Postage stamps of Norway

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1855, Jan 1 wmk. lion (Norway) imperf
X 4s bl arms of Norway

1856 1856 issue unwmk p. 13
X 2s yel King Oscar I (1857)
X 3s lil King Oscar I (1857)
X 4s bl King Oscar I
X 8s lake King Oscar I

1863, Sep 1 1863 issue arms of Norway p. 14.5x13.5 (5 stamps)
- 2s yel arms of Norway (1865)
- 3s graylil arms of Norway (1866)
X 4s bl arms of Norway (1864)
X 8s rose arms of Norway
- 24s brn arms of Norway

1867, Apr 1867 issue arms of Norway (5 stamps)
X 1s blk arms of Norway (1868)
X 2s org arms of Norway
X 3s dllil arms of Norway (1868)
X 4s bl arms of Norway
X 8s carrose arms of Norway (1868)

1872, Jan 17 1872 issue posthorn wmk. posthorn (Norway) (6 stamps)
X 1s yelgrn posthorn (1875)
- 2s ultra posthorn (1874)
X 3s rose posthorn
X 4s lil posthorn (1873)
- 6s orgbrn posthorn (1875)
- 7s redbrn posthorn (1873)

1877, Jan 1 1877 issue (13 stamps)
X 1o drab posthorn
- 3o org posthorn
X 5o ultra posthorn, p. 14.5x13.5
X 10o rose posthorn, p. 14.5x13.5
X 12o ltgrn posthorn
X 20o orgbrn posthorn, p. 14.25x13.5
- 25o lil posthorn
X 35o blgrn posthorn, p. 14.5x13.5 (1878)
- 50o mar posthorn
- 60o dkbl posthorn, p. 14.5x13.5 (1878)
- 1k graygrn & grn King Oscar II, p. 14.5x13.5 (1878)
- 1.50k ultra & bl King Oscar II, p. 14.5x13.5 (1878)
- 2k rose & mar King Oscar II, p. 14.5x13.5 (1878)

1882, Jul 1882 issue posthorn (13 stamps)
- 1o gray posthorn
- 1o blkbrn posthorn
X 2o brn posthorn (1890)
X 3o orgyel posthorn
X 3o org posthorn
X 5o emer posthorn
X 5o blgrn posthorn (1886)
X 10o rose posthorn
X 12o yelbrn posthorn
- 12o grn posthorn (1884)
- 20o brn posthorn
X 20o bl posthorn (1886)
X 25o dlvio posthorn (1884)

1888, Jul 1 ovpted
X 2o on 12o yelbrn posthorn

1893 1893a issue posthorn (12 stamps)
X 1o gray posthorn
X 2o ltbrn posthorn (1899)
X 3o org posthorn
X 5o dpgrn posthorn
X 10o carrose posthorn
X 15o brn posthorn (1908)
X 20o dpultra posthorn
X 25o redvio posthorn
X 30o slgray posthorn (1907)
X 35o dkblgrn posthorn
X 50o mar posthorn
X 60o dkbl posthorn

1893 1893b issue posthorn p. 13.5x12.5 (9 stamps)
- 1o gray posthorn (1895)
- 3o org posthorn (1895)
- 5o grn posthorn
- 10o rose posthorn
- 10o car posthorn (1895)
X 20o dpultra posthorn (1895)
- 25o redvio posthorn (1898) 10.–100 10.–100
- 35o dkblgrn posthorn (1895) 10.–100 10.–100
X 50o mar posthorn (1897) 100 – 1,000 10.–100

1905, Jun 26 ovpted unwmk p. 14.5x13.5
X 1k on 2s org arms of Norway
- 1.50k on 2s org arms of Norway
- 2k on 2s org arms of Norway

1906 ovpted wmk. posthorn (Norway)
X 30o on 7s redbrn posthorn

1907, Aug 10
- 1k yelgrn King Haakon VII
X 1.50k ultra King Haakon VII
X 2k rose King Haakon VII

1908 ovpted
X 15o on 4s lil posthorn

- 1k yelgrn King Haakon VII
- 1.50k ultra King Haakon VII
- 2k rose King Haakon VII

1910 1910a issue posthorn (22 stamps)
X 1o paleol posthorn
X 2o palebrn posthorn
X 3o org posthorn
X 5o grn posthorn
X 5o mag posthorn (1922)
X 7o grn posthorn (1929)
X 10o carrose posthorn
X 10o grn posthorn (1922)
X 12o pur posthorn (1917)
X 15o brn posthorn
X 15o ind posthorn (1920)
X 20o dpultra posthorn
X 20o olgrn posthorn (1921)
X 25o redlil posthorn (1911)
X 25o carrose posthorn (1922)
X 30o slgray posthorn
X 30o ltbl posthorn (1927)
X 35o dkol posthorn (1919)
X 40o olgrn posthorn (1917)
X 40o dpultra posthorn (1921)
X 50o cl posthorn
X 60o dpbl posthorn

