Postage stamps of Korea

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1884, Dec 4 1884 issue unwmk (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 5m rose Yin-Yang
X 10m bl Yin-Yang
X 25m bis Yin-Yang
X 50m dkgrn Yin-Yang
X 100m bl & sal Yin-Yang

1895 1895 issue
- 5p grn Yin-Yang
X 10p dpbl Yin-Yang
X 25p mar Yin-Yang
X 50p pur Yin-Yang

1897 1897 issue ovpted
- 5p grn ovpt, Yin-Yang
- 10p dpbl ovpt, Yin-Yang
- 25p mar ovpt, Yin-Yang
- 50p pur ovpt, Yin-Yang

1900 1900a issue ovpted (no wmk info)
- 5p grn on 5p-grn (2)
- 10p dpbl on 10p-dpbl (2)
- 25p mar on 25p-mar (2)
- 50p pur on 50p-pur (2)

1900 1900b issue ovpted unwmk
- 1ch on 5p grn Yin-Yang
- 1ch on 25p mar Yin-Yang

1900, Jan 15 1900c issue p. 10
X 2ch bl
- 3ch org

1900, May 1900d issue p. 11 (13 stamps)
X 2re gray w. unwmk
- 1ch yelgrn w. unwmk
- 2ch palebl w. unwmk (1901)
X 3ch org
X 4ch car w. unwmk
- 5ch pink w. unwmk
X 6ch dpbl w. unwmk
X 10ch pur w. unwmk
X 15ch grayvio w. unwmk
X 20ch redbrn w. unwmk
- 50ch olgrn & pink w. unwmk (1901)
- 1wn w. unwmk (1901)
- 2wn w. unwmk (1901)

1902, Oct 18 (no perf info)
X 3ch org emperor's crown

1903 1903a issue ovpted
- 1ch on 25p mar Yin-Yang
- 2ch on 25p mar Yin-Yang
- 3ch on 25p mar Yin-Yang
- 3ch on 50p pur Yin-Yang

1903, Oct 1 1903b issue falcon (13 stamps)
X 2re sl falcon
X 1ch viobrn falcon
X 2ch grn falcon
X 3ch org falcon
X 4ch rose falcon
- 5ch yelbrn falcon
- 6ch lil falcon
X 10ch bl falcon
- 15ch red, straw falcon
- 20ch viobrn, straw falcon
- 50ch red, grn falcon
- 1wn vio falcon
- 2wn vio falcon

1903, Oct 1 1903c issue thin paper (no wmk info)
- 50ch falcon
- 1wn falcon
- 2wn falcon

1946, Feb 1 ovpted on stamps of Japan
- 5ch on 5s (19)
X 5ch on 14s (2)
- 10ch on 40s (2)
X 20ch on 6s (16)

1946, Feb 1 ovpted on stamps of Japan wmk. curved wavy lines p. 13x13.5
X 30ch on 27s rosebrn Yasukuni torii
- 5wn on 17s grayvio Yasukuni torii

1946, May 1 1946a issue (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 3ch orgyel Korean family&flag
X 5ch dkgrn Korean family&flag
- 10ch car Korean family&flag
X 20ch dkbl Korean family&flag
X 50ch brnvio arms of Korea
- 1wn ltbrn arms of Korea

1946, Aug 15 unwmk
X 50ch dpvio dove

1946, Sep 9
X 10wn car flags US&Korea

1946, Oct ancient Korea issue (5 stamps)
X 50ch dkbl Kyongju observatory
X 1wn buff hibiscus with rice
X 2wn ind map of Korea
- 5wn mag crown of Silla dynasty
X 10wn emer Admiral Li Sun-sin

1946, Oct 9
- 50ch dpbl Korean phonetic alphabet

1947, Aug 1 wmk. curved wavy lines
X 5wn ltblgrn Li Jun

1947, Aug 1
X 10wn ltbl Admiral Li Sun-sin

1947, Aug 1
- 10wn ltbl letters & globe

1948, Apr 10
X 20wn rose Arch of Independence Seoul

1948, Apr 10
X 50wn brnvio Tortoise ship First Ironclad War Vessel

1948, May 10 election issue (5 stamps)
- 2wn org flag of South Korea & hand holding ballot
- 5wn lilrose flag of South Korea & hand holding ballot
- 10wn ltvio flag of South Korea & hand holding ballot
- 20wn car woman & man casting ballots
- 50wn bl woman & man casting ballots

1948, Jun 1
- 5wn grn Olympics
X 10wn pur Olympics

1948, Jul 1
- 4wn orgbrn National Assembly
- Korea sheet of 1 type

1948, Aug 1 Promulgation of Constitution issue
- 4wn grn Korean family & Capitol
- 10wn brn flag of Korea

