Postage stamps of Niue

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1902, Jan 4 1902a issue ovpted on stamps of New Zealand (no perf info)
- 1/2p grn ovpt, Mt Cook, w. double line NZ & star
- 1p car ovpt, Commerce 1901, thick soft paper, w. double line NZ & star Sc1
- 1p on 1p-Commerce_1901 (0), Commerce_1901
X 2 1/2p bl ovpt, Lake Wakatipu, w. unwmk

1902, May 2 1902b issue ovpted on stamps of New Zealand thin hard paper wmk. double line NZ & star
X 1/2p grn ovpt, Mt Cook
X 1p car ovpt, Commerce 1901

1903, Jul 2 1903 issue ovpted on stamps of New Zealand thin white wove paper wmk. NZ & star (close)
- 3p orgbrn ovpt, huias
- 6p rose ovpt, kiwi
- 1sh orgred ovpt, kea & kaka

1911, Nov 30 ovpted on stamps of New Zealand
X 1/2p yelgrn ovpt, Edward VII
- 6p carrose ovpt, Edward VII

1911, Nov 30 ovpted on stamp of New Zealand
- 1sh ver ovpt, Edward VII

1915, Sep ovpted on stamp of New Zealand thin white wove paper
- 2 1/2p bl ovpt, Lake Wakatipu

1917, Aug 1917 issue ovpted on stamps of New Zealand (9 stamps)
X 1/2p yelgrn ovpt, King George V
X 1p car ovpt, Commerce redrawn
X 1 1/2d blk ovpt, King George V, v. smaller
X 1 1/2d brnorg ovpt, King George V (1919)
X 2 1/2p dlbl ovpt, King George V (1920)
X 3p viobrn ovpt, King George V
X 3p choc ovpt, King George V
X 6p carrose ovpt, King George V (1921)
X 1sh ver ovpt, King George V (1918)

1920, Aug 23 1920 issue unwmk (6 stamps)
X 1/2p grn & blk Landing of Captain Cook
X 1p car & blk Avarua Waterfront ships
- 1 1/2d red & blk Capt James Cook
- 3p bl & blk coconut palm
- 6p grn & redbrn Arorangi Village
- 1sh sep & blk Avarua harbor

1925 1925 issue wmk. NZ & star
X 1/2p yelgrn & blk Landing of Captain Cook
X 1p car & blk Avarua harbor
- 1 1/2d dkbl & blk
- 4p dlvio & blk Avarua Harbour

1927 ovpted on stamp of New Zealand wmk. NZ & star (close)
- 2sh dkbl ovpt, King George V as admiral

1928 ovpted on stamp of New Zealand
- 2sh bl ovpt, King George V as admiral

1931, Apr ovpted unwmk
X 2p on 1 1/2d red & blk Capt James Cook

1931, Nov 12 ovpted on stamps of New Zealand (no wmk info)
- 2sh6p on 2sh6p-postal fiscal (0), postal fiscal
- 5sh on 5sh-postal fiscal (0), postal fiscal
- 10sh on 10sh-postal fiscal (0), postal fiscal
- 1lb on 1lb-postal fiscal (0), postal fiscal

1932, Mar 16 1932a issue unwmk (7 stamps)
X 1/2p grn & blk Captain Cook landing
X 1p red & blk Captain Cook
- 2p orgbrn & blk canoe ships
- 2 1/2p ind & blk islanders unloading ship
- 4p prusbl & blk view of Avarua harbor
- 6p org & blk ship Monowal
- 1sh dlvio & blk George V

1932, Mar 16 1932b issue wmk. NZ & star (7 stamps)
X 1/2p grn & blk Captain Cook landing .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 1p red & blk Captain Cook .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 2p redbrn & blk double-hulled canoe .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 2 1/2p ind & blk islanders unloading ship .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 4p prusbl & blk view of Avarua harbor .30–1.00 .30–1.00
X 6p org & blk ship Monowal .30–1.00 .30–1.00
- 1sh dkvio & blk George V 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1935, May 7 Silver Jubilee issue ovpted (no wmk info)
X 1p lk & redbrn ovpt, Captain Cook
X 2 1/2p ind & bl ovpt, islanders unloading ship
X 6p org & grn ovpt, ship Monowal

1937, May 13 Coronation issue ovpted on stamps of New Zealand wmk. mult NZ & star
X 1p carrose ovpt, Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI
X 2 1/2p dkbl ovpt, Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI
X 6p ver ovpt, Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI

