Postage stamps of Nauru

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1916 1916 issue ovpted on stamps of Great Britain (13 stamps)
- 1/2d grn ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 1p scar ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 1 1/2p redbrn ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 2p on 2d dporg King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 2 1/2d ultra ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 3d vio ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 4d slgrn ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
X 5d yelbrn ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 6p roselil ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 9p blkbrn ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 1sh bis ovpt, King George V, w. crown & GvR, p. 15x14
- 2sh6p brn ovpt, Britannia Rules the Waves, w. large crown & GvR, p. 11x12
- 5sh car ovpt, Britannia Rules the Waves, w. large crown & GvR, p. 11x12

1916 1916 issue ovpted on stamp of Great Britain
- 10sh ltbl ovpt, Britannia Rules the Waves

1920 ovpted on stamp of Great Britain
- 2sh6p brn ovpt, Britannia Rules the Waves

1924 1924 issue steamer off coast unwmk (16 stamps)
X 1/2d chnt steamer off coast, p. 11
- 1p grn steamer off coast, p. 11
X 1 1/2p scar steamer off coast, p. 11
- 2p org steamer off coast, p. 11
- 2 1/2d bl steamer off coast, p. 11
- 2 1/2d grnbl steamer off coast (1934)
- 3d grngray steamer off coast, p. 11
- 3d ltbl steamer off coast
- 4d olgrn steamer off coast, p. 11
- 5d brn steamer off coast, p. 11
- 6p vio steamer off coast, p. 11
- 9p olbrn steamer off coast, p. 11
X 1sh brnred steamer off coast, p. 11
- 2sh6p slgrn steamer off coast, p. 11
X 5sh cl steamer off coast, p. 11
- 10sh yel steamer off coast, p. 11

1935, Jul 12 Silver Jubilee issue ovpted
- 1 1/2p scar ovpt, steamer off coast
- 2p org ovpt, steamer off coast
- 2 1/2d bl ovpt, steamer off coast
- 1sh brnred ovpt, steamer off coast

1937, May 10 King George VI Coronation issue
X 1 1/2p scar King George VI
X 2p org King George VI
X 2 1/2d bl King George VI
X 1sh pur King George VI

1954, Feb 6 1954 issue (10 stamps)
X 1/2d dkvio a Nauruan netting fish, p. 14
X 1/2d vio a Nauruan netting fish (1961)
X 1p grn Anibare Bay, p. 14
X 3 1/2d scar loading phosphate from cantilever, p. 14
- 4d graybl frigate bird
X 6p org a Nauruan canoe, p. 14
X 9p cl domaneab, p. 14
- 1sh pur Coconut Trees, p. 14
- 2sh6p grn Buada-Lagoon, p. 14
- 5sh mag map of Nauru, p. 14

1963 1963 issue (8 stamps)
- 2p multi Micronesian pigeon (1965)
- 3d multi poison nut flower
- 5d multi Calophyllum inophyllum, p. 13.5x13
- 8d grn & blk black lizard, p. 13x13.5
- 10d blkbrn Capparis flower
- 1sh3p multi white tern, p. 13x13.5
X 2sh3p coral pinnacles
- 3sh3p multi reed warbler, p. 13x13.5

1965, Apr 14 ANZAC 50th issue p. 13.5
X 5d multi Simpson & his Donkey

1966, Feb 14 1966 issue p. Different (14 stamps)
- 1c dkbl beach with Coconut Trees
- 2c dlpur fisherman
- 3c blgrn Phosphate Steamer
- 4c vio & multi Calophyllum inophyllum
- 5c viobl Coconut Trees
- 7c redbrn & blk Emoia cyanura
- 8c olgrn Flower of the caper bush
- 10c carred Fregata minor
- 15c apgrn & multi Gygis alba
- 25c dkbrn Coral Tips
- 30c multi Cerbera odollam
- 35c multi Acrocephalus luscinia
- 50c multi Ducula oceanica
- $1 rosevio map of Nauru

