Postage stamps of Lebanon

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1924, Jan 1924a issue ovpted on stamps of France (14 stamps)
X 10c on 2c viobrn Liberte Egalite Fraternite, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
X 25c on 5c org sower, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
X 0.50p grn on 10c-grn (4)
- 75c on 15c slgrn sower, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
X 1p on 20c redbrn Peace & Commerce, v. N under B, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 1.25p bl on 25c-bl (6)
X 1.50p org on 30c-org (0)
- 1.50p red on 30c-red (3)
X 2p red & ltbl on 40c-red<bl (0)
X 2.50p on 50c dlbl sower, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 3p on 60c vio & ultra Liberty & Peace, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 5p on 1fr (14)
- 10p on 2fr (6)
- 25p on 5fr (9)

1924, Jun 1924b issue ovpted on stamps of France unwmk p. 14x13.5
X 0.50p on 10c grn Pasteur
- 1.50p on 30c red Pasteur
- 2.50p on 50c bl Pasteur

1924, Jun 1924c issue ovpted on stamps of France (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 0.50p on 10c-Olympics (0), Olympics
- 1.25p on 25c-Olympics (0), Olympics
- 1.50p on 30c-Olympics (0), Olympics
- 2.50p on 50c-Olympics (0), Olympics

1924, Jul 1 1924d issue ovpted on stamps of France (11 stamps)
- 0.10p on 2c viobrn Liberte Egalite Fraternite, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 25c on 5c org sower, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 0.50p grn on 10c-grn (4)
- 75c on 15c slgrn sower, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
X 1p on 20c redbrn Peace & Commerce, v. N under B, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 1.25p bl on 25c-bl (6)
- 1.50p org on 30c-org (0)
- 1.50p red on 30c-red (3)
- 2p on 35c vio sower, v. 1, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5 (1925)
- 3p on 60c (8) (1925)
X 4p on 85c ver sower, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5

1924, Jul 1 1924e issue ovpted on stamps of France (6 stamps)
X 2p on 40c (12)
- 2p on 45c (3)
- 3p on 60c vio & ultra Liberty & Peace, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 5p on 1fr (14)
- 10p on 2fr (6)
- 25p on 5fr (9)

1924, Jul 1 1924f issue ovpted on stamps of France (6 stamps)
X 0.50p on 10c grn Pasteur, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 75c on 75c (8)
X 1.50p on 1.50p (0)
- 2p on 2p (0)
- 2.50p on 2.50p (0)
- 4p on 75c (8)

1924, Sep 25 1924g issue ovpted on stamps of France
- 0.50p on 10c graygrn & yelgrn allegory, w. unwmk, p. 14x13.5
- 1.25p on 25c-Olympics (0), Olympics
- 1.50p on 30c-Olympics (0), Olympics
- 2.50p on 50c-Olympics (0), Olympics

1925, Jan ovpted on stamp of France
X 4p on 75c-Ronsard (0), Ronsard

1925, Mar 1 1925 issue unwmk (13 stamps)
X 0.10p dkvio cedar
X 25c olblk Beirut
X 0.50p yelgrn Tripoli
X 75c brnorg Beit-ed-Din Palace
X 1p mag Baalbeck
X 1.25p dpgrn Mouktara
X 1.50p rosered Tyr
X 2p dkbrn Zahle
X 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek
X 3p orgbrn Deir-el-Kamar
X 5p vio Saïda
- 10p viobrn Tripoli
X 25p ultra Beyrouth

1926, Aug 26 1926a issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 3.50p on 75c brnorg Beit-ed-Din Palace
X 4p on 25c olblk Beirut
- 6p on 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek
- 12p on 1.25p dpgrn Mouktara
- 20p on 1.25p dpgrn Mouktara

1926, Dec 1926b issue ovpted
- 4.50p on 75c brnorg Beit-ed-Din Palace
- 7.50p on 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek
- 15p on 25p ultra Beyrouth

1927, Jul 1 1927 issue ovpted (13 stamps)
X 0.10p dkvio ovpt, cedar
- 0.50p yelgrn ovpt, Tripoli
X 1p mag ovpt, Baalbeck
- 1.50p rosered ovpt, Tyr
- 2p dkbrn ovpt, Zahle
- 3p orgbrn ovpt, Deir-el-Kamar
X 4p olblk ovpt, Beirut
- 4.50p brnorg ovpt, Beit-ed-Din Palace
- 5p vio ovpt, Saïda
X 7.50p pckbl ovpt, ruins at Baalbek
- 10p viobrn ovpt, Tripoli
- 15p ultra ovpt, Beyrouth
- 25p ultra ovpt, Beyrouth

1928, Mar 1928a issue ovpted (15 stamps)
X 0.10p dkvio on 0.10p-dkvio (2)
X 0.50p yelgrn on 0.50p-yelgrn (3)
X 1p mag on 1p-mag (2)
X 1.50p rosered on 1.50p-rosered (2)
X 2p dkbrn on 2p-dkbrn (2)
X 3p orgbrn on 3p-orgbrn (2)
X 4p olblk ovpt, Beirut, w. unwmk
X 4.50p brnorg ovpt, Beit-ed-Din Palace, w. unwmk
- 5p vio ovpt, Saïda, w. unwmk
- 7.50p on 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek, w. unwmk
X 7.50p on 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek, w. unwmk
X 10p viobrn ovpt, Tripoli, w. unwmk
- 15p ultra ovpt, Beyrouth, w. unwmk
X 15p ultra ovpt, Beyrouth, w. unwmk
- 25p ultra ovpt, Beyrouth, w. unwmk