1938, May 2 George VI pictorials issue wmk. NZ & star
- 1sh vio & blk King George VI
- 2sh redbrn & blk native village
- 3sh grn & bl canoe at Bay

1940, Sep 2 1940 issue (10 stamps)
- 1/2p grn & blk Landing of Cook, w. NZ & star
X 1p car & blk James Cook, w. NZ & star
X 2p redbrn & blk Maori canoe, w. NZ & star
X 2 1/2p dkbl & blk Aborigines Hut, w. NZ & star
X 3p on 1 1/2d redvio & blk Mt Ikurangi
X 4p grnbl & blk Avarua, w. NZ & star
X 6p org & blk HMS Monowai, w. NZ & star
X 1sh vio & blk w. NZ & star
X 2sh brn & blk w. NZ & star
X 3sh yelgrn & bl w. NZ & star

1946, Jun 1 Peace issue ovpted on stamps of New Zealand wmk. mult NZ & star
X 1p grn ovpt, Parliament House
X 2p pur ovpt, Royal Family
X 6p ver & choc ovpt, foundry & NZ arms & sheep farm
X 8p car & blk ovpt, St George

1950, Jul 3 1950 issue wmk. NZ & star (10 stamps)
X 1/2p redorg & bl map of Niue
X 1p grn & brn HMS Resolution off Opaahi Point, June 20, 1774
X 2p red & blk Alofi Landing
X 3p vio & bl thatched house
X 4p brnvio & olgrn arch at Hikutavake
X 6p brnorg & grn Alofi Bay
X 9p brn & org spear fisher
X 1sh blk & pur cave at Makefu
X 2sh dkgrn & brnorg banana growing
X 3sh blk & bl Matapa Chasm

1953, May 25 Coronation 1953 issue
X 3p brn Queen Elizabeth II profile
X 6p gray Westminster Abbey

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 1/2c on 1/2p redorg & bl map of Niue

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 1c on 1p grn & brn HMS Resolution off Opaahi Point, June 20, 1774

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 2c on 2p red & blk Alofi Landing

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 2 1/2c on 3p vio & bl thatched house

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 3c on 4p brnvio & olgrn arch at Hikutavake

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 5c on 6p brnorg & grn Alofi Bay

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 8c on 9p brn & org spear fisher

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 10c on 1sh blk & pur cave at Makefu

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 20c on 2sh dkgrn & brnorg banana growing

1967, Jul 10 ovpted
- 30c on 3sh blk & bl Matapa Chasm

1967, Oct 3 Christmas 1967 issue p. 13.5x14
X 2 1/2c multi Adoration of the Shepherds, by Poussin .20–.30 .20–.30

1969, Oct 1 (no perf info)
X 2 1/2c multi Adoration of the Child by Corregio

1969, Nov 27 flowers (1969 Niue) (10 stamps)
X 1/2c multi pua
X 1c multi Cassia fistula
X 2c multi Delonix regia
X 2 1/2c multi Plumeria acuminata
X 3c multi Zephyranthes carinata
X 5c multi Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
X 8c multi Passiflora edulis
X 10c multi Kamapui Red Ginger Alpinia purpurata
X 20c multi Queen Elizabeth II
X 30c multi Tapeu Orchid Vanda coerulea

1970, Aug 19 crabs (1970)
X 3c multi kalahimu
X 5c multi kalavi
X 30c multi unga

1970, Oct 1 Christmas 1970 issue
X 2 1/2c multi

1970, Dec 9 airport opening issue
X 3c multi Polynesian in outrigger canoe
X 5c multi Ship at Alofi Harbour
X 8c multi “Fokker F27 Friendship” over Niue

1971, Jun 23 birds (1971 Niue)
X 5c multi Lalage maculosa
X 10c multi Ptilinopus porphyraceus
X 20c multi Vini australis

1971, Oct 6
X 3c multi Holy Night by Carlo Maratta

1971, Nov 17 people (1971)
X 4c multi boy
X 6c multi girl
X 9c multi man
X 14c multi woman

1972, May 3 South Pacific Arts Festival 1972 issue
X 3c multi Octopus Lure
X 5c multi War Weapons
X 10c multi Sika Throwing
X 25c multi Vivi Dance

1972, Sep 6 25th Anniversary of South Pacific Commission issue
X 4c multi Alofi wharf
X 5c multi Health service
X 6c multi school children
X 18c multi cattle & dwarf palms

