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Stamps of Monaco, 1963

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1963, May 3 U.N. Children's Charter issue unwmk p. 13 (8 stamps)
- 0.05fr multi Children playing Ring a Ring o Roses
- 0.10fr multi Tree with nest & feeding bird
- 0.15fr multi Two children on a scale
- 0.20fr multi Children of different races sun
- 0.25fr multi Mother with cild by H Santi 19 years old
- 0.50fr multi Child & house by Ginocchio 8 years old
- 0.95fr multi African woman with child
- 1.00fr multi Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline

1963, May 3 100th Anniversary of the International Red Cross issue
- 0.50fr multi Ship with female figure Red Cross Red Crescent Red Lion
- 1.00fr multi Moynier, Dunant and Dufour

1963, May 3 European Motor Grand Prix 1963 issue
- 0.50fr multi Race car in Monte Carlo map of Europe

1963, May 3 Founding of Lions Club of Monaco issue
- 0.50fr multi Emblem of the Lions Club

1963, May 3 100th Anniversary of the Paris Postal Conference issue
- 0.50fr multi Hotel des Postes Paris UPU-Monument Berne

1963, May 3 First Link Trans-Atlantic T.V. Satellite issue
- 0.50fr brnvio & blgrn

1963, May 3 32nd Monte Carlo Rally issue
- 1.00fr multi Route from Warsaw to Monte Carlo

1963, May 3 Freedom from Hunger issue
- 1.00fr multi Pigeons nest on withered tree dove with wheat

1963, May 3 2nd Ecumenical Council issue
- 1.00fr multi

1963, Dec 12 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Henry Ford issue
- 0.20fr multi Henry Ford and Ford A Car of 1903

1963, Dec 12 50th Tour de France issue
- 0.20fr multi Cyclist when passing town 1903
- 0.50fr multi Cyclist on the track

1963, Dec 12 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Pierre de Coubertin issue
- 1.00fr multi Pierre de Coubertin 1863-1937

1963, Dec 12 33rd Monte Carlo Rally issue
- 1.00fr multi Route from Paris to Monte Carlo

1963, Dec 12 Scolatex International Stamp Exhibition issue
- 0.50fr multi Children with stamps album

1963, Dec 12 Europa 1963 issue
- 0.25fr multi Woman with dove in front of a Lyra
- 0.50fr multi Woman with dove in front of a Lyra

1963, Dec 12 100th Anniversary of the English Football Association issue (12 stamps)
- 0.01fr multi Wembley Stadium Emblem of the English Football Association
- 0.02fr multi Football player
- 0.03fr multi Goal Keeper
- 0.04fr multi Stadium Louis II Emblem of the football club AS Monaco
- 0.10fr multi Football game Florence 16th cent
- 0.15fr multi Football game France 19th cent
- 0.20fr multi Football game 1827
- 0.25fr multi Football game 1890
- 0.30fr multi Game Scene
- 0.50fr multi
- 0.95fr multi
- 1.00fr multi


1963, Dec 12 50th Anniversary of the First Aerial Crossing of the Mediterranean Sea issue (no perf info)
- 2fr vio & blk

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