1968 1968 issue ovpted (14 stamps)
- 1c dkbl ovpt, beach with Coconut Trees
- 2c dlpur ovpt, fisherman
- 3c blgrn ovpt, Phosphate Steamer
- 4c vio & multi ovpt, Calophyllum inophyllum
- 5c viobl ovpt, Coconut Trees
- 7c redbrn & blk ovpt, Emoia cyanura
- 8c olgrn ovpt, Flower of the caper bush
- 10c carred ovpt, Fregata minor
- 15c apgrn & multi ovpt, Gygis alba
- 25c dkbrn ovpt, Coral Tips
- 30c multi ovpt, Cerbera odollam
- 35c multi ovpt, Acrocephalus luscinia
- 50c multi ovpt, Ducula oceanica
- $1 rosevio ovpt, map of Nauru

1968, Sep 11 independence1 issue p. 13.25x13.75
X 5c multi woman watching rising sun
X 10c multi planting seedling&map

1969, Jan 31 p. 13.5
X 15c multi flag of Nauru

1972, Feb 7 South Pacific Commission 25th issue p. 14.5x14
- 25c multi

1973, Jan 31 p. 13.5
X 15c multi independence

1973, Mar 28 1973 issue (14 stamps)
X 1c multi ekwenababae, p. 14x14.5
X 2c multi kauwe iud, p. 14x14.5
X 3c multi rimone, p. 14x14.5
X 4c multi denea, p. 14x14.5
X 5c multi beach morning-glory, p. 14x14.5
X 7c multi golden butterflyfish
X 8c multi catching flying fish
X 10c multi Ball Game Itisweb
X 15c multi wrestling
X 20c multi snaring frigate birds
X 25c multi Nauruan girl
X 30c multi catching noddy birds
X 50c multi Fregata minor
X $1 multi map & artifacts

1973, Dec 20 Nauru Cooperative Society 50th issue p. 14
- 5c multi cooperative store
- 25c multi Timothy Detudamo
- 50c multi EIGIGU Logo

1974, May 21 175th Anniversary of First Contact issue p. 13x13.5 (6 stamps)
X 7c multi Cargo ship Eigamoiya
X 10c multi Phosphate mining
X 15c multi Fokker F28 Fellowship Naurus Chief the Air Nauru jet
X 25c multi
X 35c multi map of Nauru, Hunter (ship), Captain John Fearn
X 50c multi Locals HMS Hunter on the island

1974, Jul 23 UPU 100th issue p. 14x14.5
- 5c multi map of Nauru
- 8c multi Post Office in Nauru
- 20c multi Local Postman
- $1 multi flag of Nauru UPU building Bern

1974, Dec 10 Christmas 1974 issue (no perf info)
- 15c multi Rev. Delaporte
- 20c multi Rev. Delaporte

1975, Jul 23 phosphate discovery 75th issue p. 14.5x14
- 5c multi map of Nauru & door & Albert Ellis

1975, Jul 23 mining agreement 70th issue
- 7c multi

1975, Jul 23 British Phosphate Commissioners 50th issue
- 15c multi

1975, Jul 23 Nauru Phosphate Corp 5th issue
- 25c multi

1975, Sep 1 15th South Pacific Conference issue p. 14x14.5
- 20c multi Micronesian outrigger canoe & map of South Pacific
- 20c multi Polynesian double hull canoe & map of South Pacific
- 20c multi Melanesian outrigger canoe & map of South Pacific
- 20c multi Polynesian outrigger canoe & map of South Pacific

1975, Sep 29 conference b issue p. 14.5x14
- 30c multi civic center
- 50c multi

1975, Nov 7 Christmas 1975 issue p. 14.75x14.5
- 5c multi Yaren Church window
- 7c multi Window of the Central Church Orro
- 15c multi Window of the Central Church Orro
- 25c multi Yaren Church window