1972, Oct 4 Christmas 1972 issue
X 3c multi Virgin and Child, Murillo

1973, Jun 27 fishes (1973 Niue)
X 8c multi Pempheris oualensis
X 10c multi Cephalopholis argus
X 15c multi Variola louti
X 20c multi Etelis carbunculus

1973, Nov 21 Christmas 1973 issue - flower paintings
X 4c multi Jan Brueghel - Flower piece
X 5c multi Hans Bollongier- Flower piece
X 10c multi Rachel Ruysch - Flower piece

1974, Jun 20 200th Anniversary of the Landing of Captain James Cook on the West Coast of Niue issue
X 2c multi Ships Bow & James Cook 1728-1779
X 3c multi Landing Place
X 8c multi map of Niue
X 20c multi Flag of 1774 & administration building

1974, Oct 19 Self-Government issue
X 4c multi King Fataaiki-Referendum for Self-government 9374
X 8c multi Annexation Day-Referendum for Self-government 9374
X 10c multi Legislative Assembly Building-Referendum for Self-government 9374
X 20c multi Village Meeting-Referendum for Self-government 9374

1974, Nov 13 Christmas 1974 issue
X 3c multi bicyclists
X 10c multi motorcyclists
X 20c multi Lorry Drive

1975, Oct 29 Christmas 1975 issue - Children's Drawings (1975)
X 4c multi Children at Church
X 5c multi Child on Bicycle
X 10c multi Christmas Balls & Presents on Tree

1975, Nov 19 Tourist Hotel opening issue
X 8c multi Airport & Buildings
X 20c multi Ground-plan & Buildings

1976, Mar 8 1976 issue - scenes of Niue (10 stamps)
X 1c multi Preparing Ground for taro
X 2c multi Planting Taro
X 3c multi banana Gathering
X 4c multi harvesting taro
X 5c multi Gathering Shell Fish
X 10c multi Reef Fishing
X 20c multi Luku Gathering
X 50c multi Canoe fishing
X $1 multi Husking coconuts
X $2 multi Uga hunting

1976, Jul 7 Public Utilities
X 10c multi water tower & girl filling pail
X 15c multi telecommunications
X 20c multi Power

1976, Sep 15 Christmas 1976 issue
X 9c multi Christmas Tree & Administration Building
X 15c multi Service in Avatele Church

1977, Jun 7 25th Anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II - White Frame issue
X $1 multi Elizabeth II Coronation Portrait & Westminster Abbey
X $2 multi Coronation regalia

1977, Jun 7 25th Anniversary of the Regency of Queen Elizabeth II - Blue Frame issue
- $1 multi Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Portrait & Westminster Abb
- $2 multi Coronation regalia

1977, Jun 29 Personal Services issue
X 10c multi Mother Child Care
X 15c multi School Dental Clinic
X 20c multi Care of Aged

1977, Jun 29 1977 surcharges issue ovpted (10 stamps)
X 12c multi on 1c (3), w. NZ & star
X 16c multi on 2c (4), w. NZ & star
X 30c multi on 3c (10), w. NZ & star
X 35c multi on 4c (6), w. NZ & star
X 40c multi on 5c (10), w. NZ & star
X 60c multi on 20c (12), w. NZ & star
X 70c multi on $1 (3), w. NZ & star
X 85c multi on $2 (3), w. NZ & star
X $1.10 on 10c (13)
X $2.60 multi on 20c (12), w. NZ & star

1977, Nov 15 25th Anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II issue
X $3.20 multi
- empty sheet (#49696)

1977, Nov 15 Christmas 1977 / 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Peter Paul Rubens issue
X 10c multi Annunciation
X 12c multi Adoration of the Kings
X 20c multi Virgin with Garland
X 35c multi Holy Family

1978, Jan 18 200th Anniversary of the Landing of Captain Cook in Hawaii issue - paintings by John Webber (5 stamps)
X 12c multi “An Inland View in Atooi
X 16c multi A View of Karakooa in Owyhee
X 20c multi An Offering Before Captain Cook in the Sandwich Islands
X 30c multi Tereoboo King of Owyhee bringing presents
X 35c multi Masked Rowers in Boat

1978, Mar 15 Easter 1978 issue
X 10c multi Descent from the Cross by Caravaggio
- sheet of 2 types
- sheet of 1 type
- sheet of 1 type
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