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1860, Dec Franz Josef in oval (no wmk info) p. 14 (5 stamps)
- 2kr yel Franz Josef in oval
X 3kr grn Franz Josef in oval
X 5kr red Franz Josef in oval
X 10kr brn Franz Josef in oval
X 15kr bl Franz Josef in oval

1863 arms of Austria in oval wmk. BRIEF-MARKEN (5 stamps)
- 2kr yel arms of Austria in oval
- 3kr grn arms of Austria in oval
X 5kr rose arms of Austria in oval
X 10kr bl arms of Austria in oval
X 15kr yelbrn arms of Austria in oval

1945, May ovpted on stamps of Germany unwmk
X 5pf dlgrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 6pf vio ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 8pf orgred ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 12pf red ovpt, Adolf Hitler

1945, May 22 Styria overprints issue ovpted on stamps of Germany (19 stamps)
- 1pf grayblk ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 3pf brn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 4pf ind ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 5pf dlgrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 6pf vio ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 8pf orgred ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 10pf dkbrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 12pf red ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 15pf mar ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 16pf grnbl ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 20pf bl ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 24pf dkorgbrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 25pf viobl ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 30pf olgrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 40pf redvio ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 42pf brtgrn ovpt, Hitler head Grossdeutsches Reich
X 50pf blkgrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 60pf carbrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
- 80pf blblk ovpt, Adolf Hitler

1945, Jun 21 1945 overprints issue ovpted on stamps of Germany
X 30pf olgrn ovpt, Adolf Hitler
X 42pf brtgrn ovpt, Hitler head Grossdeutsches Reich

1945, Oct scenic 1945 issue - scenic (1945) (9 stamps)
X 3g sapphire Lermoos Tyrol
X 4g dporg Eisenerz mine (1946)
X 6g slgrn Hohensalzburg
X 8g brnbis Praterallee Vienna
X 8g plum Rathauspark Vienna (1946)
X 8g olgrn Rathauspark Vienna (1946)
X 12g sep Schafberg
X 15g ind Burg Forchtenstein (1946)
X 16g redbrn Gesausetal, Styria (1946)

1946, Sep 26 ovptedscenic (1945)
X 12g sep ovpt, Schafberg
X 1.40s on 16g redbrn Gesausetal, Styria

1948, Jun 1 1948 issue - costumes (1948)
X 1s rosered woman of Tyrol Pustertal

1957, Oct 22 buildings issue
X 20g vioblk Farmhouse Mörbisch (1961)
X 1s choc Basilica of Mariazell

1960, Oct 10
X 1.50s slgrn Carinthia scene

1961, Sep 13 industry (1961) (5 stamps)
X 1s blk Shaft tower of the Wolkersdorf shaft
X 1.50s grn Rotor of a huge generator of the Elin Union
X 1.80s red Blast furnaces Austrian Alpine Montane Corporation
X 3s LD Steel Works Voest Linz
X 5s bl Oil Refinery Schwechat der ÖMV AG

1962, Sep 21 1962 issue
X 1.30s grn Schattenburg

1962, Oct 9 forests (1962)
X 1s grngray Alluvial forest
X 1.50s redbrn Broadleaf forest
X 3s dkslgrn Spruce larch forest

1962, Nov 6 railroad 125th issue
X 3s Electric Locomotive BR 1010

1963, Sep 27 Austria-Tyrol union 600th issue
X 1.50s multi Coat of arms of Austria Tyrol connected by a chain

1964, Apr 17 flowers (1964 Austria) (6 stamps)
X 1s multi Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus
X 1.50s multi peony Paeonia officinalis
X 1.80s multi Clematis Clematis Hybrid
X 2.20s multi Dahlia Dahlia hybrida
X 3s multi Japanese Morning Glory Ipomoea nil
X 4s multi Hollyhocks Althaea rosea

1964, Jun 5
X 3s multi The Kiss, by Klimt

1964, Jun 15 15th UPU Congress issue (8 stamps)
X 1s dkredvio News About the Victory at Kunersdorf by B Bellotto
X 1.20s brn Mail Relay Station by J Hörmann
X 1.50s bl The Honeymoon Trip by M von Schwind
X 1.80s dkvio Riders on Wet Country Lane by J Raffalt
X 2.20s gray Mailcoach in the Mountains by A Klein
X 3s dkredlil Coach at Mail Relay Station by F Gauermann
X 4s prusgrn Halftrack bus in a high mountain region
X 6.40s brn Postoffice Saalbach

1965, May 17 Danube Art School exhibition issue
X 1.80s gray Holy George sculpture of Seitenstetten Benedictine Abbey

1966, May 27 Austrian National Bank 150th issue
X 3s multi Eagle signum of the Austrian National Bank

1966, Aug 17 alpine flowers (1966) (6 stamps)
X 1.50s multi Turks cap lily Lilium martagon
X 1.80s multi columbine Aquilegia vulgaris
X 2.20s multi Wulfenia carinthiaca
X 3s multi Trollblume
X 4s multi Lilium bulbiferum
X 5s multi Alpine Pasque-flower - Pulsatilla alpina

