Stamps of Jamaica, mult J & pineapple watermark

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1963 independence overprint new wmk issue wmk. mult J & pineapple (no perf info) (9 stamps)
- 1/2p brnred & blk
- 1p grn & blk
- 2 1/2p ultra & blk
- 3p brn & grn
- 5p dkgrn & car
- 8p redorg & viobl
- 1sh bl & grn
- 2sh grn & graybl
- 3sh graybl & blk

1964, May 4 1964 issue (16 stamps)
X 1p multi Lignum vitae, p. 14.5
X 1 1/2p multi ackee
X 2p multi blue mahoe, p. 14.5
X 2 1/2p multi Land shells, p. 14.5
X 3p multi Jamaican flag over map of Jamaica
X 4p multi Murex antillarum
X 6p multi Papilio homerus, p. 14.5
X 8p multi doctor bird, p. 14.5
X 9p bl & yeloch gypsum industry
X 1sh brn & blk National Stadium & statue of runner
X 1sh6p Palisadoes International Airport, p. 13.5x14.5
X 2sh bauxite mining, p. 13.5x14.5
X 3sh sport fishing, p. 14.25x14
X 5sh multi Port Royal exploration of Sunken City
X 10sh multi arms of Jamaica
X 1lb multi Flag of Jamaica & Queen Elizabeth II

1964, Aug 27 Scouts
X 3p multi
X 8p ultra
X 1sh dkbl & gld

1964, Nov 16 10th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference issue
X 3p multi Gordon House, Kingston
X 6p multi Headquarters House, Kingston
X 1sh6p multi House of Assembly Spanish Town

1964, Dec 10
X 1sh multi Eleanor Roosevelt

1965, May 17 Girl Guides
X 3p multi map of Jamaica
X 1sh multi

1965, Aug 23 Salvation Army 100th issue
X 3p multi
X 1sh6p multi

1965, Dec 29 Morant Bay Rebellion 100th issue p. 14x13
X 3p Paul Bogle William Gordon
X 1sh6p Paul Bogle William Gordon
X 3sh Paul Bogle William Gordon

1965, Dec 29 ITU 100th issue p. 14x14.5
X 1sh multi ITU emblem

1966, Mar 3 Royal Visit to the Caribbean issue ovpted
- 3p multi ovpt, Jamaican flag over map of Jamaica
X 6p multi ovpt, Papilio homerus, p. 14.5
X 1sh brn & blk ovpt, National Stadium & statue of runner
X 1sh6p ovpt, Palisadoes International Airport, p. 13.5x14.5

1966, Apr 18 p. 14
X 6p dkol & gray Churchill
X 1sh viobl & olbrn Churchill

1966, Aug 4 8th Commonwealth Games issue p. 14.5x14
X 3p multi runner
X 6p multi bicyclists & waterfall
X 1sh multi stadium,Kingston
X 3sh multi

1966, Dec 5 p. 14x15
X 8p multi Bolivar

1967, Apr 28 (no perf info)
X 6p multi Jamaica Pavilion
X 1sh multi Jamaica Pavilion

1967, Aug 28 p. 13.5
X 3p multi Sir Donald Sangster

1967, Aug 28 Sir Donald Burns Sangster memorial issue
X 1sh6p multi Sir Donald Sangster

1967, Nov 28 constabulary 100th issue p. 13.5x14
X 3p multi Traffic Police Post Office
X 1sh multi
X 1sh6p multi

1968, Feb 8 cricket (1968) (no perf info)
X 6p multi batting
X 6p multi bowling
X 6p multi wicket-keeping

1968, May 23 Labor Day 1968 issue
X 3p Sir Alexander and Lady Bustamante
X 1sh olgrn & blk Sir Alexander and Lady Bustamante

1968, Dec 3 Human Rights Year issue
X 3p multi human rights flame & map of Jamaica
X 1sh multi hands shielding human rights flame
X 3sh multi Man kneeling on Map

1969, May 23 ILO 50th issue p. 14
X 6p multi
X 3sh multi

1969, May 30 WHO 20th issue
X 6p multi children&nurse, p. 14
X 1sh multi p. 14
X 3sh multi

1969, Sep 8 1969 issue ovpted (13 stamps)
X 1c on 1p multi Lignum vitae, p. 14.5
X 2c on 2p multi blue mahoe, p. 14.5
X 3c on 3p multi Jamaican flag over map of Jamaica
X 4c on 4p multi Murex antillarum
X 5c on 6p multi Papilio homerus, p. 14.5
X 8c on 9p bl & yeloch gypsum industry
X 10c on 1sh brn & blk National Stadium & statue of runner
X 15c on 1sh6p Palisadoes International Airport, p. 13.5x14.5
X 20c on 2sh bauxite mining, p. 13.5x14.5
X 30c on 3sh sport fishing, p. 14.25x14
X 50c on 5sh multi Port Royal exploration of Sunken City
X $1 on 10sh multi arms of Jamaica
X $2 on 1lb multi Flag of Jamaica & Queen Elizabeth II

1969, Oct 25 Christmas 1969 issue p. 13
X 2c multi Adoration of the Kings by Foppa
X 5c multi Madonna & child
X 8c multi The Adoration of the Kings

1969, Oct 27 coins 100th issue p. 12.5
X 3c multi First Jamaica Penny
X 15c multi first Jamaican penny

1970, Mar 11 national heros issue (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 1c multi Gordon
X 3c multi Bustamante
X 5c multi Manley
X 10c multi Marcus Garvey
X 15c multi Paul Bogle

1970, Mar 23 Easter 1970 issue
X 3c multi Christ appearing in St Peter
X 10c multi Christ crucified
X 20c multi Easter lily

