Postage stamps of Iraq

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1 to 200 of 1887


1923 1923 issue (no wmk info) (no perf info) (13 stamps)
X 1/2a olgrn Sunni mosque
X 1a brn guffas on the Tigris
X 1 1/2a carlake
X 2a brnorg Winged bull decor from the robe of King Assurnasirpal II
X 3a dpbl Arch Hall of Ktesiphon now Taq-i-Kisra
X 4a dlvio Standard bearer of the royal camel-troop
X 6a blgrn Schia mosque Khadimain
X 8a olbis Standard bearer of the royal camel-troop
- 1r grn & brn Palm-leaf fan decor of the robe of Ashurnasirpal II
- 2r blk Sunni mosque Adhimiya
- 2r bis (1925)
- 5r org Standard bearer of the royal camel-troop
- 10r car Schia mosque Khadimain

X 1r redbrn King Faisal I

1931 1931 issue (13 stamps)
- 1/2a grn King Faisal I
X 1a chnt King Faisal I
X 1 1/2a car King Faisal I
X 2a org King Faisal I
X 3a ltbl King Faisal I
X 4a purbrn King Faisal I
X 6a prusbl King Faisal I
X 8a dkgrn King Faisal I
X 1r dkbrn King Faisal I
- 2r yelbrn King Faisal I
- 5r dporg King Faisal I
- 10r red King Faisal I
- 25r vio King Faisal I

1932, Apr 1 1932a issue ovpted (16 stamps)
- 2f on 1/2a grn King Faisal I
X 3f on 1/2a grn King Faisal I
- 4f on 1a chnt King Faisal I
- 5f on 1a chnt King Faisal I
- 8f on 1 1/2a car King Faisal I
X 10f on 2a org King Faisal I
- 15f on 3a ltbl King Faisal I
- 20f on 4a purbrn King Faisal I
X 25f on 4a dlvio Standard bearer of the royal camel-troop
- 30f on 6a prusbl King Faisal I
- 40f on 8a dkgrn King Faisal I
X 75f on 1r dkbrn King Faisal I
- 100f on 2r yelbrn King Faisal I
- 200f on 5r dporg King Faisal I
- 1/2d on 10r red King Faisal I 10.–100 10.–100
- 1d on 25r vio King Faisal I 10.–100 10.–100

1932, May 9 1932b issue (17 stamps)
X 2f ultra
X 3f grn
X 4f viobrn
X 5f graygrn
X 8f dpred
X 10f yel
X 15f dpbl
- 20f org
- 25f roselil
X 30f olgrn
- 40f dkvio
- 50f dpbrn
- 75f ltultra
- 100f dpgrn
- 200f dkred
- 1/2d graybl
- 1d cl

1934 1934 issue (18 stamps)
X 1f pur King Ghazi (1938)
X 2f ultra King Ghazi
X 3f grn King Ghazi
X 4f purbrn King Ghazi
X 5f graygrn King Ghazi
X 8f dpred King Ghazi
X 10f yel King Ghazi
X 15f dpbl King Ghazi
X 20f org King Ghazi
X 25f brnvio King Ghazi
X 30f olgrn King Ghazi
- 40f dkvio King Ghazi
X 50f dpbrn King Ghazi
- 75f ultra King Ghazi
X 100f dpgrn King Ghazi
X 200f dkred King Ghazi
X 1/2d graybl King Ghazi
- 1d cl King Ghazi

1941 1941 issue (24 stamps)
X 1f dkvio Sitt Zubaidah mosque (1942)
X 2f choc Sitt Zubaidah mosque (1942)
X 3f brtgrn (1942)
X 4f pur (1942)
X 5f dkcarrose (1942)
- 8f car lion of Babylon
X 8f ocher lion of Babylon (1942)
X 10f ocher lion of Babylon
X 10f car lion of Babylon (1942)
X 15f dlbl lion of Babylon
- 15f blk lion of Babylon (1942)
X 20f blk lion of Babylon
X 20f dlbl lion of Babylon (1942)
X 25f dkvio Malwiye of Samarra
X 30f dporg Malwiye of Samarra
X 40f brnorg Malwiye of Samarra
- 40f chnt Malwiye of Samarra (1942)
X 50f ultra Malwiye of Samarra
X 75f rosevio Malwiye of Samarra
- 100f oil wells
- 200f oil wells
- 1/2d Mosque of the Golden Dome, p. 12x13.5
X 1/2d Mosque of the Golden Dome, p. 14
X 1d grnbl Mosque of the Golden Dome