1966, Sep 28 Austrian Library items
X 1.50s multi Figures decoration of the Roman comedy Eunuchus
X 1.80s multi Celestial sphere with the God Chronos Heracles
X 2.20s multi Ancient country home in Vienna by Anton Stutzinger
X 3s multi Illustration from the book Buch vom liebentbrannten Herzen

1967, Apr 28 Mother's Day 1967 issue
X 2s multi Motherhood by Peter Fendi

1967, May 19 Austrian Gothic exhibition issue
X 3s dkgrnbl Virgin of Mercy in Frauenstein Church wood sculpture c 15

1969, Apr 8 Interparliamentary Union Conference 1969 issue
X 2s grnblk Parliament building Vienna

1969, May 23 Vienna Opera House 100th issue (8 stamps)
X 2s multi Opera Don Giovanni by WA Mozart
X 2s multi Opera Die Zauberflöte by WA Mozart
X 2s multi Opera Fidelio by L von Beethoven
X 2s multi Opera Lohengrin by Richard Wagner
X 2s multi Opera Don Carlos by Guiseppe Verdi
X 2s multi Opera Carmen by Georges Bizet
X 2s multi Opera Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss
X 2s multi Opera Swan Lake by Peter Tchaikovsky
- sheet of 8 types

1970, Jun 22 old clocks issue (6 stamps)
X 1.50s clock 1450-1550
X 1.50s clock 1790-1815
X 2s clock 1600-1650
X 2s clock 1800-1830
X 3.50s clock 1720-1760
X 3.50s graypur & grayvio clock 1820-1850

1970, Oct 2 Carinthia plebiscite 50th issue
X 2s multi arms of Kärnten

1970, Oct 23 UN 25th issue
X 3.50s blk & prusbl

1971, Mar 22 art treasures
X 1.50s Florentine vessel
X 2s dkbrnvio & palegray Rider statue emperor Josef I by Matthias Steinle
X 3.50s multi Saliera c 1541 by Benvenuto Cellini

1971, Aug 23 Kitzbuhel 700th issue
X 2.50s multi Coat of arms of Kitzbühel

1971, Sep 1 Vienna Stock Exhange 200th issue
X 4s dkbrnred Vienna Stock Exhange

1971, Oct 1 Austrian Auto Club 75th issue
X 4s ltgrn & blk Second Marcus Car 1889

1971, Oct 1 Burgenland union 50th issue
X 2s multi Coat of arms of Burgenland wattle

1971, Oct 21
X 2s brn high-speed train

1972, May 5 Gurk Diocese 900th issue
X 2s Supporting column crypt of Gurk Cathedral

1972, May 23 9th Congress of Public&Cooperative Economy issue
X 4s multi Vienna City Hall congress badge

1972, Sep
X 2.50s multi pears

1972, Dec 14 automation of telephone system issue
X 2s yel & blk map of Austria Telephone handset

1973, Jul 9 Europa 1973 issue
X 2s multi Europa posthorn

1973, Aug 17 Leo Slezak 100th issue
X 4s brn Leo Slezak

1973, Sep 4
X 4s multi Vienna tanners arms

1973, Oct 8 Europhot Congress Vienna issue
X 2.50s Petzval's lens

1973, Nov 13 1973 issue - beautiful Austria (19 stamps)
X 50g dkblgrn & dkgray Mayerhofen im Zillertal Tyrol (1975)
X 1s dkredbrn & redbrn Kahlenbergerdorf Vienna (1975)
X 1.50s brnlil & redcar Bludenz Vorarlberg (1974)
X 2s dlbl & ind Alte Innbrücke near Finstermünz Tyrol (1974)
X 2.50s vio & dkvio Murau Steiermark (1974)
X 3s ltbl & dkviobl Bischofsmütze im Dachsteinmassiv Salzburg (1974)
- 3.50s dporg & dkbrn Osterkirche Oberwart Burgenland (1978)
X 4s Almsee
X 4.50s Retz Windmill Lower Austria (1976)
X 5s lil & vio Aggstein Castle
X 6s dprose & vio Lindauer Hütte im Rätikon Vorarlberg (1975)
- 6.50s dkgrnbl & turqbl Villach-Perau Kärnten (1977)
X 7s grn & slgrn Falkenstein Castle, Carinthia
X 7.50s dkredvio & graylil Hohensalzburg Fortress (1977)
- 8s Wayside cross in Reiteregg Steiermark (1976)
X 10s Neusiedlersee
X 11s Enns Upper Austria (1976) .20
X 16s dkredbrn & yelbrn Outdoor museum Bad Tatzmannsdorf Burgenland (1977)
X 20s Myra falls, Lower Austria (1977)

1973, Nov 30 Christmas 1973 issue
X 2s multi Gothic window with the birth of Christ St Erhard Church

