Stamps of Mexico, pin,serrate perf

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1872 1872f issue Hidalgo unwmk p. pin,serrate (5 stamps)
- 6c grn Hidalgo
X 12c bl Hidalgo
X 25c red Hidalgo
- 50c yel Hidalgo
- 100c graylil Hidalgo

1874 1874 issue Hidalgo (7 stamps)
X 4c org Hidalgo
X 5c brn Hidalgo
X 10c blk Hidalgo
X 10c org Hidalgo (1878)
X 25c bl Hidalgo
X 50c grn Hidalgo
X 100c car Hidalgo

1875 1875 issue Hidalgo wmk. PAPEL SELLADO (5 stamps)
- 5c brn Hidalgo
- 10c blk Hidalgo
- 25c bl Hidalgo
- 50c grn Hidalgo
- 100c car Hidalgo

1879 Juarez thick wove paper (no wmk info) (8 stamps)
X 1c brn Juarez
X 2c dkvio Juarez
X 5c org Juarez
X 10c bl Juarez
X 25c rose Juarez
- 50c grn Juarez
- 85c vio Juarez
X 100c blk Juarez

1881 Hidalgo thin wove paper (6 stamps)
- 4c org Hidalgo 10.–100 10.–100
X 5c brn Hidalgo 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 10c org Hidalgo 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 25c bl Hidalgo
- 50c grn Hidalgo
- 100c car Hidalgo

1882 Juarez thin wove paper (15 stamps)
- 1c brn Juarez
- 2c dkvio Juarez
X 5c org Juarez
- 10c bl Juarez
X 10c brn Juarez
X 12c brn Juarez
X 18c orgbrn Juarez
X 24c vio Juarez
- 25c rose Juarez
- 25c orgbrn Juarez
- 50c grn Juarez
- 50c yel Juarez
- 85c pur Juarez
- 100c blk Juarez
- 100c org Juarez

1882 1882 issue thin wove paper
- 2c grn numeral
X 3c carbrn numeral
X 6c ultra numeral
X 6c bl numeral (1883)

1884 Hidalgo profile thin wove paper (15 stamps)
X 1c grn Hidalgo profile
X 2c grn Hidalgo profile
X 3c grn Hidalgo profile
X 4c grn Hidalgo profile
X 5c grn Hidalgo profile
X 6c grn Hidalgo profile
X 10c grn Hidalgo profile
X 12c grn Hidalgo profile
X 20c grn Hidalgo profile
X 25c grn Hidalgo profile
X 50c grn Hidalgo profile
X 1p bl Hidalgo profile
X 2p bl Hidalgo profile
- 5p bl Hidalgo profile
- 10p bl Hidalgo profile

1885 Hidalgo profile thin wove paper (9 stamps)
X 1c ltgrn Hidalgo profile
X 2c car Hidalgo profile
X 3c redbrn Hidalgo profile
X 4c redorg Hidalgo profile
X 5c ultra Hidalgo profile
X 6c brn Hidalgo profile
X 10c org Hidalgo profile
X 12c olbrn Hidalgo profile
- 25c grnbl Hidalgo profile

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