Jun 2 anti-locust 15th issue
X 2.50e multi Nomadacris septemfasciata

1963, Aug municipal arms (27 stamps)
X 5c tan & multi arms of Assuncao de Luanda .20 .20
X 10c ltbl & multi arms of Massangano .20 .20
X 15c sal & multi arms of Vila de Sanza-Pombo .20 .20
X 25c ol & multi arms of Vila de Ambriz .20 .20
X 30c ltbl & multi arms of Vila de Santo Antonio de Zaire
- 30c buff & multi arms of Muxima
- 40c gray & multi arms of Vila de Ambrizete .20 .20
- 50c ltgrn & multi arms of Carmona .20 .20
- 60c brtyel & multi arms of Vila de Catete .20 .20
- 70c dlrose & multi arms of Vila de Quibaxe .20 .20
X 1e dlyel & multi arms of Vila de Maquela do Zombo
- 1e palelil & multi arms of Salazar
- 1.20e rose & multi arms of Vila de Bembe .20 .20
X 1.50e ltgrn & multi arms of Vila de Caxito
X 1.50e sal & multi arms of Malanje
X 1.80e yelol & multi arms of Vila do Dondo
X 2e ltyelgrn & multi arms of Henrique de Carvalho .20
X 2.50e dlbl & multi arms of Vila de Damba
X 2.50e ltgray & multi arms of Mocamedes
X 3e yelol & multi arms of Novo Redondo .20
X 3.50e gray & multi arms of S Salvador de Congo .20
- 4e cit & multi arms of Povoavao de Cuimba .20
X 5e cit & multi arms of Luso
- 6.50e tan & multi arms of Vila de Negage
- 7e roselil & multi arms of Povoação de Quitexe
- 7.50e palelil & multi arms of Benguela
- 8e ltaqua arms of Povoação de Mucaba
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