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Stamps of Australia, 1996

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1996, Jan 16 Australia Day 1996 issue unwmk
X 45c multi banksia, p. 14x14.5
X 85c multi The Babe Is Wise - Lina Bryans, p. 14x14.5
X $1 multi Bridge In Curve
X $1.20 multi beach umbrellas

1996, Jan 30
X 45c multi Gold Heart Rose

1996, Feb 26 Military Aviation issue
X 45c multi firefly & Sea Fury
X 45c multi Beaufighter & Kittyhawk
X 45c multi Hornets
X 45c multi Bell Helicopters

1996, Mar 14 Heritage Sites issue p. 14.5x14
X 45c multi Tasmanian Wilderness
X 75c multi Willandra Lakes
X 95c multi Cave - Naracoorte
X $1 multi Lord Howe Island

1996, Mar 22 1996 issue (no perf info)
X 45c multi Australian Spotted Cuscus
X 45c multi Indonesian Bear Cuscus

1996, Apr 11 Queen Elizabeth II 70th issue
- 45c multi Queen Elizabeth II

1996, Apr 23 Australian Football League issue (32 stamps)
- 45c multi N E Melbourne
- 45c multi Brisbane
- 45c multi Sydney Swans
- 45c multi Carlton
- 45c multi steamer Adelaide
- 45c multi Fitzroy
- 45c multi Richmond
- 45c multi St Kilda
- 45c multi Melbourne
- 45c multi Collingwood
- 45c multi Fremantle
- 45c multi Footscray
- 45c multi West Coast
- 45c multi Essendon
- 45c multi Geelong
- 45c multi hawthorn
- 45c multi N E Melbourne, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Brisbane, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Sydney Swans, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Carlton, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi steamer Adelaide, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Fitzroy, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Richmond, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi St Kilda, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Melbourne, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Collingwood, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Fremantle, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Footscray, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi West Coast, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Essendon, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi Geelong, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
- 45c multi hawthorn, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5

1996, May 9 Flora & Fauna issue p. 14x14.5
X 5c multi Leadbeater's possum
X 10c multi Powerful Owl
- $2 multi Blackwood Wattle
- $5 multi soft tree fern & mountain ash

1996, Jun 6 Olympics 1996 issue (no perf info)
X 45c multi Edwin Flack
X 45c multi Fanny Durack
X 45c multi Flag To Sydney
X $1.05 multi Wheelchair Athletes

1996, Jul 4 Children's Books Council issue (8 stamps)
X 45c multi Animalia
X 45c multi Sandy Beach
X 45c multi Who Sank The Boat
X 45c multi JOHN BROWN etc
- 45c multi Animalia
- 45c multi Sandy Beach
- 45c multi Who Sank The Boat
- 45c multi JOHN BROWN etc

1996, Aug 8 p. 14.75x13.75
X $1 multi Rose Scott

1996, Aug 8 National Council of Women centenary issue
X 45c multi Margaret Windeyer

1996, Sep 5 (no perf info)
X 45c multi pearl

1996, Sep 5
X $1.20 multi diamond

1996, Sep 12
- 20c multi Arts
- 45c multi Arts

1996, Sep 12 Pets 1996 issue - Pets (1996) (8 stamps)
X 45c multi cockatoo
X 45c multi ducks
- 45c multi dog cat
X 45c multi dogs
X 45c multi cats
X 45c multi Ponies horse
- 45c multi dogs
- 45c multi cats

1996, Oct 1 Pets 1996 from sheet issue - Pets (1996) (6 stamps)
X 45c multi Dogs from ms, p. 14.5
X 45c multi Cats from ms, p. 14.5
X 45c multi Ponies from ms, p. 14.25
X 45c multi Cackatoo from ms
X 45c multi ducks from ms
X 45c multi dog cat from ms

1996, Oct 9 p. 14
X $1.20 multi Ferdinand von Mueller

1996, Nov 1 p. 14x14.5
X 45c multi De Vlamingh

1996, Nov 1 Christmas 1996 issue
X 40c multi Madonna Child - Christmas, p. 14.5x14
X 40c multi Madonna Child - Christmas, p. Serpentine Die Cut 11.5
X 45c multi Wise Man Gift, p. 14.5x14
X $1 multi Shepherd Boy Lamb - Christmas, p. 14.5x14

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