1910 1910b issue King Haakon VII v. solid bg (5 stamps)
X 1k grn King Haakon VII
X 1k yelgrn King Haakon VII (1918)
X 1.50k ultra King Haakon VII
X 2k rose King Haakon VII (1915)
X 5k dkvio King Haakon VII (1918)

1914, May 10 p. 13.5
X 5o grn constitutional assembly of 1814
X 10o carrose constitutional assembly of 1814
X 20o dpbl constitutional assembly of 1814

1922, Mar 1 ovpted p. 14.5x13.5
X 5o on 25o redlil posthorn

1922, Oct 9 1922 issue
X 10o grn lion rampant (1923)
X 20o redvio lion rampant
X 25o red lion rampant (1923)
X 45o bl lion rampant (1924)

1925, Apr 1 Amundsen North Pole funding issue polar bear & airplane (7 stamps)
X 2o yelbrn polar bear & airplane
X 3o org polar bear & airplane
X 5o mag polar bear & airplane
X 10o yelgrn polar bear & airplane
X 15o dkbl polar bear & airplane
X 20o plum polar bear & airplane
X 25o scar polar bear & airplane

1925, Aug 19 Svalbard annexation issue
X 10o grn lion rampant
X 15o dkbl lion rampant
X 20o plum lion rampant
X 45o dkbl lion rampant

1926, Jan 29 1926 issue lion rampant (14 stamps)
X 10o grn lion rampant
X 14o org lion rampant (1929)
X 15o olgrn lion rampant
X 20o redpur lion rampant
X 20o red lion rampant (1927)
X 25o red lion rampant
X 25o orgbrn lion rampant (1927)
X 30o bl lion rampant
X 35o olbrn lion rampant (1927)
X 35o redvio lion rampant (1934)
X 40o dlbl lion rampant
X 40o sl lion rampant (1927)
X 50o cl lion rampant (1927)
X 60o prusbl lion rampant (1927)

1927, Jun 13 ovpted
X 30o on 45o bl lion rampant

1927, Jun 13 ovpted
X 30o on 45o dkbl lion rampant

1928 ovpted
X 20o on 25o red lion rampant

1928, Mar 20 100th anniversary of the birth of Henrik Ibsen issue
X 10o grn Ibsen
X 15o redbrn Ibsen
X 20o car Ibsen
X 30o ultra Ibsen

1929, Jan 2 1929 issue ovpted numeral (9 stamps)
X 1o olgrn ovpt, numeral
X 4o lilrose ovpt, numeral
X 10o grn ovpt, numeral
X 15o brn ovpt, numeral
X 20o dlvio ovpt, numeral
X 40o ultra ovpt, numeral
X 50o mar ovpt, numeral
X 100o orgyel ovpt, numeral
X 200o dkvio ovpt, numeral

1929, Apr 6
X 10o grn Abel
X 15o redbrn Abel
X 20o rosered Abel
X 30o ultra Abel

1929, Jul 1 ovpted unwmk
X 14o on 2s org arms of Norway

1930, Apr 1 Olaf death 900th issue wmk. posthorn (Norway)
X 10o yelgrn St Olaf, p. 14.5x13.5
X 15o brn & blk Trondheim Cathedral, p. 14.5x13.5
X 20o scar St Olaf, p. 14.5x13.5
X 30o dpbl death of Olaf

1932, Dec 8 Bjornson 100th issue p. 14.5x13.5
X 10o grn Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
X 15o blkbrn Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
X 20o rosered Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
X 30o ultra Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

1934, Nov 23 Ludwig Holberg 250th issue
X 10o grn Ludwig Holberg
X 15o brn Ludwig Holberg
X 20o rosered Ludwig Holberg
X 30o ultra Ludwig Holberg

1937, Aug 18 1937 issue (19 stamps)
X 1o ol posthorn
X 2o orgbrn posthorn
X 3o org posthorn
X 5o roselil posthorn
X 7o grn posthorn, p. 13x13.5
X 10o grn lion rampant
X 14o org lion rampant
X 15o olbis lion rampant
X 20o red lion rampant
X 25o orgbrn lion rampant
X 30o brtbl lion rampant
X 35o redvio lion rampant
X 40o dkslgrn lion rampant
X 50o plum lion rampant
X 60o prusbl lion rampant
X 1k dkgrn King Haakon VII
X 1.50k brtbl King Haakon VII
X 2k rosered King Haakon VII
X 5k vio King Haakon VII

1938, Apr 20 1938 issue
X 15o olbrn reindeer
X 20o copred Borgund Church
X 30o ultra Jolster in Sunnfiord

1939, Jan 16 1939 issue unwmk
X 15o olbrn reindeer, p. 13x13.5
X 20o copred Borgund Church, p. 13.5x13
X 30o ultra Jolster in Sunnfiord, p. 13x13.5

1940, Apr 10 1940 issue
X 1o olgrn posthorn
X 2o yelbrn posthorn
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