1948, Aug 5
- 5wn dpbl Syngman Rhee
- Korea sheet of 1 type

1948, Sep
- 4wn dove

1948, Sep
- 5wn hibiscus

1948, Oct 1
X 4wn rosecar Li Jun

1948, Oct 1 (no wmk info)
X 14wn dpbl Kyongju observatory

1949, Feb 12 wmk. curved wavy lines
- 10wn bl Doves over UN emblem

1949, Apr 25
- 15wn pur census

1949, May 5
X 15wn pur Korean boy & girl

1949, Jun 1949a issue (8 stamps)
- 1wn rose postman, w. curved wavy lines
X 2wn dkblgray worker&factory, w. curved wavy lines
- 5wn yelgrn rice harvesting, w. curved wavy lines
X 10wn blgrn Japanese cranes
X 20wn orgbrn Diamond Mtns
X 30wn blgrn ginseng plant
X 50wn viobl South Gate,Seoul
X 100wn dlyelgrn Tabo Pagoda

1949, Aug 25 wmk. curved wavy lines
- 15wn dpbl Phoenix & Yin Yang

1949, Sep 18
- 15wn viobl express train

1949, Oct 15
- 15wn Korean Flag

1949, Dec 1949b issue (no wmk info) (5 stamps)
X 15wn ver hibiscus
X 65wn dpbl map of Korea
X 200wn grn bird & globe
X 400wn brn Diamond Mtns
X 500wn dpbl Admiral Yi Sun-sin & tortoise ship

1950, Jan 1 wmk. curved wavy lines
- 15wn yelgrn postal medal
- 65wn redbrn postal medal

1950, Mar 10
- 15wn revolutionists
- 65wn revolutionists

1950, May 30
- 30wn multi Korean emblem & National Assembly

1950, Nov 20 expected victory issue
X 100wn grn Korean Flag & White Mountains
- 100wn bl Syngman Rhee
X 200wn dkgrn flags UN&Korea,map

1951 (8 stamps)
X 5wn orgbrn p. 11
X 5wn orgbrn p. roul
X 20wn pur p. 11
X 20wn pur p. roul
X 50wn grn p. 11
X 50wn grn p. roul
X 100wn dpbl p. 11
- 100wn dpbl w. unwmk, p. roul

1951 flags of country & Korea & UN emblem & doves (no wmk info) (no perf info) (21 stamps)
- 500wn bl flag of Australia & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Belgium & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Britain & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Canada & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Colombia & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Denmark & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Ethiopia & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of France & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Greece & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of India & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Italy & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Luxembourg & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Netherlands & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of New Zealand & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Norway & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Philippines & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of South Africa & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Sweden & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Thailand & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of Turkey & flag of Korea
- 500wn bl flag of United States & flag of Korea

1951 flags of country & Korea & Statue of Liberty (21 stamps)
- 500wn grn Australia
- 500wn grn Belgium
- 500wn grn Britain
- 500wn grn Canada
- 500wn grn Colombia
- 500wn grn Denmark
- 500wn grn flag of Ethiopia & flag of Korea
- 500wn grn France
- 500wn grn Greece
- 500wn grn India
- 500wn grn Italy
- 500wn grn Luxembourg
- 500wn grn Netherlands
- 500wn grn New Zealand
- 500wn grn Norway
- 500wn grn Philippines
- 500wn grn South Africa
- 500wn grn Sweden
- 500wn grn Thailand
- 500wn grn flag of Turkey &al
- 500wn grn US

1951 unwmk p. 11
X 1000wn grn Mural from Ancient Tomb

1951 (no wmk info) p. roul
- 1000wn grn

1952 1952a issue (no perf info)
X 200wn hennabrn Sok Kul Am
X 300wn grn Bool Gook Temple, w. curved wavy lines
X 500wn car tombstone of Mu Yal Wang, w. curved wavy lines
X 2000wn dpbl Choon Yul Sa shrine

1952 1952b issue v. redrawn (6 stamps)
- 20wn pur w. curved wavy lines
- 50wn grn
- 100wn dpbl
- 200wn
- 300wn w. curved wavy lines
- 1000wn grn Mural from Ancient Tomb

1952, Sep 10 wmk. curved wavy lines
X 1000wn dkgrn Rhee

1953 (no wmk info)
- 500wn dpbl

1953, Apr 5 1953 issue (5 stamps)
X 1h aqua planting trees, w. curved wavy lines
X 2h aqua tombstone of Mu Yal Wang, w. curved wavy lines
X 5h brtgrn tombstone of Mu Yal Wang, w. curved wavy lines
X 10h brtgrn planting trees
X 20h brn Choon Yul Sa shrine, w. curved wavy lines

1953, Oct 25
- 10h dkslbl & red map&YMCA emblem

1954, Apr 1 scenes & fauna issue (no wmk info)
- 5h dkgrn tombstone of Mu Yal Wang
X 100h brncar sika deer
X 500h brnorg sika deer
X 1000h bisbrn sika deer

1954, Apr 16
X 10h brn moth & flag

1954, Apr 16
X 30h dkbl Pagoda Park, Seoul

1954, Sep 15
X 2h cl Dok Do
X 5h bl Dok Do
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