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Stamps of Mexico, 1923

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1923 1923a issue unwmk p. roul (8 stamps)
X 2c red El Salto de Agua fountain
X 3c pyramid at Teotihuacan
X 4c Chapultepec Castle
X 5c Columbus monument
- 10c cl
X 10c brn Juarez Colonnade,Mexico City
- 20c
X 30c Cuauhtemoc monument

1923 1923b issue wmk. CORREOS MEXICO p. 12 (8 stamps)
- 2c scar Public Fountain
X 4c Chapultepec Castle
- 5c
X 10c brnred Cuauhtemoc statue
X 30c Juarez-Kollonade
X 40c vio map of Mexico
X 50c brn Traffic-office
X 1p brnred & dkbl National-Theatre

1923 1923c issue p. roul (6 stamps)
X 2c
X 3c Pyramide at Teotihuacán
X 4c ltblgrn Chapultepec Castle
X 5c org Columbus monument
X 10c brncar Cuauhtemoc statue
X 20c dkbl Josefa Ortiz statue

1 to 22 of 22