1928, Jun 1928b issue ovpted (6 stamps)
X 5c on 0.10p dkvio
X 0.50p on 75c brnorg Beit-ed-Din Palace, w. unwmk (1929)
X 2p on 1.25p dpgrn Mouktara, w. unwmk
X 4p on 25c olblk Beirut, w. unwmk
X 7.50p on 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek, w. unwmk
X 15p on 25p ultra Beyrouth, w. unwmk

1930, Feb 11 Sericulture Congress issue silkworm & cocoon & moth p. 11 (6 stamps)
X 4p dkbrn silkworm & cocoon & moth
- 4 1/2p ver silkworm & cocoon & moth
X 7 1/2p dkbl silkworm & cocoon & moth
- 10p dkvio silkworm & cocoon & moth
X 15p dkgrn silkworm & cocoon & moth
X 25p cl silkworm & cocoon & moth

1930, May 1930 issue (20 stamps)
X 0.10p org Pigeon Rocks, p. 12.5x13
X 20c brn Cedars of Lebanon
X 25c bl Baalbeck - ruins of Bacchus temple
X 0.50p orgbrn view of Bickfaya
X 75c dkbrn Baalbeck - Bacchus & Jupiter temples
X 1p grn Saïda - crusader castle
X 1p viobrn view of Bickfaya (1935)
X 1.50p viobrn Beit-ed-Din Palace, p. 13.25
X 1.50p grn Beit-ed-Din Palace, p. 13.25 (1932)
X 2p bl Tripoli - crusader castle
X 3p Baalbek - Venus temple
X 4p orgbrn Dog river - ancient bridge
X 4.50p Belfort castle
X 5p Beit-ed-Din Palace, p. 13.25
X 6p dkvio Tyre - the harbor
X 7.50p bl ruins at Baalbek, p. 13
X 10p Hasbeya - view
X 15p Afka Falls
X 50p yelgrn Deir-el-Kamar - view
- 100p blk Baalbeck

1934 p. 12.5x13
- 0.10p org Pigeon Rocks redrawn

1937 ovpted (no perf info)
X 2p on 3p vio President Edde
X 2 1/2p on 4p blkbrn President Edde

1937, Jun 26 1937 issue (15 stamps)
X 0.10p carrose cedar 1937
X 20c ltbl cedar 1937
X 25c pur cedar 1937
X 0.50p mag cedar 1937
X 75c brn cedar 1937
- 3p vio President Edde
X 4p blkbrn President Edde
X 4.50p car President Edde
X 10p brnred Roman bridge
X 12 1/2p ultra Roman bridge
X 15p dkgrn Roman bridge
X 20p purbrn Roman bridge
X 25p carrose Roman bridge
X 50p dkvio Roman bridge
- 100p dkbrn Roman bridge

1939 p. 11.5
X 1p viogray palace
X 1.50p viobrn palace
X 7.50p car palace

1939 ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 12 1/2p on 7.50p-unissued (0) .30–1.00 .30–1.00

1940 unwmk p. 13
X 5p grnbl

1942 Edde issue ovpted (no perf info)
X 2 1/2p on 4p blkbrn President Edde

1942, Sep 18 independence 1st issue
- 0.50p yelgrn Emir Bechir Chehab
- 1.50p sep Emir Bechir Chehab
- 6p carrose Emir Bechir Chehab
- 15p bl Emir Bechir Chehab

1943 1943 provisional issue
- 2p p. 13
- 6p p. 12.5x12
- 10p p. 12.5x12

1943 independence 2nd issue p. 11.5
- 25p Parliament Building
- 50p Government Palace (Lebanon)
- 150p bl Parliament Building
- 200p Government Palace (Lebanon)

1943, Jul 8 Arab Medical Congress issue
- 10p cer quarantine station in Beirut
- 20p ltbl quarantine station in Beirut

1944 return to office issue
- 25p
- 50p
- 150p
- 200p

1945 scenic (1945 Lebanon)
X 15p viobrn Citadel of Jubayl
X 20p grn Citadel of Jubayl
X 25p dpbl Crusader castle in Tripoli
- 50p car Crusader castle in Tripoli

1945 1945 provisional issue (no perf info)
- 2p
- 3p
- 6p
- 7 1/2p

1946 1946 flag issue soldier holding flag p. 11.5 (8 stamps)
- 7.50p red & lil & redorg soldier holding flag
- 10p soldier holding flag
- 12.50p soldier holding flag
- 15p soldier holding flag
- 20p soldier holding flag
- 25p soldier holding flag
- 50p soldier holding flag
- 100p soldier holding flag

1946 1946 tree issue (6 stamps)
- 0.50p redbrn cedar 1946, p. 11
X 1p pur cedar 1946, p. 11
- 2.50p vio cedar 1946, p. 11
X 5p red cedar 1946, p. 11
X 6p gray cedar 1946, p. 11
X 12.50p car night herons over Mt Sanin

1946, May 8 1st Anniversary of Victory issue p. 11.5 (7 stamps)
- 7.50p gray & red
- 10p grayvio & red
- 12.50p brn & red
- 15p yelgrn & red
- 20p graygrn & red
- 25p graybl & red
- 50p blgray & red
- Lebanon sheet of 14 types
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1 to 200 of 783