1974, Feb 1 Hugo Hofmannsthal 100th issue
X 4s viobl Hugo Hofmannsthal

1974, Mar 22 Bruckner 150th issue
X 4s brn Anton Bruckner

1974, Apr 18 Vienna International Garden Show 1974 issue
X 2s multi vegetables
X 2.50s multi fruits
X 4s multi flowers

1975, Apr 2 11th municipalities meeting issue
X 2.50s multi stained glass window in Vienna City Hall

1975, May 6 national forests 50th issue
X 2s grn mountain forest

1976, May 14 Babenberg Exhibition issue
- 3s multi Duke Heinrich II in stained glass

1976, Oct 25 Austria 1000th issue - arms of Austrian provinces (9 stamps)
X 2s multi arms of Lower Austria
X 2s multi arms of Upper Austria
X 2s multi arms of Steiermark
X 2s multi arms of Kärnten
X 2s multi arms of Tyrol
X 2s multi arms of Vorarlberg
X 2s multi arms of Salzburg
X 2s multi arms of Burgenland
X 2s multi arms of Vienna
- sheet of 9 types

1976, Nov 17 Austrian Press Agency 30th issue
- 1.50s multi map of Europe tickertape

1977, Feb 16 Wolkenstein 600th issue
- 3s multi Oswald von Wolkenstein

1977, May 2 IAEA 20th issue
- 3s multi IAEA emblem

1977, Jun 10 Europa 1977 issue
- 6s olgrn Attersee

1978, Mar 13 Ethnographical Museum 50th issue
- 3s multi Aztec feathershield depicting a coyote

1978, Jun 9 Gmunden 700th issue
X 3s multi Orth Castle in Gmunden

1978, Dec 6
- 6s multi Adam by Hausner

1979, Jan 16 International Year of the Child issue
X 2.50s multi Child with protecting hand

1979, Jan 16 Internationall Radio Consultative Committee issue
X 6s multi CCIR emblem

1979, Jun 22 Beautiful Austria issue
X 20g blvio & dkbl Castle keep of Freistadt Upper Austria (1980)
- 4.20s Hirschegg in Kleinweisertal, Vorarlberg
X 12s brn & dkbrn Kufstein Fortress (1980)

1979, Sep 10 Health care issue
- 2.50s multi Eye with blood vessels of a diabetic

1979, Sep 14 16th World Road Congress issue
- 4s multi View from Arlberg road tunnel into the Stanzertal

1979, Oct 24 Railway jubilee issue
- 2.50s multi Freight locomotive class 52

1980, Jan 25 city of Baden 500th issue
- 4s multi Coat of arms of Baden 1566

1980, Oct 24 Waidhofen 750th issue
X 2.50s multi Front page of the Waidhofen City Chronicle 14th Cty

1981, May 15 Kuenringer Exhibition issue
- 3s multi Azzo

1981, Oct 9 Hans Kelsen 100th issue
- 3s redcar Hans Kelsen

1982, Mar 12 Dorotheum Auction House issue
- 4s multi Dorotheum Auction House

1982, May 12 5th European Urologic Congress issue
- 6s multi Urine Inspection Miniature from Canone di Avicenna

1982, May 28 Gföhl issue
- 4s multi arms of Gföhl

1982, Aug 9 UNISPACE '82 issue
- 4s multi rocket launch

1982, Nov 26 Saint-George College, Istanbul issue
- 4s multi Bosporus

1983, Jan 12 Postal Savings Bank 100th issue
- 4s multi

1983, May 27 Hohenems 650th issue
X 4s multi Schloss Glopper & arms of Hohenems

1983, Jun 24 Stadthall 25th issue
- 4s multi Stadthall

1983, Sep 9 rescue of Vienna 300th issue
- 6s multi battle 1683
- sheet of 1 type

1984, Feb 10 No more civil war 50th issue
- 4,5s multi

1984, Apr 27 Monasteries and Abbeys issue
- 50g multi Stift Vorau
X 11s multi Stift Engelszell

1984, May 11
- 4,5s multi Duke Johann

1984, Jul 6 balloon flight in Austria 200th issue
- 6s multi Johann Georg Stuwers ascent in Montgolfier balloon

1984, Aug 31 IBA Congress 1984 issue
- 7s multi Justitia Statue in the Vienna Palace of Justice

1984, Oct 18
- 3,5s multi Johannes von Gmunden

1984, Nov 30 Christmas 1984 issue
- 4,5s multi

1985, May 10 Böheimkirchen 1000th issue
- 4.50s multi Townscape of Böheimkirchen coat of arms

1985, Jun 28 International Association for Suicide Prevention issue
- 5s multi Place of foundation badge

1985, Sep 12 Adam Politzer 150th issue
- 3.50s Adam Politzer

1986, Apr 24 Exhibition Die Welt des Barock issue
- 4s multi Augustinian monastery St Florian
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