Postage stamps of Liechtenstein

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1 to 200 of 1906


1912, Feb 1 unwmk (no perf info)
- 5h ltgrn Prince Johann II
- 10h ltcar Prince Johann II
- 25h ultra Prince Johann II

1917, Jun 15 1917 issue p. 12.5x13 (6 stamps)
X 3h vio arms of Liechtenstein
X 5h yelgrn arms of Liechtenstein
X 10h carlake Prince Johann II
X 15h dlred Prince Johann II
X 20h dkgrn Prince Johann II
X 25h bl Prince Johann II

1918, Nov 12
- 20h dkgrn Prince Johann II 1918

1920, Mar 3 1920 ovpt issue ovpted (6 stamps)
X 5h yelgrn ovpt, arms of Liechtenstein
X 10h carlake ovpt, Prince Johann II
X 25h bl ovpt, Prince Johann II
X 40h on 3h vio arms of Liechtenstein
X 1k on 15h dlred Prince Johann II
X 2 1/2k on 20h dkgrn Prince Johann II

1920, Jul 1920 imperf issue imperf (8 stamps)
X 5h bis arms of Liechtenstein
X 10h redorg arms of Liechtenstein
X 15h dkbl arms of Liechtenstein
X 20h brn arms of Liechtenstein
X 25h dkgrn arms of Liechtenstein
X 30h dkgray arms of Liechtenstein
X 40h dkred arms of Liechtenstein
X 1k bl Vaduz Castle

1920, Jul 1920 perf issue p. 12.5 (15 stamps)
X 5h bis arms of Liechtenstein
X 10h redorg arms of Liechtenstein
X 15h dkbl arms of Liechtenstein
X 20h redbrn arms of Liechtenstein
X 25h olgrn St Mamertus chapel
X 30h dkgray arms of Liechtenstein
X 40h cl Gutenberg Castle
X 50h yelgrn Vaduz Castle courtyard
X 60h redbrn Red House
X 80h rose St Laurence church
X 1k dlvio Vaduz Castle
X 2k bl Bendern parish church
X 5k blk John Joseph I
X 7 1/2k dkbl John II
X 10k brn coat arms with supporters

1920, Oct 5
X 50h grn Madonna & child
X 80h red Madonna & child
X 2k dpbl Madonna & child

1921, Feb 1 ovpted imperf
- 2rp on 10h redorg arms of Liechtenstein
- 2rp on 10h redorg arms of Liechtenstein

1921, Feb 1 1921 issue p. 12.5 (17 stamps)
- 2rp yel arms of Liechtenstein
- 2 1/2rp blk arms of Liechtenstein
- 3rp org arms of Liechtenstein
- 5rp blkol arms of Liechtenstein
- 7 1/2rp bl arms of Liechtenstein
X 10rp grn arms of Liechtenstein
- 10rp grn arms of Liechtenstein (1924)
- 13rp brn arms of Liechtenstein
- 15rp vio arms of Liechtenstein
- 20rp dkvio & blk St Mamertus
- 25rp dkrd & grnblk Vaduz Castle
- 30rp dkblgrn & blk Bendern
- 35rp brn & blk Prince Johann II
- 40rp Roman tower, Schaan
- 50rp Gutenberg Castle
- 80rp Red Tower, Vaduz
- 1fr Vaduz

1921, Mar 10 ovpted imperf
- 2rp on 10h redorg arms of Liechtenstein

1924 p. 12.5
- 5rp on 7 1/2rp bl arms of Liechtenstein, w. unwmk
- 10rp on 13rp brn arms of Liechtenstein, w. unwmk
- 10rp grn arms of Liechtenstein, w. Swiss cross 1.00–10. .30–1.00

1924 1924 issue (7 stamps)
- 2 1/2rp grn & vio Wine grower carrying grapes
X 5rp brn & bl Wine grower carrying grapes
- 7 1/2rp grn & brnorg Wine grower carrying grapes
X 10rp grn courtyard
- 15rp carbrn & blgrn Wine grower carrying grapes
X 20rp red courtyard
X 1 1/2fr ultra government palace&church

X 30rp bl & blk Bendern

1928, Nov 12 Prince Johann II reign 70th issue (8 stamps)
X 10rp orgbrn & olgray w. Swiss cross
X 20rp redorg & olgray w. Swiss cross
X 30rp bl & olgray w. Swiss cross
X 60rp redvio & olgray w. Swiss cross
- 1.20fr dkultra w. unwmk
- 1.50fr dkbrn w. unwmk
- 2fr dkrd w. unwmk
- 5fr dkgrn w. unwmk

1929, Dec 2 Prince Francis I accession issue
X 10rp olgrn Franz I as child
X 20rp car Franz I as adult
X 30rp ultra Princess Elsa
X 70rp brn Franz I & Princess Elsa

1930, Jul 1 1930 issue (14 stamps)
X 3rp dkcar girl with grapes
X 5rp graygrn chamois hunter
X 10rp dkvio cattle in mountains
X 20rp dkrd Vaduz Castle
- 25rp grnblk Naafkopf
X 30rp dkultra Chapel im Steg
- 35rp blgrn Rofenberg Chapel
- 40rp yelbrn Mamertus chapel
- 50rp brnblk Malbun
- 60rp grnblk Gutenberg Castle
- 90rp brnvio Schellenberg abbey
- 1.20fr dkbrn Vaduz Castle
- 1.50fr dkultra Pfaelzerhuette
- 2fr dkgrn & redbrn Prince Franz I & Princess Elsa

