Postage stamps of Niger

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1921 1921 issue (no perf info) (21 stamps)
X 1c brnvio & vio on 1c-brnvio&vio (0)
X 2c gray & vio on 2c-gray&vio (0)
X 4c blk & bl ovpt, camel with rider, w. unwmk
X 5c brn & viobrn on 5c-brn&viobrn (0)
X 10c yelgrn & blgrn ovpt, camel with rider, w. unwmk
X 10c mag on 10c-mag (0) (1926)
- 15c redbrn & org on 15c-redbrn&org (0)
- 20c brnvio & blk on 20c-brnvio&blk (0)
X 25c blk & grn on 25c-blk&grn (0)
- 30c redorg & rose ovpt, camel with rider, w. unwmk
X 30c blgrn & redorg on 30c-blgrn&redorg (0) (1926)
- 35c rose & vio on 35c-rose&vio (0)
- 40c gray & rose on 40c-gray&rose (0)
- 45c bl & olbrn on 45c-bl&olbrn (0)
X 50c ultra & bl on 50c-ultra&bl (0)
X 50c gray & vio ovpt, Queen Wilhelmina (1925)
- 60c org w. unwmk (1926)
- 75c yel & olbrn on 75c-yel&olbrn (0)
- 1fr dkbrn & dlvio on 1fr-dkbrn&dlvio (0)
- 2fr grn & bl ovpt, camel with rider, w. unwmk
- 5fr vio & blk ovpt, camel with rider, w. unwmk

1922 provisional issue ovpted on stamps of Upper Senegal & Niger (7 stamps)
X 25c on 5fr vio & blk camel with rider, w. unwmk (1924)
X 25c on 2fr (2) (1924)
X 25c on 15c (4) (1925)
X 60c on 75c (2)
- 65c on 45c (2) (1925)
- 85c on 75c (2) (1925)
- 1.25fr on 1fr (4) (1926)

1926 1926 issue unwmk (44 stamps)
X 1c lilrose & ol drawing water from well
X 2c blk & red drawing water from well
X 3c redvio & ol drawing water from well (1940)
X 4c yelbrn & gray drawing water from well
X 5c redorg & yelgrn drawing water from well
X 10c bl & grn drawing water from well
X 15c graygrn & yelgrn drawing water from well
X 15c graylil & ver drawing water from well (1928)
X 20c prusgrn & olbrn boat on Niger River
X 25c blk & red boat on Niger River
- 30c blgrn & yelgrn boat on Niger River
X 30c yel & redvio boat on Niger River (1940)
X 35c brnorg & turqbl boat on Niger River
X 35c blgrn & dlgrn boat on Niger River (1938)
X 40c redbrn & sl boat on Niger River
X 45c yel & redvio boat on Niger River
X 45c blgrn & dlgrn boat on Niger River (1940)
X 50c scar & grn, grn boat on Niger River
X 55c car & brn boat on Niger River (1938)
X 60c car & brn boat on Niger River (1940)
X 65c olgrn & dprose boat on Niger River
- 70c olgrn & rose boat on Niger River (1940)
- 75c grn & vio, pink boat on Niger River
- 80c cl & olgrn boat on Niger River (1938)
X 90c brnred & ver boat on Niger River
- 90c rose & yelgrn boat on Niger River (1939)
- 1fr rose & yelgrn Zinder fortress
- 1fr dkred & redorg Zinder fortress (1938)
X 1fr grn & red Zinder fortress (1940)
- 1.10fr olbrn & grn Zinder fortress
- 1.25fr grn & red Zinder fortress (1933)
- 1.25fr dkred & redorg Zinder fortress (1939)
- 1.40fr redvio & dkbrn Zinder fortress (1940)
X 1.50fr dpbl & ltbl Zinder fortress
- 1.60fr Zinder fortress (1940)
- 1.75fr Zinder fortress (1933)
- 1.75fr dkbl & viobl Zinder fortress (1938)
- 2fr org & sep Zinder fortress
- 2.25fr Zinder fortress (1939)
- 2.50fr Zinder fortress (1940)
- 3fr Zinder fortress (1927)
- 5fr vio & blk Zinder fortress
- 10fr Zinder fortress
- 20fr yelgrn & org Zinder fortress

1931 Colonial Exposition issue
- 40c dpgrn people of French Empire
- 50c redvio women's heads
- 90c redorg France showing way to civilization
- 1.50fr dlbl colonial commerce

1937 Paris International Exposition issue (6 stamps)
- 20c dpvio
- 30c dkgrn
- 40c carrose
- 50c dkbrn
- 90c red
- 1.50fr ultra

1937 Colonial Arts Exhibition issue
- 3fr mag

1939 Caillie issue
- 90c map of West Africa & Rene Caillie
- 2fr vio map of West Africa & Rene Caillie
- 2.25fr map of West Africa & Rene Caillie