1976, Jan 31 return 30th issue p. 14.5
X 10c multi frangipani around Nauru
X 14c multi Map of Nauru in flower garland
X 25c multi map of Nauru and Truk songbird
X 40c multi Welcoming scene at the port

1976, May 6 stamp 60th issue p. 13.75x14
X 10c multi Nauru overprints 3p&9p
X 15c multi
X 25c multi
X 50c multi

1976, Jul 26 7th South Pacific Forum issue p. 14
X 10c multi pandanus & ship & map of South Pacific
X 20c multi planes over map of Nauru
X 30c multi map of Pacific & Earth Station
X 40c multi Map & Products of the Pacific

1976, Nov Christmas 1976 issue (no perf info)
X 15c multi choir left half
X 15c multi choir right half
X 20c multi angel in red
X 20c multi angel in yellow

1977, Apr 14 Opening of Nauru House in Melbourne issue p. 14.5
- 15c multi Nauru House in Melbourne & Coral pinnacles
- 30c multi Nauru House Melbourne city skyline

1977, Sep 20 20th Anniversary of the launch of the first satellite issue
- 7c multi radio dish & Sun
- 15c multi Erdfunkstelle Nauru
- 20c multi Rear of the cable Leger Anglia
- 25c multi Satellite dish

1977, Oct 24 Christmas 1977 issue
- 15c multi 1st Catholic Church on Nauru pastor Kayser
- 25c multi church in Oero
- 30c multi Catholic Church in Arubo

1978, Jan 31 10 Years Of Independence issue (no perf info)
- 15c multi arms of Nauru
- 60c multi arms of Nauru

1978, Apr 1978 provisional issue
- 4c multi No 147 with Overprint new Value
- 5c multi No 147 with Overprint new Value
- 8c multi No 148 with Overprint new Value
- 10c multi No 148 with Overprint new Value

1978, May 17 1978 issue p. 14.5 (17 stamps)
- 1c multi Fisherman Family
- 2c multi Coral Formation (1979)
- 3c multi Evening Mood (1979)
- 4c multi fishing girl (1979)
- 5c multi Wading Bird (1979)
- 7c multi Fishing Childs (1979)
- 10c multi Lagoon
- 15c multi Young Girl
- 20c multi Coral Formations Anibare Bay
- 25c multi Coral Formations Meneng Beach
- 30c multi Head of Fregata minor
- 32c multi Coconut Trees & Noddi Terns
- 40c multi Heteroscelus incanus
- 50c multi frigatebirds
- $1 multi Old Coral Formations
- $2 multi Young Coral Formations
- $5 multi Old Coral Formations

1978, Aug 22 50 years International Consultative Radio Committee issue p. 14
- 7c multi Ground receiving station with a satellite dish radio Nauru
- 32c multi woman on the teletype
- 40c multi Radio broadcasting center of Nauru

1978, Aug 28 General Assembly of the Asian Parliamentary Union issue p. 13.5
- 15c multi Logo of the APU
- 20c multi Logo of the APU

1978, Nov 1 Christmas 1978 issue p. 14
- 7c multi Virgin and Child
- 15c multi angel
- 20c multi angel
- 30c multi Virgin and Child

1978, Dec 1 Scouts 70 years issue
- 20c multi Cubs, p. 13x14
- 30c multi Scout
- 50c multi Rover older Scouts

1979, Jan 1 aviation anniversaries (1979) p. 14.5
- 10c multi Flyer I Nauru Island
- 15c multi Fokker F VIIa Southern Cross over Boeing 727
- 15c multi Southern Cross a Boeing fuselage
- 30c multi Wright Flyer over runway

1979, Feb 27 Rowland Hill death 100th issue
- 5c multi Brand Marshall Islands MiNr 15
- 15c multi Nauru MiNr brand 14
- Nauru sheet of 3 types
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