1933, Jan 24 landmarks (1933)
- 25rp redorg Naafkopf
- 90rp dkgrn Gutenberg Castle 1933
- 1.20fr redbrn Vaduz Castle

1933, Aug 28 Franz I 80th issue
- 10rp brtpur Franz I
- 20rp red Franz I
- 30rp ultra Franz I

1933, Dec 15 royal couple issue
- 3fr dkblvio Francis
- 5fr dkvio arms (1935)

1934, Jun 18 1934 issue (14 stamps)
- 3rp brnred arms
- 5rp grn Drei Schwestern
X 10rp vio Schaan village
- 15rp org Bendern village
- 20rp orgred
- 25rp dkyelbrn
- 30rp bl
- 35rp dkgrn
- 40rp blkbrn
X 50rp brn Vaduz Castle
- 60rp pur
- 90rp dkgrn
- 1.20fr bl
- 1.50fr brnred Valuna Valley

1934, Sep 29
- 5fr dkredbrn arms of Liechtenstein
- Liechtenstein sheet of 1 type

1935, Aug 19 60th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Elsa issue
- 2fr brnred Princess Elsa

1937, Jun 15 1937 issue (14 stamps)
X 3rp brn ruin
X 5rp grn chapel
- 10rp vio knight & Vaduz Castle
- 15rp slgrn Valuna Valley
X 20rp brnorg bridge at Bendern
- 25rp brn
- 30rp bl farmer & vineyard
- 40rp dkgrn
- 50rp blkbrn
- 60 dkvio
- 90rp dkgray
- 1fr carbrn
- 1.20fr dkbrn
- 1.50fr ind

1937, Jun 30 labor projects issue
X 10rp vio Malbun bridge
X 20rp orgred road
X 30rp bl Binnen Canal
X 50rp brn Francis bridge

1938, Jul 30
X 50rp slgray Rheinberger
- Liechtenstein sheet of 1 type

1938, Jul 30
- 2fr Rheinberger sheet

1938, Aug 15 Prince Franz I memorial issue
- 3fr blk, buff

1939, Mar 17 Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger 100th issue
- 50rp slgrn Josef Rheinberger

1939, May 29 Francis Joseph II & arms issue
- 2fr dkgrn arms of families
- 3fr dkbl arms of Liechtenstein
- 5fr dkbrn Francis Joseph II

1939, May 29 Francis Joseph II accession issue
- 20rp carbrn
- 30rp dkbl
- 50rp dkgrn

1940, Aug 5 John II 100th issue (6 stamps)
- 20rp brnred as child
- 30rp dkbl Prince&tower
- 50rp dkol Prince John II & Gutenberg Castle
- 1fr dkpur Prince John II in 1920
- 1.50fr brnblk memorial tablet
- 3fr dkbrn Prince

1941, Apr 7 occupations (1941) (5 stamps)
X 10rp redbrn harvesting corn
- 20rp lake wine press
- 30rp bl Sharpening Scythe
- 50rp myrgrn Milkmaid & Cow
- 90rp dpcl Native Costume

1941, Jul 7
- 10fr brncar Madonna & Child

1941, Dec 18 portraits (1941)
- 20rp carbrn Andreas
- 30rp prusbl Wenzel
- 100rp grayblk Anton Florian
- 150rp blkgrn Adam

1942, Apr 22 separation 600th issue (5 stamps)
- 20rp brnred St Lucius
- 30rp dkbl Reconstruction of Vaduz
- 50rp grnol Signing the Treaty of May 3 1342
- 1fr orgbrn Battle of Gutenberg
- 2fr blkvio Scene of Homage 1718

1942, Oct 5 1942 issue
- 20rp car Johann Karl
- 30rp bl Prince Franz Josef I
- 1fr brnvio Prince Alois I
- 1.50fr graybrn Prince Johann I

1943, Mar 5 Wedding of Prince Franz Josef I and Countess Gina von Wilczek issue
X 10rp graypur Prince
X 20rp brnred Countess Georgina von Wilczek
X 30rp dkbl Prince & Princess

1943, Jul 5 princes (1943)
- 20rp brnred Alois II
- 30rp bl Johann II
- 100rp dkol Franz I
- 150rp dkgrn Franz Joseph II

1943, Sep 6 reclamation
X 10rp blkvio before
X 30rp bl Draining the Canal
X 50rp dkgrn plowing Reclaimed Land
X 2fr olbrn Harvesting Crops

1943, Dec 27
- 10rp dkgray Vaduz Castle

1943, Dec 27
- 20rp chnt Gutenberg Castle 1943

1944 1944 issue (11 stamps)
X 3rp brn Planken
X 5rp dkgrn Bendern
X 10rp grayblk Triesen
X 15rp blgrn Ruggell
X 20rp dkcar Vaduz
X 25rp dkvio Triesenberg
X 30rp bl Schaan
X 40rp brn Balzers
X 50rp grayblk Mauren
X 60 grn Schellenberg
X 90rp ol Eschen
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1 to 200 of 1906