1939, May 10 New York World's Fair issue
- 1.25fr carlake
- 2.25fr ultra

X 1fr grn Zinder fortress & Petain
X 2.50fr dkbl Zinder fortress & Petain

1959 1959 issue (12 stamps)
X 1fr multi crowned cranes
X 2fr multi crowned cranes
X 5fr multi Storks
X 7fr multi Storks
X 15fr multi Ammotragus lervia
X 20fr multi Ammotragus lervia
X 25fr multi Giraffa camelopardalis
X 30fr multi Giraffa camelopardalis
X 50fr Struthio camelus
X 60fr Struthio camelus
X 85fr lion
X 100fr lion

X 25fr multi entente

1960 independence 1960 issue ovpted
X 200fr on 100fr lion

1960 CCTA issue
X 25fr och & dkredbrn CCTA emblem

1960, Dec 18
X 25fr blk & ltbrn President Diori Hamani

1962, Jan 29
X 50c manatee
X 10fr manatee

1962, May 26 Abidjan Games issue
X 15fr multi
X 25fr multi Basketball Soccer
X 85fr multi track

1962, Sep 8 African & Malagasy Union issue
X 30fr multi

1962, Dec 18
X 25fr multi President&map

1963, Apr 11 Friendship Games issue
X 15fr bl & brn swimming
X 25fr brn & red running
X 45fr grn & dkbrn Volleyball

1963, Aug 30 traditional artisans (5 stamps)
X 5fr multi woodworker
X 10fr multi Skin-tanning
X 25fr multi Goldsmith
X 30fr multi Mat-making
X 85fr multi Potter

1963, Oct 15 costumes (1963) (6 stamps)
X 15fr multi Berber Women
X 20fr blk & bl Haussa Women
X 25fr multi Tuareg Women
X 30fr multi Tuareg Men
X 60fr multi Djerma Women
X 85fr multi Costume Museum

1963, Dec 10 human rights 15th issue
X 25fr multi

1964 1964 issue - flowers (1964 Niger) (9 stamps)
X 5fr multi Parkinsonia Aculeata
X 10fr multi Russelia Equisetiformis
X 15fr multi Lantana camara
X 20fr multi Argyreia Nervosa
X 25fr multi Luffa Cylindrica
X 30fr multi Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis
X 45fr multi Plumeria rubra (1965)
X 50fr multi Catharanthus roseus (1965)
X 60fr multi Caesalpinia pulcherrima (1965)

1964, May 12 International Quiet Sun Year issue
X 30fr multi

1964, May 26 OMNES
X 25fr multi
X 30fr multi
X 50fr multi
X 60fr multi

1964, Nov 7 cooperation issue
X 50fr multi

1964, Dec dwellings (6 stamps)
X 15fr multi
X 20fr multi
X 25fr multi
X 30fr multi
X 60fr multi
X 85fr multi

1964, Dec 15
X 50fr multi anti-leprosy

1965, Apr 3 Lincoln death 100th issue
X 50fr multi Abraham Lincoln

1965, Apr 16 adult education
X 20fr multi Teaching with Radio
X 25fr multi Woman studying arithmetic
X 30fr multi Adult education class
X 50fr multi map of Niger

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue
X 25fr carbrn & blgray old telephone
X 30fr multi Wheatstone telegraph interrupter
X 50fr multi Early telewriter

1965, Jul 1 1st African Games issue
X 10fr multi hurdling
X 15fr multi runner
X 20fr multi pole vaulter
X 30fr multi long jumper

1965, Oct 1 radio clubs
X 30fr multi Radio Interview
X 45fr multi Recording folk music
X 50fr multi Group istening to broadcast
X 60fr multi Public debate

1966, Feb 28 hydrological decade issue
X 50fr multi

1966, Apr 12 World Festival of Negro Arts issue
X 30fr multi
X 50fr multi
X 60fr multi
X 100fr multi

1966, Jun 17 8th World Cup issue
X 30fr multi soccer player
X 50fr multi
X 60fr multi

1966, Aug 23 National Armed Forces 5th issue
X 20fr multi parachutist
X 30fr multi
X 45fr multi

1966, Sep 26 against cattle plague issue
X 45fr multi Cow receiving injection

1966, Nov 4 UNESCO 20th issue
X 50fr multi

1966, Dec 17 industry (1966)
X 10fr multi furnace
X 20fr dkol & grnbl
X 30fr multi
X 50fr multi

1967, Feb 8 1967 birds issue (6 stamps)
X 1fr multi hornbill
X 2fr multi Ceryle rudis
X 30fr multi Laniarius barbarus
X 45fr multi Ploceus luteolus
X 65fr multi Ploceus luteolus (1981)
X 70fr multi Pterocles exustus

1967, Feb 24 Winter Olympics 1968 issue
X 30fr multi
X 45fr multi
X 60fr multi
X 90fr multi

1967, Mar 4 Lions 50th issue
X 50fr multi

1967, Apr 28 International Tourist Year issue
X 45fr

1967, May 25 12th World Jamboree issue
X 30fr multi scouts
X 45fr multi
X 80fr multi

1967, Jul 13 Red Cross
X 45fr multi carrying sick man
X 50fr multi
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1 to 200 of 1994