1942 King Faisal II (8 stamps)
X 1f vio & brn King Faisal II
X 2f dkbl & brn King Faisal II
X 3f ltgrn & brn King Faisal II
- 4f dlbrn & brn King Faisal II
- 5f sagegrn & brn King Faisal II
X 6f redorg & brn King Faisal II
X 10f dlrosered & brn King Faisal II
X 12f yelgrn & brn King Faisal II

1948, Jan 15 1948 issue King Faisal II (26 stamps)
X 1f sl King Faisal II
X 2f King Faisal II
X 3f emer King Faisal II
X 3f cl King Faisal II (1951)
X 4f King Faisal II
X 5f King Faisal II
X 5f emer King Faisal II (1951)
X 6f King Faisal II
X 8f King Faisal II
X 10f King Faisal II
X 12f King Faisal II
X 14f King Faisal II (1950)
- 15f King Faisal II
X 16f King Faisal II (1951)
X 20f King Faisal II
X 25f King Faisal II
X 28f King Faisal II (1951)
X 30f King Faisal II
- 40f King Faisal II
X 50f King Faisal II (1950)
X 60f King Faisal II
- 75f King Faisal II
X 100f olgrn King Faisal II
- 200f org King Faisal II
X 1/2d bl King Faisal II
- 1d grn King Faisal II

1949, Nov 1 UPU 75th issue
X 20f bl
X 40f redorg
X 50f pur

1953, May 2 King Faisal II coronation issue
X 3f King Faisal II
X 14f King Faisal II
X 28f King Faisal II
- sheet of 3 types

1954, Oct 25 King Faisal II (18 stamps)
X 1f graybl King Faisal II
X 2f King Faisal II
X 3f brncar King Faisal II
X 4f King Faisal II
X 5f grn King Faisal II
X 6f King Faisal II
X 8f King Faisal II
X 10f King Faisal II
X 15f slbl King Faisal II
- 16f rose King Faisal II
X 20f brnol King Faisal II
X 25f pur King Faisal II
X 30f red King Faisal II
X 40f King Faisal II
X 50f bl King Faisal II
- 75f King Faisal II
X 100f olgrn King Faisal II
X 200f redorg King Faisal II

1955, Apr 6 Abrogation of Anglo-Iraqi Treaty issue ovpted
X 3f brncar ovpt, King Faisal II
X 10f ovpt, King Faisal II
X 28f ovpt, King Faisal II

1955, Nov 26
X 3f roselake engineers conference
X 10f ltultra engineers conference
X 28f bl engineers conference

1956, Mar 3 postal conference issue
X 3f roselake
X 10f ltultra
- 28f bl

1957, Apr 8 Development Week 1957 issue (5 stamps)
X 1f Power loom
X 3f multi Dokan dam
X 5f multi
X 10f multi cement factory
- 40f multi Queen Aliya bridge Baghdad

1957, Jun 1
X 10f brn & buff fair emblem

1957, Nov 14 ovpted
X 28f bl ovpt

1957, Dec 18 King Faisal II (16 stamps)
- 1f bl King Faisal II
X 2f brn King Faisal II
X 3f car King Faisal II
X 4f dkvio King Faisal II
X 5f grn King Faisal II
X 6f King Faisal II
- 8f ltbrn King Faisal II
- 10f ltbl King Faisal II
- 20f King Faisal II
- 25f King Faisal II
- 30f King Faisal II
- 40f King Faisal II
- 50f King Faisal II
- 75f King Faisal II
- 100f King Faisal II
- 200f King Faisal II

1958, Jan 6 Army Day 1958 issue
X 8f tanks & King Faisal II
X 10f King Faisal II & soldiers division
X 20f King Faisal II artillery & aircraft
X 30f King Faisal II

1958, Apr 26 Development Week 1958 issue
X 3f
X 5f farmhouse
X 10f Derbent-i-Khan dam

1958, Jul 26 on1934 issue ovpted
- 1d cl ovpt, King Ghazi
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1 to 200 of 1887