1970, Jul 16 ovpted p. 14.5
- 2c on 2p multi blue mahoe

1970, Sep 7 1970 issue (13 stamps)
X 1c multi Lignum vitae & map of Jamaica
X 2c multi blue mahoe & map of Jamaica
X 3c multi flag over map of Jamaica
X 4c multi Murex antillarum, p. 14x14.5
X 5c multi Papilio homerus
X 8c multi gypsum industry
X 10c brn & blk National Stadium & statue of runner
X 15c multi Palisadoes International Airport
X 20c multi bauxite mining
X 30c dkgrn & bl blue marlin & boat
X 50c multi Port Royal exploration of sunken city map ship & artifac
X $1 multi arms of Jamaica, p. 14x14.5
X $2 multi Flag of Jamaica & Queen Elizabeth II

1970, Oct 12 telegraph introduction to Jamaica 100th issue
X 3c multi telegraph cable ship
X 10c multi Telegraph cable ship “Dacia”
X 50c multi Double current Morse key

1970, Nov 2 agricultural society 75th issue
X 2c multi bananas citrus sugar cane tobacco
X 10c multi bananas citrus sugar cane tobacco

1970, Nov 21 railways 150th issue
X 3c multi The Projector
X 15c multi Engine 54 - 1944
X 50c multi Engine 102 1967

1971, Feb 22 disestablishment 100th issue p. 14.5
X 3c multi Kingston Cathedral
X 10c multi Kingston Cathedral
X 20c multi Kingston Cathedral
X 30c multi

1971, May 10 pirates (1971 Jamaica) p. 14
X 3c multi Henry Morgan
X 15c multi Mary Read & Anne Bonny
X 30c ultra 18th Century Merchantman Surrendering To Pirate Schooner

1971, Oct 30 Jamaica post office 300th issue (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 3c pur & blk Dummer Packet Letter 1705
X 5c grnol & blk Stampless cover
X 8c dpvio & blk Post office Kingston 1820
X 10c multi Modern date cancellation
X 20c multi Cover with stamps of GB & Jamaica cancellations1859
X 50c multi Stamp 1 cent 1920

1972, Feb 17 earth satellite station p. 14x13.5
X 3c multi
X 15c multi
X 50c multi

1972, Apr 17 1972 issue (no perf info) (15 stamps)
X 1c multi pimento
X 2c multi Red ginger
X 3c multi bauxite industry
X 4c multi Kingston Harbor Causeway
X 5c multi oil refinery
X 6c multi Senate Building, University of the West Indies
X 8c multi National Stadium
X 9c multi Devon House
X 10c multi Air Jamaica flight attendant and jetliner
X 15c multi Old Iron Bridge in Spanish Town
X 20c multi College of Arts, Science and Technology
X 30c multi Dunn's River Falls
X 50c multi River Rafting
X $1 multi Jamaica House
X $2 multi Kings House

1972, Aug 5 independence 10th issue ovpted
X 3c multi ovpt, bauxite industry
X 10c multi ovpt, Air Jamaica flight attendant and jetliner
X 50c multi ovpt, River Rafting

1972, Dec 4 Kingston as capital 100th issue
X 5c multi arms of Kingston
X 30c multi arms of Kingston
X 50c multi arms of Kingston

1973, Apr 9 mongoose introduction 100th issue
X 8c multi mongoose & map of Jamaica
X 40c multi
X 60c multi
- sheet of 3 types

1973, Jul 9 flowers (1973 Jamaica) p. 14 (6 stamps)
X 1c multi Euphorbia Punicea
X 6c multi Hylocereus triangularis
X 9c multi Columnea argentea
X 15c multi Portlandia grandiflora
X 30c multi Samyda pubescens
X 50c multi Cordia sebestena

1973, Oct 8 orchids (1973 Jamaica) (no perf info)
X 5c multi Broughtonia sanguinea
X 10c multi Arpophyllum jamaicense
X 20c multi Oncidium pulchellum
X $1 multi Brassia maculata
- sheet of 4 types

1979, Nov 26 1979 issue - birds (1979 Jamaica) (10 stamps)
X 8c multi Jamaican Tody
X 10c multi Jamaican Mango
X 12c multi yellow-billed amazon
X 15c multi streamer tail
X 35c multi White-chinned Thrush
X 50c multi Jamaican Woodpecker
X 65c multi Rafting Martha Brae Trelawny
X 75c multi Blue marlin fishing Port Antonio
X $1.00 multi scuba diving Ocho Rios 2 Sail boats Montego Bay
X $2.00 multi Sail boats Montego Bay

1980, Feb 25 Institute of Jamaica 100th issue (5 stamps)
X 5c multi Date Tree Hall 1886
X 15c multi Institute Building 1980
X 35c multi Microfilm Reader
X 50c multi hawksbill turtle & green turtle
- 75c multi Jamaican owl Pseudoscops grammicus

1980, Jul 21 Olympics 1980 issue (5 stamps)
- 15c multi Don Quarrie
- 35c multi Arthur Wint, p. 13.5
- 35c multi Leslie Laing, p. 13.5
X 35c multi Herbert McKenley, p. 13.5
- 35c multi George Rhoden, p. 13.5

1980, Nov 24 Christmas 1980 issue p. 14
- 15c multi parish church .20 .20
X 20c multi Coce Memorial Church
X 25c multi Church of the Redeemer
- $5 multi Holy Trinity Church
- sheet of 4 types

1981, Feb 27 marine life (1981 Jamaica) (no perf info)
X 20c multi Blood Cup Sponge
X 45c multi Tube Sponge
X 60c multi Black Coral
X 75c multi coral reef

1981, May 25 Indian Coneys
X 20c multi Geocapromys brownii
X 20c multi Geocapromys brownii
X 20c multi Geocapromys brownii
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